Honor Coffee

11011 NE 9th St B, Bellevue
(425) 598-2185

Recent Reviews

Wendi K.

Cozy coffeeshop with espresso drinks, tea lattes, matcha lattes, and lots of yummy looking Asian and French pastries. The inside is open and airy with plenty of seating, and cozy lighting. I tried the honey lavender latte with hemp milk ($6.60) - it wasn't too sweet which can be a downfall of matcha lattes, and was nice and fragrant! The staff were super nice :)

Nan S.

Big space and lots of seating but the country music was way too loud for early morning. The coffee tasted like water and no cream / foam on top. To be honest, couldn't finish my drink and threw it away. Going to spend another $5 to get a good mocha.

Raj S.

Latte tasted like brown water with no milk steam/foam. Dishonorable to the single-origin coffee appliances on display. Poorly made coffee is no compliment to the promise of this place that also offers interesting looking pastries. Barista 101 training needed.

John Wong

Discovered this hidden gem in Bellevue across the street from The Shops at the Bravern. They make one of the best, if not the best, Portuguese Egg Tart that I have ever tasted with the perfect ratio of crust to filling. The crust was thick, super flaky and crisp. The egg custard was absolutely gorgeous, light and silky, not overly sweet with nice caramelization. They also serve a brilliant Cortado, nicely balanced with a long finish, that pairs wonderfully with the sweet, richness of the egg custard. Service is very friendly and welcoming. Highly, highly recommend.UPDATE: Picked up another Cortado and Portuguese Egg Tart the next day just before my drive back to Vancouver. Could not resist the temptation.

j spain Greene

Excellent, straightforward coffee and tea drinks and Asian pastries. This space is tucked inside a courtyard of sorts, surrounded by highrises on all sides.A limited amount of seating in an upscale, modern setting.

Reggie Chang

Good drip coffee. Very nice trendy place. Lots of freshly baked pastry options. The whole place smelled so good.

Diana Kuzmin

Chai latte is so spicy that it burns your throat, but the egg bites and danish are to die for ❤️ atmosphere is super cute

Rachel Ayane

Suchh a cute coffee shop! The baristas were so sweet and the environment is quite relaxing, especially the outdoor seating. The coffee was good, and the Matcha Danish was super flavorful!

Ekaterina Pankina

I just ordered the hot matcha and it was worst matcha ever. It just warm milk, it’s not matcha.

Rajas Mahajan

Decent coffee. Nice ambiance.

Amelia J

Excellent Americano, excellent drip coffee. They had a decent selection of milk alternatives including oat milk and hemp milk. The kid's temperature oat milk latte was a hit. Great selection of pastries and also a handful of Costco snack items including peanuts, almonds, protein bars, etc. Plenty of indoor seating and some nice outdoor spaces as well.

max amanda

favorite coffee shop! always calm inside with lots of seating and sometimes games lying around. great place for first dates or studying. they don’t have the option for non-caffeinated iced tea but they have fruit refreshers instead if ur allergic to caffeine like me.

Meighan Brodkey

Ice coffee was actually warm, dude didn't get ice coffee light ice, and explaining ice coffee took 5 minutes...

Greg Walsh

Typical coffee shop, typical pricing. Outdoor seating nice and far enough off busy street to avoid noise distraction.

Kkjk C.

Love it sooo much It was really delicious and yummy. I will come here again if I can the ingredients are super fresh. And the design is sooo beautiful. The stuff are friendly. The food are cute.

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