Great State Burger

575 Bellevue Square, Bellevue
(425) 534-2345

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I went to the store in Bellevue Square in WA. The menu has meatless burger. After standing in the queue for 30 min, they said they don’t do meatless burgers. There was no apology too.

Remus Dumitru

Incredibly slow because they have only one poor guy handling everything, both cooking and taking the orders. I have nothing against the guy, but the owners should consider hiring some help.Food: 1/5

Gagan Puri

This is the poorest quality of food i have come across in recent times. The patty inside the cheeseburger is 30% smaller & towards the end it’s like eating bun & ketchup. Overall the patty seemed reheated & not the freshest of food.Certainly a place to avoid.

Xavi galvez

Only 1 person taking orders and doing the cooking. Takes too long to get your food. I rather hit red robin at least you get the attention

finchen orwhatever

17.99 for two tiny burgers and a drink. The Cheeseburger Bun was completely burnt and tiny

bad momma

Extremely over priced for the quantity and quality.Not even thinking of coming back unless they drop the prices by half or they double the amount of what they give you.Gotta be joking. $20 for a tiny burger tiny fry and tiny milk shake.


Horrible service. For nine burger you have to wait for 15 mins and that also on the weekend. Prices are way too high and burger is super tiny. Don’t go there. Better places available.

Andrea O.

I have to agree with most reviews here, pretty average burger, or even below average. Got a boss burger, double patty with bacon, and it was really underwhelming. Patties tough and dry, yucky sauce, weird pickles. All of this for a whopping 12+ dollars. I don't think I'll be back.

Promise Pain

One of the worst burgers I have had anywhere. The "Great State Burger" had a totally dry patty, flat bun, two tiny pickle slices and minuscule amount of tasteless sauce... and for $7.00, wow, what a rip-off. Highly recommend going elsewhere. Sad.

Erika RS

The burgers here are solidly good "short stack" style burgers. The menu choices are limited, but the add ons allow you to customize your burger as you like — I added bacon and carmelized onion to my Great State Burger.

Ann B.

I found Great State a bit over 4 years ago when I first moved to Seattle. Was one of my go-to spots. What drew me in was the organic side of it. A lot has changed and I'm very sad about it. I was really bummed a few months back when we went to the newer location in Ballard. I was very disappointed with the experience we had there and the fact that the burger was literally a dollar menu burger from McDonald's, but with grass fed beef. My burger looked like someone sat on it. Nothing like what they used to be! While the patty has always been on the thin side, the burger used to be well rounded with heaps of lettuce and if I'm not mistaken, a thick tomato slice. Now there is very little lettuce and pickles. That's it. However, this review is for the Bellevue spot. We decided to give it one more shot to see if the last experience was a fluke. Sadly it was not. The service at this location was very good, and honestly only thing that gives more than one star. The two girls there tonight were very friendly and helpful. The signage over all is way less geared toward the organic aspect which makes me believe that the company has moved further away from the quality that they used to be about. They use the word in strategic places, but it seemed to be way less of a focal point. I used to be okay paying the prices due to this being an obvious aspect of the business, but now, I can't believe I spent $7 for a single patty cheeseburger that is literally the same size and flavor as a dollar menu burger. That doesn't include the fries. The state sauce is the only redemption. Sadly, tonight was my last time giving Great State my money.

L.E. Waters

We tried the cheeseburger, great state burger, fries, colas, and great state sauce. Everything was very fresh and delicious! Happy to support a local business!

Teresa P.

Had the Great State burger and a small pop. The burger was really good and moderately priced at $6.50. It was pretty quick considering one person ringing register and cooking with 2 orders ahead of me. The guy working there was really nice. Only thing I'd say is the small pop was really small and the burger could be a bit bigger. But in all reality these are probably the portion sizes we should be eating. It was interesting and a bit fun they only served Jones sodas.


Fries and burger are greatshake is good too

Roy S.

We had the Great State burger. It was better than McDonalds patty but cost a lot more than a Big Mac. Considering the price I would recommend going to McDonald's

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