Castilla Restaurant and Tapas Bar

504 Bellevue Square, Bellevue
(425) 625-2931

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We were attracted by the menu and the nice setting. Indeed, the food did not disappoint. A taste of Spain with a broad selection of tacos and empanadas. We tried four of them, three were excellent, one (the chicken empanada) a little too salty. Service however was a problem. Getting in line supposed to download a yelp application - this is too much to demand. It worked eventually without it, but now I need to uninstall an application I did not want on my phone. Order was taken, food started to come, the waiter has forgotten the drinks. At the end we were asked 'why only 15% tip, when the norm is 18-20%?' !!! I found this unacceptable. Tipping is a reward, asking customers why they did not tip more is rude.


I had high hopes for this place because I love tapas but I’m significantly disappointed after dinning here. The host and our sever both seemed very out of it, their attention were not on us when serving. The salad was overly dressed and too salty. The lamb stuffed peppers and the beef were also too salty. And the chicken skewers were under cooked that my skewer was still pink inside so I had to send it back. What a mess of a dinner experience!

Keith Chia

The tapas was nice but the paella was a little too salty.We also ordered the paella portion for 4 but they served it to us in 2 pans. If we had known, we would’ve ordered 2 different flavors!The octopus was delicious though and extremely tender. I definitely recommend getting it.

Jennifer Trujillo

The flavors and the drinks are beyond amazing !! Andy, Addy, the bar tender was the kindest, polite bar tender Ever!! Watching him make drinks was both fun and entertaining.I was meeting some Vendors to celebrate a signed contract, and we were in for Happy hour! I ordered the coconut blossom, And never looked back!!! Addy explained what was in the drink , while answering my questions about the menu!I moved onto the table section to meet my Vendors, we ordered tapas and more drinks . Service was amazing, the menu had such a variety of tapas .I would highly recommend coming in with an empty stomach and starting with a coconut blossom! Spend some time with Andy but don’t call him Drew.Didn’t get through all the Tapas, so will be back for more !!

Katherine Y.

This is a newer place in downtown Bellevue that is all about the tapas experience. We made reservations for a birthday celebration not knowing what to expect. A couple of dishes blew us away while some others were a bit more unexpected or could have possibly put my care into it but overall we walked our content. The main staple is their paella dish that we didn't get to try but will have to come back for. The truffle mushrooms croquettes were creamy, subtle truffle taste and a magnificent basil sauce that paired well. Bacon dates had a little heat at the end but loved the salty sweet pairing. Both came out fast and hot. Next the seared medallions came warm and had a nice red pink sauce that was thicker and a bit sweet. It was probably our 3rd favorite dish after the mushrooms. The chorizo mussels was a bit of a let down. Broken shells and empty shells, the sauce was a bit over powering and the mussels over cooked. Grilled octopus hit it on the head - what I wanted was texture and they did not overcook the octopus and it was not too tough to chew with lemon sauce added to being up the flavor. We ended on the smoked salmon stuffed in artichokes. This was the most unique dish because if I did not know that was salmon I would not be able to guess what fish it was. The artichoke was tender and tangy. I think for those who love the vinegar profiles this would be up your alley. We did order a crème brûlée and just heads up it was delicious and decadent but extremely small and maybe not what you thought you could share with a birthday celebration.

Rani T.

Clean and great service. We tried the paella and a few tapas plates as appetizers. The fried calamari was crispy! The paella was good for 2-3 people. The squid on potatoes was ok, could be easier to chew.

Jorge M.

Awesome place for Tapas. We came on a Saturday afternoon and we're seated promptly without reservations. Food was good and full of flavor. I would eat here again. Good atmosphere.

Angie V.

We had a great experience here overall. The food was tasty, the server was wonderful, I liked the atmosphere here, the olive and herds were also amazing. Removed one star for the long wait until our order would be taken, we waited for around 20 minutes until we got noticed. Everything else was wonderful. We will recommend this place and will come again.

Tech K.

Normally I would discuss food first in my reviews but the service is one of the main reasons I'm dropping my rating from 4 to 3 stars so I'll discuss it first. I want to cut Castilla some slack since it was very packed for a random Wednesday night (it was so packed that it took over an hour on the waitlist before our party of four could be seated). However we practically had to beg the staff to take our orders. I would make eye contact with waiters and subsequently get ignored. It ended up being the bartender of all people who took our order. As for the food, it was a mixed bag: Tortilla Espanola - it's been a while since I had a Spanish tortilla, so I don't have a good reference for this dish. All I can say is that I enjoyed the potatoes and aioli at first; but the more I ate, the more I realized how bland certain parts of this dish were. This was the 2nd worst dish of the night. Chorizo & Caramelized Onion Empanadas - the combination of spicy chorizo and caramelized onion was great! I also enjoyed whatever sauce they had on the side (guessing it was either the serrano aioli or spicy bravas sauce). This was the 2nd best dish of the night. Calamari Tenders - having calamari in tenders form honestly probably hurts this dish. I would much prefer a traditional calamari. It also does not help that one of my favorite calamari dishes in Seattle is served at Japonessa right across the street. This was the worst dish of the night. Ham & Manchego Croquetas - I love croquetas so this dish was easily my favorite of the night. Mixta Paella - this was good overall (the rice was very flavorful) but I honestly don't know if I would order it again given how long it takes too cook and how expensive it is. Speaking of expensive, I should probably also mention that Castilla Restaurant also pricier than I would expect, even for a tapas restaurant. I understand tapas are generally expensive but $32 for a single serving of paella seems a little wild. Final impressions: I would come back since this is the closest tapas restaurant to where I live, and there were some dishes that I genuinely enjoyed. However, there were too many negatives for me (service, pricing, some of the dishes) to ignore which is why I decided on the 3 star rating.

Emma T.

This place is good not great. Highlights: the butternut squash and cauliflower dip was delicious, though not what I was expecting. It is cheesy and hot! Yum. The sangria (NA) was tasty, just enough citrus! The parking next door is free too. :) Lowlights: Everything else we ordered was slightly too salty or colder than we wanted. It tasted good but just wasn't up to our expectations - tapas can be so so delicious! The service was spotty too, though the bartender who eventually took care of us was absolutely wonderful. If you need something quick, this might not be the spot for you. There is a waitlist available online but it seemed pretty busy. We didn't try the paella, which seemed like a very popular option! So if that is what you are in the mood for, give it a try.

Ms. A.

6/9/2022 My first time trying paella at Castilla restaurant! I was unable to eat paella at university district festival, so I am glad I decided to try seafood paella at castilla. Two of my friends went there earlier so they could order paella ahead. It took about 40-50min til arrive at table. All dishes were very tasty and we enjoyed everything! Octopus dish was also my favorite and it was very soft and flavorful. At the end, Server started cleaning around our table because big group was waiting and they wanted our table so they can connect to the others. We wanted to order deserts, but our server just left bill without saying/asking anything. Host of the big group was staring at us and we felt uncomfortable. I wish they told us earlier so they didn't have to rush us out.

Divya V.

This place is awesome!! We discovered it while walking out of the Lincoln square and decided to grab a quick bite to eat. They have a great variety of tapas and not even one thing on the menu will disappoint you! It's so so soooo good! We got- Truffle Mushroom croquettes Lamb chops Garlic shrimps Batata bravas Tomato mozarrella flat bread Chicken skewers Chicken empanadas Not even kidding- every single thing we ordered was beyond delicious. Special shout out to the lamb chops and the garlic shrimps for those were one of the most delicious dishes I have eaten anywhere! Next time I come here, I would really like to try the paellas. Please do eat here if you are around the area- highly recommend!

Katie N.

I like going to this place for their tapas, but more importantly because the seafood paella is one of the best I've had. The paella is on the pricey side but feeds 3-4 people, so for two people it's plenty with leftovers. Service is a hit or miss sometimes, just don't get stuck in the corner where they can't see you.

Kyle W.

Located at the Bellevue Square, this place is a relatively upscale Spanish restaurant / tapas spot, and we were both craving this type of food as, at least I personally haven't had this type of food in almost a year. So, I made a reservation for 2 here for a fancier meal on a Saturday dinner, and it was a good move as this restaurant gets very busy during dinner time. Reservations were easily made day of, before dinner service, which helps save the 30-60+ min of Yelp waitlist otherwise. We got the Mixta Paella, which has fish, chicken, mussels, clams, shrimp, calamari, and chorizo, as well as the steak, grapes, parmesan, arugula flatbread. The paella is based on a per person basis, priced at $32 / person, so this in itself makes this place a $$$ restaurant (surprisingly as of the time of writing, this place is designated as $$). Do note to place the paella order ASAP if you plan to get it, like right immediately after getting seated as it takes at least 20 minutes to prepare, in which you can spend time choosing what other dishes to order in the meanwhile. There is a solid amount of seafood with a large plate of rice that is cooked just right. I really liked the dish, though it was a bit too salty. Seafood is fairly fresh, though the large shrimp could be better. I think just getting the paella itself is already sufficient for a nice, satisfying meal. The flatbread is amazing. The crust is very crispy (even though it doesn't look like it is) and the steak, although cooked to medium well/well done, is still flavorful and juicy. The grapes provide some sweetness, a nice contrast to an otherwise salty dish. My friend that went with me actually went here 5 times, and she vouches that the paella and the flatbread are usually the only things she orders that are solid. I also personally got the coconut blossom, as it looks very aesthetic. Pricing is a little bit on the higher end (usually cocktails are $12-15, versus $16 here) though it makes sense as this is a relatively upscale restaurant. Cocktail is easy to drink, a bit tart, but still pretty sweet, and it is decently strong and even filling. Service is decent - at American restaurant level of service. Waiter checks up on us and brings the dishes out promptly. A slight mishap is the awkwardness in paying the bill as I paid upfront with the QR code but he spent a while to make sure I paid (which makes sense, but I feel that the system should be a bit more streamlined as the purpose of the QR code is to fast track pay the bill).

Bonnie G.

We had a very good experience for takeout. The customer service was excellent, both on the phone and in person. You can also order online. We tried a variety of things and most of what we ordered traveled very well. The flatbreads, while very tasty, had softened, which is to be expected. We enjoyed the flavorful sauce on the mussels and the fava with chorizo. We loved the flavors of both flatbreads - the lamb with fava and the mozzarella with tomatoes and ham. I particularly loved the salad with pulled chicken, and could eat it any night of the week, just me, for dinner. We shared the Paella Mixta. It was a beautiful dish. Enough for 4 of us to share with all the other things we ordered. Some of us loved it very much. Others thought it seemed heavy and could use more flavor and bits of crispy rice edges. I was in the satisfied camp. Beautiful in presentation and a variety of ingredients. We will definitely go back for the things loved, and to try new things - squid ink Paella here we come!

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Castilla Restaurant and Tapas Bar

504 Bellevue Square, Bellevue, WA 98004
(425) 625-2931