Forum Social House

North Tower, Lincoln Square, 700 Bellevue Way NE STE 300, Bellevue
(425) 658-0500

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April Nguyen

Wouldn’t let us in even though we had a table reserved that we already paid for already. An employee from inside was trying to let us in too but security still wouldn’t let us in??? What the actual heck kind of service? It was our friend’s birthday too. We were only able to get in because a manager came out and said something?

April J.

Fantastic place for date night or getting together with friends! Love the close proximity to restaurants and Bellevue square. The main attraction is the mini golf but you can also just come to hang out. There is a bar to chill, watch tv and have a drink or bite to eat. Their drinks are made just right I feel- enough alcohol but still fruity and not overpowering. Definitely recommend checking out the next time you're in the Lincoln plaza building!

Justin Nguyen

No cover! Fun club depending on the DJ. Lots of other things to do like play pool, virtual golf, mini golf, and ping pong. The outside line to get in moves pretty fast. Staff is friendly and the club itself is pretty clean compared to others in Seattle. I recommend checking out Forum!

Grace W.

Went here for my bachelorette party with a group of girlfriends in May 2021! Such a cool vibe, GREAT drinks and food, and we had a lot of fun in their indoor mini golf area. My husband and I have since gone back there for the occasional date night, and have also played pool in one of their reservable rooms. Service has always been very friendly and great! I personally think the prices for reservations are very reasonable given the location and what they offer activities wise. A great place for group hangouts - highly recommend!

Spence Robinson

Great time! Will be bringing in my team for an office party soon.

Lorna P.

The menu here is delightful gastro pub food! Creative and well executed and the service was friendly and attentive. There's a lot to do and experience, and great for large groups. Highly recommend :)

Prag R.

Good night out spot in the heart of Bellevue downtown. Hung out with couple of friends before catching a late-night movie at Cinemark. There's good food and drinks here. Golf and bowling are the games you can play here. Lot of stations with spots to catch up incase you don't like to sit. We got the wings- my best one is the Korean ones- DAMN SPICY,it's not for faint hearts! They even mention saying there's no refund on this item if people complain its spicy. As I love spicy food, it was so yummy. Cocktails are interesting as well.

Wesley S.

Sat at the bar and ordered a hazy beer with some happy hour food: quesadilla birria, margarita flat bread, and seasoned crack fries. everything was really good. Bartender was very friendly. Will come back next time!

Chris G.

I saw this spot on yelp and thought it would be a nice place to stop by for a deal on happy hour food and drinks and play some miniature golf . Upon arrival we were told that happy hour was only at the bar area and that age limit was 21 and over so kids could not be there to get the happy hour so since there older I just had them sit outside the bar area and us in the bar area which they said there trying to fix with city permits. I did end up playing the mini golf course it it was decent definitely had a good theme of holes but the ball didn't bounce off the sides of the outside of course since they were like metal so bank shots were out of the question. Now onto the food and we tried quite a bit starting with chicken & Waffles which were awesome and definitely worth the happy hour price , We also had the cracked pepper fries which were good and even better at happy hour price , Next up was margarita flatbread which was one of my favorites just a great pizza. We did try the Birria Quesadilla which was ok but nothing to great , We also tried the malt vinegar fries which were ok and the onion rings were good and definitely better with ketchup and lastly the bacon cheeseburger which was a nice size and very good as well so over all all the food was really good. Last thing was service which the gentleman was very nice but they should've had several servers not just one server and bartender with like 15 tables being served so I will not ding them on that just because it was not his fault

Mashayla R.

Came to the forum social house on a Saturday night about 11pm. Inside is very cool, they have mini golf, a bar and a dance floor area. I did grab some wings that were named "the best wings in Washington" on the menu and I must say they were a solid 9/10 really really good. the fries were yummy but that onion aïoli was the star. I've never had onion aioli before. There were a lot of people inside and it got pretty hot which usually indicates to me it's too many people lol but overall not bad. I wouldn't drive 45 min to come here again but not bad

Nonhler Dumolkh

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David Monroe

We went to an office event there and all we had to pay for was drinks. When I looked at our drink bill, they had added 21% in "service charges" to the bill (one that was 7% and another that was 14%) and specified "The service charge is kept by the house" so it obviously wasn't meant to be a gratuity. Not sure why they try to hide this up-front instead of just raising the price of their drinks by 21% so you know what you're paying for. Good thing we didn't have to order food. They probably would have added a cooking fee to the bill.

Liz S.

Since moving back to the Eastside from Seattle I really appreciate the fact that Bellevue has an actual club! Like what?! Pros: -Free, convenient garage parking--simply take the elevator up. No struggling to find street parking or pretending you know how to parallel park like a pro. -If there's a line, you wait inside. You heard me. No standing outside in the cold getting rained on. My hair gets frizzy in .6 seconds when moisture is involved so I especially appreciate this factor. -There's no cover. That's right, you get in for FREE. At least that's always been the case for me. -There's a decent sized dance floor, DJ, and tables + bottle service if you're really going all out. But you can certainly still have fun without the extras. -Hip hop music! -The bathroom has more than 2 stalls, hooray! Cons: -EDM music ha. Not for me but I'll do my best to have fun and dance along if that's the case. -The crowd is usually mediocre. If you're with a group of friends that doesn't matter as much. And it is the Seattle area after all, so you already know the struggle. So yes I'm looking forward to coming again to dance with friends! They also have games/golf but that isn't really my jam... if it's yours yay for you.

Sarah O.

The forum social House had its ups and downs for me. Its fun new concept of mixing putt putt golf with a sports bar, food, drinks, in a good location. It's odd that there's a dance club taking up half of the space that's only open part of the time. It's nice that you have a place like this that you can bring your kids in. The food and drinks are OK at best. It's glorified bar food that is just a notch above. The crack fries were my favorite part and the drinks are fun themed but grossly overpriced. One 8 ounce cocktail was $15. Yikes. They say money isn't made in a restaurant, it's made in the bar. So that's very on par for this place. They have a fun secret menu that you can find located on some of the tables that you can scan with your phone to get access to different drinks and a few different items on the menu that aren't located on the main menu. It was disappointing that one third of the putt putt golf was either broken or out of order. If they're going to charge you $15 to play putt golf I would expect all of them to work. Five of the holes didn't work but they still charged full price. That doesn't seem fair when there's only maybe 10 to 15 total holes? Of course we didn't know that there were several holes broken when we paid to play but when I inquired about getting a partial refund after finding this out I was told no. What do they care, profit is profit right? Oh vey. Boo. Bad customer service.

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