Fern Thai on Main

10134 Main St, Bellevue
(425) 326-1824

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Sharon S.

I've been to this place 3 times within the last 2 months and so far, everything I have ordered in the menu is VERY good!!! Service is wonderful too. Probably the most authentic Thai cuisine I've ever had. I've had their pad Thai, pad see ewe, panang chicken curry, larb, satay, fresh rolls, beef fried rice - all are very tasty!

Stephen B.

Ever since I moved back to Seattle and my friend told me about Fern Thai, I've literally come here once a week or on some days multiple days in a row because this place is so good. All the staples of a great Thai restaurant are incredible here, notably the Pad Thai with medium spice, Pad See Ew, and Red Curry. I say this for now, but I think Fern Thai may be the best Thai Restaurant on the Eastside! With great service too!

June P.

Got the Pad Thai Boran - it's a lot for one person! Presentation of the restaurant and food is outstanding. Servers wipe down every table, they're courteous visiting my table, and it was fast service for me (: If you visit this restaurant on a sunny day in Bellevue, I recommend outside dining. The decors are so chic!

Julie P.

We've been getting takeout from Fern Thai quite often and it has always been so delicious! Good portions, delicious flavor and the pad Thai especially doesn't get too sticky/soggy in the Togo box(?) if that makes sense. There are a lot of times when I order pad Thai Togo, all the noodles get stuck together and it doesn't taste as good. But it's not like that at all at Fern Thai! Also, their level 5 spicy is spiccyyyyyy!!! In a good way! I love spicy food and I get either 4/5 stars depending on the mood. I honestly want to try all their dishes cus everything I've tried has been yummy! I've also dined there before COVID and service was great and the restaurant is super cute as well!

Joan S.

Went for lunch Love the placeWon ton soup delicious Chicken dish deliciousService excellent Will be a regular from now on

Tony T.

The food is pretty authentic Thai and you can sit inside or outside to enjoy your food. The food looks and tastes good. Plating is artistic for the Classic Pad Thai. Parking in downtown Bellevue is always an issue. Overall a very good Thai restaurant in Bellevue and I would recommend coming here for a meal.

Chara C.

Such a cute spot, especially with the outdoor patio seating and twinkly lights, but food is so mediocre. I feel like there is a standard for thai places~ if they can't do a basic Pad Thai right, they don't even meet that entry level standard. Sadly, they did not meet that standard. As one of the most commonly ordered dishes at thai restaurants, that should be the one they have nailed down the most but sadly it was not. Even the chain @baitongrestaurant, is much better. The flavors in pretty much all dishes were lacking in something. Many of them lacking in fish sauce. The best dish was probably the pork belly... which is good because that's a pretty hard sauce to mess up. Plating was nice, atmosphere felt upscale authentic (especially with the traditional dress that the waiters wore), but if you want good thai... go to seattle.

Julia C.

Fern was delicious!! Every entree my friends and I got were so yummy. I think it's a great value given the amount of food they give you for the price. It's also perfect for socially distanced eating right now because there is TONS of outdoor seating. They were very willing to accommodate us outside on short notice! Perfect for a dinner out with friends.

Kathleen C.

Food is pretty good. I enjoy the mango salad (with seafood! Like calamari and shrimp), crispy garlic chicken. I'm just ok on the spring rolls and fried rice. Portions are slightly smaller than I'm used to from Thai restaurants and a bit pricier as well. Spring rolls, mango salad, garlic crispy chicken, fried rice for 2 is roughly $65. Though I will say prices are aligned with the Bellevue area.

Niloofar H.

Nice atmosphere, delicious foods, and good drinks. During corona they extended their outdoor sitting it has a nice vibe.We got pad kee mao, cashew beef, and gai tod hat yaiChickens were very well cookedOur drinks were Som O (sour), Ma Kham, and Chaba (sweet with taste of coconut, nicely designed)Customer service was good too

Chara Chung

Cute spot, especially with the new patio seating. Service was good, food was not on point. Plating was very nice, but taste did not hit the spot on any of the dishes. Lychee lemonade had no lychee flavor, just straight lemon (i dont even think there was any sugar added so it was just sour, unbalanced).

Barrie S.

Fern Thai is one of the best Thai restaurants I've ever been to, and although there are a number of Thai restaurants in the Downtown Bellevue Area, I keep coming back to Fern Thai.Although I'm a Beef Pad See Ewe kinda guy, one dish that made an impact is their Pad Thai Boran! I've had my fair share of Pad Thai dishes; so you can imagine my surprise the first time I ordered the Pad Thai Boran, and they brought it out on a banana leaf, accompanied by a banana blossom! Not only was the presentation impressive, but the dish was delicious, especially compared to other run-of-the-mill Pad Thai dishes that tend to be overly sweet.Fortunately I live walking distance to Fern Thai; if you're driving to Fern Thai, expect to search for street parking or pay to park in a parking garage. Currently dine-in is available at Fern Thai, but during the beautiful summer months (and while avoiding crowds during the pandemic) may I suggest ordering to-go and walk one block to the Downtown Bellevue Park to enjoy the food outdoors.If you're looking for great Thai Food (and the friendliest service) in Downtown Bellevue, look no further than Fern Thai on Main.

James Keeler

I’ve eaten at most of the Thai restaurants in Bellevue and this is the best. The food is consistently tasty, service is fast, and prices are competitive.

Grace Lam

Love the setting! Fried chicken out of the world

James H.

Terribly slow and apathetic service, despite plenty of servers and a half full patio. We sat for 15 minutes before we were acknowledged and then waited another 20 minutes for two beers, and the bottle of wine followed another 10 minutes after that. The staff was totally oblivious.The food was overly sweet, so overly sugary that there was no nuance or depth. The fresh rolls were not aptly named, as the rice paper wrapper was hard and tasted like it had been in the back of a fridge for a couple days. I will give this place a second chance because I know restaurants are taking it on the chin nowadays but my first time there was severely lacking.

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