FLO Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar

1150 106th Ave NE, Bellevue
(425) 453-4005

Recent Reviews

Stephen K.

Super backed up today. Food took an hour and a half longer than estimated given the holiday and probably understaffed due to covid closures. Mind you, I was warned it may take awhile; just didn't think it would be this long. A lot of people were waiting, but no one seemed too irked given at how tardy the food was. Food itself was not the absolute best sushi I've had, but the service and demeanor was stellar. I'll come back and dine in to get a feel of what the ambience is like once I can. The scallops and black cod were my favorite. The chirashi is always a staple, but the to-go packaging and rice consistency threw me off.

Kihm S.

Amazing fresh. Very comfortable environment and very clean. We've been eating here for 4 years now. Fair price for xlnt quality and portion.

Cristina P.

I am a full-on fan of Flo. Living very closeby, I often give them a call when I have a sushi craving, and have gone there for happy hour a number of times. My favorite hands down is the Seared Salmon Roll - it's like a dynamite role with seared salmon on top. I have not placed an order without this on my list! The sashimi quality is top notch, and while this shows in above average prices, you get what you pay for! For lunch they also offer bento/combo boxes - same great quality and very reasonably priced for the amount of food you get.

Tim Magdalin

Always love coming here, staff is always friendly and informative. The chefs are always friendly and will take care of you from start to finish.

Miss K.

Ordered takeout and it was just OK. Got a sashimi platter and a thin steak dish. Steak trumped the sushi. Presentation and sauce assortment was right on, which can often be missed with takeout orders. No major complaints but restaurant options in the area are just too plentiful to settle for less than ideal, especially with a $$$ tag. Might try dining in for a better experience, but nothing is really urging me to return with so many similar choices around.

Bonnie G.

Wonderful dinner tonight. We were reminded why we keep coming back. We enjoy coming early and sit in the bar to take advantage of the happy hour menu. Our fav happy hour rolls, prepared fresh to order, are spider roll and Washington roll (spicy tuna). After trying all the happy hour sashimi, I've settled on the sake (salmon) as my fav. We also have some fav items on the regular menus, such as the tempura shrimp stuffed shiitake mushrooms, the salmon skin roll, and the hamachi collar. Friendly, helpful and efficient service. A great neighborhood place!

John Surdi

Best Japanese in Bellevue. You get what you pay for and this restaurant is authentic. Best Sushi.

Johann Ofbeverley

Great food good atmosphere, sat outside, waitress was very attentive. Drink we're good. Had veggie sandwich with bacon and the hummus appetizer. YummyMy sandwich was better than his but that's because mushrooms are life and so is smoked gouda.


Great Food and Service. Nice atmosphere, don't miss this place

Jon Whitely

Great sushi, sashimi, gyoza and other authentic Japanese options. It's probably the most reasonably priced to quality ratio in Bellevue. During happy hour, it's only $6 for select drinks and specialty rolls and $11/12 for fantastic sashimi. Also a great date spot.

Tyler Wood

Good sushi for a good price. Happy hour is where it's at though.

Sayena M.

We went to this place tonight as a group of 5. Their website said we had to call if we're 5 or more and so we did. We got there and our table was ready. The staffs were polite and friendly. They have 3 menus which makes things a bit complicated, but I always do my research in advance and I knew their portions are relatively small. The price of these small portions are reasonable, but as plates get a bit more special or unique, the price jumps higher rapidly. I ordered their Sakitini with Asian pear and absolutely loved it. If you want a strong drink, I don't recommend it. I liked it because it was absolutely weak and I didn't feel the alcohol in it (yes, I'm weirdo). When ordering the food, the waiter recommended to change the number of rolls from 5 to 6 for a couple to share. We later found out that it impacted the price and made it twice higher than what it was (we were not told about this and it was not written in the menu). I guess they are pretty much used to automatically applying charges because they also add gratuity automatically while they did not tell us in advance (it's not even written on their menu so be careful). As per the sushi itself, it was very tiny, tasteless, and low quality. It took them about 45 minutes to prepare the dishes although the place was not busy at all. The seared salmon roll was nothing special. California roll is pretty tiny. Not all the rolls come with wasabi..so the place had a lot of surprises for us and none of them were good surprises. They do not accept Discover, but any other credit card is fine. Also, the rolls are pretty small.

Cain Nam

Excellent; the sushi was reminiscent of my time in Korea. The chefs are well trained and I'll definitely be coming back. I missed it the moment I left.

Sahar Ranjbar

Great Ambiance & Great Service

Elizabeth L.

Tasty sushi happy hour, friendly service, nice ambiance. $6 saketinis, 2 house reds (Pinot Syrah), 2 house whites (Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay). $6 select rolls, $10 sashimi, $6 izakaya small plates - good deals! Happy hour highlights include: Panko fries oysters YUM Hamachi sashimi Spider roll Seattle roll (spicy salmon) From the large dinner menu, we enjoyed the following: Chawanmushi Hamachi jalapeno Grilled eggplant Beef rolls Recommend checking out FLO for their sushi happy hour!

MayElla T.

Wow. There are no words to describe how underrated this place is. My boyfriend and I made reservations last minute and they were able to reserve a table at the time we requested. Being our first time, the waitress recommended two saki drinks (of which both were good). We went with the unfiltered chilled, can't remember what it was called! For food, we began with miso soup- not too salty, not gritty at all. We ordered the "salsa" from chilled specialities, jalapeño hamachi roll, lobster California roll, and green tea creme brûlée for dessert. My taste buds were in heaven! The staff was friendly, food awesome and beautifully presented, open atmosphere, and all for an affordable price. We will be back.

Amber Jackson

Great service, everytime! The best bento boxes a lunch could offer. Good HH. Very fresh, wild caught fish

Lisa J.

I wanted to like this place because I came before.. each time I ordered the sushi set course that comes with miso soup. It's a bummer that each time I came they told me they are out of sea urchin! I'm giving it a few stars because atleast the staff is nice and the restaurant is clean and modern inside. The sushi was decent. However, when I came last night I lost my appetite when I bit into something really hard that was in my tuna roll. At first I thought it was a piece of plastic but it also looked like a thick fish scale. I'm not sure what exactly it was or how it got into my tuna roll and after that... I just didn't want to keep eating.

Tiffany G.

We work a few blocks from this spot and kept meaning to walk down there. Finally tried it today and it did not disappoint! We were quickly seated in the nice restaurant and presented with a hot towel to clean our hands. All three of us had a different bento box and everything was super delicious and fresh. They even had three different dressing for their salad which I've never been offered at a sushi place. I had the wasabi ranch and it was so good. Compared to the other sushi restaurants walking distance it seems this is certainly the best! Fairly priced and great service. Also offers a lunch menu which another didn't. We'll be back!

Masako S

big hot steamed towels were treat for this cold day, thick cut of fish to sink my teeth into. attentive wait person, enjoyed my lunch.

Dave D.

Solid sushi right near downtown Bellevue. Had dinner with several friends and we tried a wide assortment of sushi and sashimi. All was very good. We also tried a couple of Nigori Sake's and draft Kirin. Good service, food came pretty quickly and a pretty relaxed atmosphere. I'd give it another try to see what else they have that we didn't try and see if we have the same experience to get to 5 stars.

Theresia McLynne

Lovely restaurant with delicious food, & great service! Can't believe it's been there since 2003 & I just stumbled upon it now. I'll definitely be back (eager to try the sake)!

David Ellis

This is the BEST sushi place in the state, if not the United States. It absolutely worth the price. Go, savor it slowly and try everything!

Matt S.

So i was pretty amazed by the quality of the great sushi we ate at surprising comparative prices. The service was good - efficient, timely and friendly. However it's like eating Chinese food in an Italian themed restaurant - there's little Japanese design flavor in this rather 1980's stuffy Bellevue-esque atmosphere. I'll come here again tho! give it a try!!

Eddie L.

Spa and sushi... That is how my girlfriends and I like to spend Saturday afternoons, with Yuan Spa being located near by. Sushi is always fresh and good, service professional and attentive. Prices, however, are on the higher end for sushi in Bellevue. Overall, a great casual sushi restaurant that never disappoints.

Hai M.

Good service, nice restaurant and good quality Sashimi. The price is okay too. Not too expensiv, however, it is not 5 stars because I think the food can be better.

Mark H.

Found this place while on business, had the lunch bento box, awesome and the Otoro, great quality and great price, great service, great food. We returned for dinner a few nights later. Wow! Treat yourself and try the Omakase, here on the pics of the 5 courses we had.

Jonie L.

I don't know why it took me so long to try this place for lunch in downtown Bellevue! My friend suggested it and said she's a regular, so I knew it had to be good. Their lunch menu is not bad! They have noodles, sushi and bentos! We both got the 5 piece sushi combo lunch special - $16, which comes with 5 pieces of ngiri, spicy tuna roll and starter salad and miso soup. No complaints. Fish was fresh and overall satisfying lunch! Also, they take reservations for lunch but I don't think it's necessary - we went around 11:45am before the lunch rush and it filled up some as we were finishing up but not too busy. Excellent friendly service as well. I'd go back again!

Bryan Roberts

Always a delight to come here. Nicely cooked food. Awesome customer service!

Andrew Cox

Everything was excellent. I had a sushi platter, soft shell crab tempura, seaweed salad. The seaweed salad was particularly good, there were maybe four or five different types of seaweed, all served in separate little piles on the plate with a little garnish. It was different than what I typically had but really good. The soft shell crab and sushi excellent as well.

Ryan Strahl

I love this place. Reasonably priced sushi and extremely well prepared and tasty sides. I tried the Seattle roll (uses real crab) and the grilled shitake mushroom (tasted like a steak I swear). The best part in my book is that they use real wasabi, not some watered down version. Our server was extremely attentive and had great suggestions. Atmosphere was great for a romantic dinner, slow jazz, dim lights, elegant tables. I don't know how long this place has been here but I'm sad I've been missing out until now, I will be coming back for sure.

Kunal G.

Still my go-to spot for sushi in Bellevue, WA. Finally met the owners last week, they were awesome and very appreciative of seeing a returning customer - over 10 years now! Good people and good food... Check it out!

Michael Ansolis

Good sushi. The menu offers many choices. Staff is attentive. Reservations recommended but optional.

Caroline Randall Sensiba

Friendly staff and amazing sushi. The sake menu is on point.

Mona Butterfield

Lovely fresh attractive food and ambiance. Service a little slow but

Alex P.

It's my favorite sushi place in Bellevue. Chefs tasting menu is very interesting and tasty! Fish is very fresh and tender. On the downside, sometimes the dessert is too simple for the tasting menu. Last time, disappointingly, chef chose cubes of fruit and chocolate fondue. On the higher end in terms of price.

ariana lauren

Flo has delicious seasonal specials, happy hour, lunch and dinner menus. Beverage selections are decent, and service is excellent.

Gail D.

They have a terrific happy hour. All of the rolls are good as well as their tempura. Make sure you make reservations as they're always busy

itraM Ynot

Should have gone to Subway AND Jimmy John's! Sushi was ok. I ordered seattle sushi roll ($8) and lunch chicken teriyaki ($13) thinking I'd have leftovers for dinner as I'm working late. The roll was ok...the Yakima was laughable! The ONE thigh it included was pounded so thin I could see through it, and the 5 drops of teriyaki sauce they put on it didn't help. I guess that's why it comes with miso soup, so that you can dip the chicken to rehydrate it? Like I said, should have gone to Subway AND Jimmy John's, would have been cheaper to go to both places...

Jamie Fristrom

My favorite sushi in Bellevue or Seattle. Unique. I usually get the omakase but would consider it a $$$ place even if ordering a la carte

FLO Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar

1150 106th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004
(425) 453-4005