Garlic Crush

102 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue
(425) 455-2235

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Sarah B.

Very good food, short wait time they were careful about my allergies (soy, nuts). We paired our dinner with pineapple mimosas from our hotel down the road and it was delightful.

Sarah T.

The best walkable Mediterranean food with walking distance in Bellevue. The hummus is perfect, fries are on point and the meat is delicious! The employees are quiet but pleasant and efficient. Love that they have the chili paste available for you to scoop and go as much as you want...delicious add to hummus to kick up the spice!

Ellen B.

The customer service was wonderful and fast. The food was absolutely amazing. The cost is very reasonable. We will make Garlic Crush a regular stop for our Mediterranean dining.

Jane J.

Unfortunately, I have to decrease my stars to 1 star due to my most recent experience. I ordered takeout and then drove to the restaurant to pick it up. The bag of food was sitting on the shelf waiting for me. Due to the pandemic, I hurried out of the restaurant and drove home without checking what was inside the bag. Also, the plastic bag was tied at the top, so it was hard to untie. When I arrived home and took the food out of the bag, I noticed that my salad and pita bread were missing from the Chicken Kebab Plate. I was already at home and did not want to drive back to the restaurant. How can they forget to include these items when all of their plates come with salad and pita bread? I did not rush them. I did not arrive too early. My bag of food was already sitting on the shelf when I arrived. Also, there was a smaller amount of food than what they've given me in the past. It seems like they are giving smaller portions but charging the same prices. It was a very disappointing experience.

James T.

The gyro plate is the only sensible option for someone with an appetite - not just the options but the volume of what you can get.When I received my order, I noticed the chicken was incredibly dry, the flavor was pure salt, and the rest of the dish seemed to alienate one another. Very disappointing. The saving grace was the rice, which tasted like it should, and the water to gulp it all down.Perhaps this was a one off? Who knows. Yelpers - please visit and let me know your thoughts!

mahan kC

If u like beef and chicken u must try persian food at zeyton or perspolice or Caspian i will have real food

احمد كميل

I been eating garlic crush for 6 years now. It's my favorite place no doubt. But today the cashier was really mean and she had an attitude over the phone then she closed the line. Since I still love that place I drove there and she still mean. I am not try to be whiny but I work in a restaurant and I know how to talk to people.

Jason Half

Tasty sandwiches here. The chicken sandwich is my favorite. The garlic white sauce is very good.

Allie W.

I hesitated to order from them because of a bad experience few months back. Luckily, the food tonight was quite good. I especially like the hummus & garlic paste come with my Chicken Kebab Plate but there was barely any sauteed onions or red peppers. My son mentioned that he would go with a Kebab plate next time because he prefers big chunks of meat instead of sliced one like the Shawarma plate he ordered this time.

Moritz JK

I had the Beef and Lamb Sharwama plate and it was good but pretty bland.

Mark Spurgeon

When we were taking our oder, lady at cashier was rushing us. Then when we got home our food was wrong. I didn't care that she was rude but she also got our orders mixed.

Joan H.

Ordered carryout and it was ready in 10 minutes! Food was great and, as always, the portion was enough for my lunch and dinner. They've got lots of protective measures in place to defend against COVID spread, so we felt great about our food and going inside to pick up. The gyro plate is my go-to and packs a nice flavor punch! I always want to go two days in a row, and would order out again if I weren't trying to spend a little less on food. Highly recommend calling in directly from the number on their website for pickup instead of using a delivery service, as it's quick, and the staff are so nice.

Diego V.

Really good Mediterranean food. We ordered Chicken Shawarma Sandwich and it was delicious! Garlic paste was perfect, chicken not burned, portion excellent and price I would say competitive. Please keep it up with quality

Leila M.

Delicious!! We had the beef and lamb shawarma plate, which was amazing and full of flavor, and the sweetest, freshest baklava we've tasted anywhere. Highly recommend!! -Leila & Samer

Matthew Schad

I’m one bite into the Gyro. This place is phenomenal. Really good food and very generous portions.

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