I Love Sushi on Lake Bellevue

23 Lake Bellevue Dr, Bellevue
(425) 455-9090

Recent Reviews

David Lee

I would say this is the only place where you can taste real authentic Japanese dishes. Others are not owned and cooked by Japanese chef.I wish the restaurant updates the interiors or move to new place. I am confident that people would appreciate and enjoy the food better in better place.

Bouter Brantley

loved every bite! gratitude sushi bar!

Chris Eimen

I order from the special fish menu and its always amazing. The expertise of the sushi chefs and the staff are always welcoming..

Ric Yamamoto

Excellent service! Fresh seafood! Best sushi ever!

Jerry Chen

Dined in last night. Great quality sushi and fairly nice ambiance, lots of exceptional pieces in the omakase. But the service experience was beyond dismal. From having to constantly ask for water refills, to making excuses for our miso soup never even getting delivered and us having to ask for it at the end of our meal, to the unapologetic nonchalance of providing abysmal service when we brought up these issues; our waiter blamed the ordering system. And I'd have to write another 10 sentences to cover everything that went wrong with the whole ordeal. Another waitress, Saki, had to cover our table multiple times because she saw us waiting around for long stretches without service.In short, great fish and rice ruined by negligent, nonchalant service.

Chiemi ChiAmy

Nice Japanese Restaurant by the lake. Menu was extensive. From Sushi to bento box type. I had Chirashi and Tempra. Chirashi came with a small salad and miso soup. They all tasted good. However, wasabi did not come with it. I suppose that is the way that many restaurants are doing nowadays. I asked for wasabi and it was not spicy at all. I was putting in a big chunk but I did not tasted like wasabi that I expected which was a disappointment.I also ordered a Anmitsu. It was underwhelming. It was mostly ice cream and kanten was hardly in it. I am not sure if I would come back here for sushi anymore…… I want the real wasabi with my sushi.Parking available, outdoor seating available. Wheelchair ramp available.Good for small to big group.

Robert Buendia

Great sushi, I highly recommend the tuna flight

Yuan Wei

Nice view and nice nabeyaki udon

Jacques L.

Cho-Oishii. The toro sampler will make u slap your mama so hard her mom would say Aooo! The staff is nice, parking is abundant and the location on a pier. Took my wife here for mamas day and we left very happy.

Viva B.

Had lunch with a good friend who had hip surgery last month. We thought we'd try a new restaurant. Didn't know Bellvue had a lake so that was interesting. We made reservations since we went right at opening time. The place filled up quickly. I had a sushi plate that was reasonable & my friends had the bento box. The portions were ample & sasami was fresh. The meals came with salad & miso soup. Everything was tasty & the service was great! We all enjoyed our lunch!

Eric Poon

Sushi was fresh and had amazing taste and texture. Service was attentive and friendly. View from the patio was a perfect complement to the evening.

Molly Kushner

Everyone at our reserved table ordered different items from the extensive menu. Each was delicious & beautifully presented. Excellent service too.

Nikki H.

The 1 star is for the location. Went in for lunch with my mom. Waited 15 mins to get a table (not bad). First let's address the cleanliness of the restaurant. The carpet was nasty dirty. The wooden poles/trim on the bottom of the wall where we were sitting were all covered in cobwebs. Very dirty!!!! Then, ordered a Diet Coke to drink. It was completely flat, no carbonation. We asked our server if they could give us some that was not flat, she came back and said that their machine was broken and they could not fix it. I tried to order Edamame, they were out. We tried to order Vegetable Tempura (that was an item on the lunch menu in the Bento Box) we were told they did not have any of that either and that it is only on the dinner menu. I tried to show the server where it was located on the lunch menu, she just blew it off and said they were out of it also . We finally decided that we were not going to take our chances on the 1 thing they were able to make us and we canceled our order and left. For a large restaurant located in Bellevue with NOT inexpensive pricing you would certainly think this would be clean and they would have enough food and beverages stocked to fill the orders that are listed on their menu's.

Lisa Marie D.

This was my first time trying i Love Sushi on Lake Bellevue and I'll definitely be coming here again. We got a seat outdoors and the view of the lake was beautiful. My friends and I came on a cold, rainy day so I wanted something warm. I decided to go with the Nabeyaki Udon and it really hit the spot. The stone pot consisted of udon in hot broth with king crab, Manila crab, fish-cake and egg. Oh and it came with shrimp tempura on the side! I also tried a few of my friend's salmon and cucumber rolls and they were pretty good and fresh.

Michael T.

I have come here several times over the past year. The food is always high quality which is of course important when eating raw fish. The service is excellent and the view of the lake is very nice. They also have an outdoor area. They do a high volume of take out/delivery as well if your not comfortable yet inside a restaurant. I highly recommend I Love Sushi on Lake Bellevue.

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