1400 156th Ave NE, Bellevue
(425) 747-8500

Recent Reviews

Tina P.

Got a beautiful birthday cake from Cross Road location. I ordered less than 24 hrs. The owner was very nice to help me decide which flavor I like before placing an order.

Ryan H

This baskin robbins is terrible I asked them to do a shake and they didn't give me the Leftovers, plus the customer service was terrible and the shake was not even well made. This location sucks. !

Ben Chronister

The sign on the door said they closed at 10 PM but they turned out the lights at 9:25 just as we came to the door. Very disappointed.

McKenna Rain

Just tried to get ice cream at 9:30pm which is 30 minutes before they close and the lady wouldn’t let us in and pretended to not see us. ??

Michael Douglas

Trash service, dude took forever to get to us. Waited in line over 1 hr for service and got yelled at for standing to close to the glass observing the ice creams available (employee was beyond 10 ft away)

Kim T.

I took my little nephews for ice cream today, and was shocked how rude the guy at the counter was. My 3 year old nephew was excited about picking out his ice cream, and was taking a little too long I guess. The employee peeked over the counter, and yelled, "do you want a cone or a cup"!! It definitely startled us, and I was shocked how rude he was. It was very obvious he didn't want to be there, and wasn't a big fan of kids (Dude, you work in a ice cream shop ). I will be making a call to the manager tomorrow. As a business owner myself, I would be Mortified to have someone like this guy representing my company. By other reviews below, looks like this may be the same rude guy others have encountered too. We will not be back!

Alyssa Osservanza

Went to go get ice cream tonight with my husband at 9:50 knowing they close at 10 but I already knew what I wanted so I know it wouldn’t take long and so we drove all the way over there got there at 9:50 and the door was locked and no one was in sight! Definitely lost a sale!

Dana D.

Great customer service from Joseph tonight!! He so informative about which ice cream we should have in our cappuccino blast. Very patient and super nice.

Soren T.

This ice cream is awesome and I like their cookies and cream, watermelon ice cream and their chocolate chip cookie dough

Toon Shader

Generic ice cream. Relatively unclean location. Just go buy Tillamook or Umpqua at the store, you will enjoy it more and spend less money while still ending up with more ice cream.

Cody Dillon

I met my wife here. We share the same shoe size, so everyday we'd come here and switch shoes. Now, she is gone.

Nahid Ferdous

Good place

mayank saxena

Great service!

Anitha Babu

Yummy icercreams

Jessie K.

I've come to this Baskin robins for my entire life and never had any problems. The last two times I've gone, including today the employee on staff has a careless attitude. When you give him your order the response has been "K" and honestly it was very off putting. Let alone the fact that I order milkshakes so I except it to have at least some what of a thick consistency. But these last two times they've both been so liquified that it's like flavored milk. It's a huge disappointment compared to the milkshakes I got last summer. Won't come back with that young man working there.

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