Afghan Cuisine

14320 NE 20th St, Bellevue
(425) 641-4020

Recent Reviews

Mo Y.

I have picked up some dinner tonight for home. Shami Kabobs , lamb shank and a dish of Okra. I must say the food was truly amazing and freshly cooked. The service was excellent and the young Gentleman that took my order on the phone and helped me pick it up was such a great guy. I know it's so difficult for family restaurants during such challenging times so I am glad they were busy with pick up orders.

Diaa Nassar

Very delicious dishes. Menu is not over crowded and self explanatory. Staff is very friendly and tolerant, they creatively fit our party of 19 on a relatively short reservation. Place is busy, so make a reservation for big parties. Would love to visit again.

Sandhya Iyengar

I had been with my friends for the first time. We ordered chicken sheekh kabob( which comes with rice salad), pakaura (potato bhaji) 3 pieces in on order and qurme murgh(which is a gravy served with rice). Didnt like the pakora as it was slightly tangy and I felt less pieces served for the price. However the kabob was very delicious and the rice served with the kabob was very delicious. The qurme murgh was also good. Would want to come here once again to try other items from the menu.

Michael Markley

Generous portions and great flavor profiles. I'm not all that familiar with Afghan cuisine, but based on my first visit, I want to learn more.

Grace K.

I called a few days ahead of time to try to find out if they were open and when (the hours on the facebook site and other sites were inconsistent and I've been burned by places being closed for good but not knowing it). I have no idea what he said or if he understood what I said, but I gathered that they were open when I hoped they would be. This was my first time to try Afghan food. I had looked up some typical Afghan foods on the internet so I would be prepared. When we got there, we were the only ones around. It quickly got busy and was very full by the time we left. The first waiter we had was very nice and helpful in explaining some things about the food. But then we had someone else who was difficult to understand and didn't come to check on us (sounded like the guy on the phone). We enjoyed our food. We got bolani with potato and cilantro (if I'm thinking of this correctly, this was the crepe/quesadilla- like thing). It was ok, but I wasn't a big fan. It didn't have much of a flavor and was chewy. The eggplant dish (borani badenjan?) and naan were both delicious. HUGE fan of those dishes! The rice (we got shallow, I believe) was really dry and the thing I liked least. Wish we'd gotten a double order of naan instead. When I go back, I'm all about the eggplant and naan!

Mohit Aggarwal

Took a carry out from this place. But would like to done in here during my next visit. Food was delicious and smells gorgeous.

Stephanie Gianarelli

I absolutely love this restaurant! The food is so delicious and the staff is so kind. I will drive to Bellevue to go here!

Falak S.

Came here for a team lunch on wednesday afternoon. The restaurant was pretty empty with 1-2 other tables occupied, as we came in early around 11.30. The decor is nice and cozy. We loved the food here! From appetizers to our main course everything was very tasty. We tried eggplant, spinach and naan for appetizers and chicken shami kabob for main course. The eggplant was a hit! It was very savoury and different from the way indians usually cook it. It's a must try. The spinach was flavourful and a bit spicy, but I loved it. Afghani chai is a nice green tea mix served with ginger and other flavours. Again, loved it! The chicken shami kabab was too good. I wish they also added the white yummy sauce you usually get at mediterranean restuarants- tahini maybe? I'm not sure of the name. Also you have an option to replace rice with salad in ur chicken shami kabob. Will definitely return with my hubby who is vegetarian and this restaurant is a refreshing surprise. We usually don't have enough vegan and vegetarian options in afghani/mediterranean restaurants in the area!

Farhan Ahmad

I would give two stars. This Afghan place food is just ok but food is too much expensive and they have a very small menu. I have tried many Afghan food restaurants with a lot of menu dishes. Besides they take a long time to serve. We ordered two plates and it took forever to come. I felt like I could have much better lunch with this money I spent. Wouldn't go again.

Marielle J.

I came back to this place after 3 years and I must say, I don't remember being that great the first time but this time, it was exceptional! I took a team member of my workplace that is a Sr. VP from HQ here and since he's vegetarian, I factored into where we would be eating for lunch. We both loved the rice very much! It's flavorful, not salty and uses much cumin which I love! I got the chicken kabob plate and it reminds me of the chicken tikka at the indian restaurants. This chicken was flavorful, hands down very tender! The rice as i've said is definitely my favorite. We both shared the chai tea which is not like chai tea per say but it was like green tea with hints of cardamom. It was very good! He said when he visits Seattle/Bellevue again, he would love to come back to this place. I was so happy about that. I love taking people to places that they would want to go back to, especially if I had tried it and know that it's good! You don't see much of middle eastern cuisine in the area and Afghan Cuisine is one of a kind!

Diana S.

LOVE THIS PLACE!! The food is authentic and delicious and staff are kind and helpful. Really can't say enough about this place. The custard dessert was outstanding.

John S.

Food was amazing. In a world of fast casual Bellevue chains, this place stands out strong as a mom and pop restaurant. It felt like being transported to someone's home far away. I had the mantoo, salad, naan, and firni. Excited to go back again.

Mark N.

Food was amazing. In a world of fast casual Bellevue chains, this place stands out strong as a mom and pop restaurant. It felt like being transported to someone's home far away. I had the mantoo, salad, naan, and firni. Excited to go back again.

Alveena M.

Best Qabuli Pulao and chicken kebab plate. Their bolani is fresh and always yummy. Their service is a bit slow since only a couple of waiters. But If you want fresh food this is the place to go


Best lamb Shank I ever ate. I would come her every day if I wasn't it school. I would recommend this to my friends.

Jae W.

Update-- sad to say this place has gone down hill since last we ate here. Even the rice is not the same hearty delicious fragrant rice it was-- now it's an oily salty thing rice with no deep flavors, only last minute thrown on seasoning. There was a literal pool of oil in the container! The lamb was oompah but not great and the chicken was the same - dry but okay. Okra was plain and floppy, slimy, not worth eating. Salad was old and bruised.. all over disappointing meal.

Fionna L.

The intimate atmosphere on a Saturday night surprised me: small groups of friends and family, chatting quietly and enjoying the food. Service was prompt and respectful. Food was quite good and very authentic! - Borani Badenjan: $10.50: eggplant was so tender and you could definitely taste the tomato. Moderately sour, so I couldn't really taste the spices (mint, garlic, paprika). - Afghani Naan bread: $2: a large portion, sprinkled with sesame seeds and perfectly crisp and fluffy! - Lamb Tikkah Kabob: $16.99: 4 large, juicy pieces of lamb! It had a deep, smoky flavor and was slightly charred on the outside. Left a strong aftertaste - not unpleasant, but not exactly pleasant either. Accompanied with a generous amount of yellow basmati rice that was bland and a little oily, along with lettuce and light dressing. The lime wedges they gave were completely dry. Altogether, a nice dining experience. We will come back once in awhile.


The food was good but the quantity was very small and overpriced especially our food being vegetarian. Service was slow as they just had one waiter for everyhbody ...!!!!

BoRa Y.

Great food. Better than expected. Just cold and smoky hopefully they will fix that. We will be back soon.

Kuklam R

Best Food ever. I love to go there with my Family and enjoy delicious Afghan Food. Thanks for excellent service ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Najib Mirzai

Food tastes authentic Afghan and quality is good. Service is A+ . Restaurant is very neat and clean. I will definitely recommend Afghan Cuisine to everyone.

Omair Faizi

The best food ever had in my life. Specially that qabuly palaw mmmmm love it. Thank you so much for the service

Tobi I.

They grind their own beef and chicken. The chicken is organic grass fed chicken. If you want something that has NO MSG NO CHEMICALS. This is the place. The food is all made fresh daily.

Gohar W.

Great food but ambiance is ok. With the kind of food quality would be great to invest In the get up if the place. Anyway no matter what it is a most go for Afghani food

Nasrullah Nasrullah

I am Afghan myself. Have gone here couple of times. The food does not worth. Taste is not good, and the cost is much more than its value. One star is too much. I do not recommend it to any one.

Jane Radstrom

Mantu especially were delicious! Lots of flavor with onion and lentil (?) + yogurt sauces.

Rania A.

It is the my favorite please, I live in Oregon every time I visit Seattle I have to visit this restaurant more than once The food is amazing and the place has a great atmosphere and the people are so friendly A must visit place

Upasna D.

Good vegetarian options! Ordered bolani which was huge and we enjoyed it a lot. Also ordered special pilaf and eggplant dish which were good. The highlight was definitely the bolani!

Mo Y

The lamb kabobs are so good. They also serve a nice hot tea. Friendly staff but slow service during most of my visits.

Omar S.

Has all the fine qualities of a family-operated business. Fantastic service and even better food. Highly recommend their catering for any kind of event.

Ciara C.

One of the best meals I have ever had. The food was so flavorful and perfectly cooked. We came here on a whim and could not believe how tasty. Definitely plan on going back!

Paul Pechin

The food here is absolutely delicious. Everything is full of flavor and the staff are very friendly and always happy to see you.

Vivek Purushothaman

Small restaurant , the food was excellent. Rice and meat cooked to perfection. Will definitely be back.

Gary Chimes

Phenomenal food. Everything is great here, but the lamb chops are a particular stand-out

Thao N.

So grateful we live in a city that's so diverse, glad I finally tried Afghanistan food at Afghan Cuisine. This place smells great as you walk in, restaurant is small but cozy. My Afghan friend definitely approves of this place, that's how you know that it's legit. My favorite thing that night are the Mantoo, it's their version of beef dumplings topped with delicious-ness. Omg, my mouth is watering with drool right now thinking about them during lunch time. All their meats contains no preservatives also so if I'm back to my low carb diet, I can just order meat with veggies or salad on the side. Tell me about your experience if you've been here or is going to after reading this review:)

Paul S.

The place smells amazing. But they blackened my lamb chops past being good. My wife's lamb kebab meat was ok but a bit dry and over cooked. We didn't say anything. We have no kitchen as we are remodeling so we are both exhausted. What was amazing was the okra dish. It's a little oily to be sure and truly why they say to order some naan with the dish. Just to soak up the goodness. Service was fine wait time for food was long. If not for my burned lamb chops this would be closer to a four star. I knew I should have ordered the lamb shank.

Ramin Ghadami

If you are open to different culture foods... never ever miss this restaurant. They the best kabab ever i had in USA so far. Very nice and super friendly staff. You will het way more than what you pay....

Shahzeb Farrukh

Great Authentic taste, the kebabs are amazing. The only feedback to the management is to improve the ambiance/decor, this can be a great dining experience.

Memla Haroon

Delicious as home ...we found afghani restaurant After long time,..

Tarek E.

The food is amazing here, especially the lamb shank. You have to try it!!! And the service is great.