1424 156th Ave NE, Bellevue
(425) 633-0696

Recent Reviews

Sai A.

Small hole in the wall place with great food. I've gotten madurai chicken from there twice as I love spicy stuff. Chicken was delicious with a kick. It comes with rice and it's not your usual white rice - so so good! Chicken 65 is also very yummy. Rating is purely based on food and not on aesthetics or service. As with COVID, it is only a take-out place but guys behind the counter/preparing food are super nice. Ordering food/picking up was an easy and friendly process.

Patrick Patterson

Excellent service. They were accommodating for kids' spice tolerance, and we were able to try new things and have a very nice experience.

Rob F.

My wife and I love coming here for dinner (or getting take out now that everyone's hunkering down at home.) I've tried almost everything on the menu. While I have my favorites (anything with their chicken 65 in it!) you really can't go wrong with any of their dishes.

Ahut G.

Heard some good things, so decided to check it out. Its a small place and did not smell good or appetizing. We walked in, but decided to just get a take out. Got Chicken 65, Pepper Chicken, Chettinad Chicken and Butter Naan. Chicken 65 and the naan were decent. The pepper chicken had too much pepper in it. It was very overwhelming and we could not finish the portion. Chettinad chicken was overly spicy as well. Overall, not a good experience. I don't think I'll be going back.

alex montgomery

Great food really nice people. We will absolutely be back. Thanks

Falak S.

We ordered takeout from here. The food was ready in 15 mins. We ordered paneer ka matar and madurai mutton curry. The food was exceptionally tasty. We both loved it. The paneer dish was creamy and delicious and the mutton was very flavorful. I highly recommend the food. We will definitely try more options here again soon. This is a hole in the wall restaurant so Id prefer ordering take out vs eating in here. The mutton was a bit spicy for me. Overall would order again!! Also the food came with rice which is different from normal plain rice you usually get. The rice had a yummy flavour.

Sumalatha R.

Glad we found this place. Authentic non veg tamil style food. The thalapakatti style biriyani hits the taste bud every single time. Their appetizers and parotta combos are delicious as well. The owner is very friendly and warmly welcomes us, every time we go. Will keep visiting this place.

Anushree G.

This is my super favourite place for dine outs in Bellevue - if you have Indian non veg cravings like me you gotto visit this place. I am an absolute fan of the food here - none of the dishes have ever disappointed me. My absolute favourite though is Chettinad chicken with parota. You can ask them to adjust the spice levels accordingly. This restaurant is known for its South Indian food and curries but even their Palak paneer and chole are quite amazing. Mark my word and please visit this restaurant for your spicy Indian food cravings.

Alex Barsuk

Justaurant is one my favorite Indian restaurants in the world. You’d never know it by appearances. That’s why it is a perfect example of why you should not judge a book by its cover. Whatever the place lacks in ambiance, it makes up with friendly service and wonderful food! I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to eat here.

Carl Zernicke

Excellent service. They were accommodating for kids' spice tolerance, and we were able to try new things and have a very nice experience.

Conner J.

If only this place didn't souly use styrofoam cuts as their glasses it would have gotten five stars. The food was very flavorful and the perfect amount of spice. It is pretty dead in the very beginning of when they open but quickly fills up. The staff was really friendly and even gave us some really good savory pastry that is now going to be my new go to instead of rice.

Curry H.

Small hole in the wall with the poor ambience, fake Tangdi Kebab and a few of the restroom door from your table. This is one of those places where you walk in, super-hungry, but then look around at thE grunge and you lose most of your appetite in a few minutes. The palak chicken was outstanding, probably one of the better ones we've tasted. The taNgai kebab was a sham. It looks like they took a couple of chicken legs out of the chicken curry, stuffed in the oven, complete with the curry. See the attached pic. This is none close to Tangdi chicken. They also had some twirly roti, can't remember the name it was the last on the list. It was great. The view of the restroom from our table.. our table was literally 5 feet from the restroom door. No odors, but you still lose your appetite. The server wasn't friendly at all. The yelp menu indicated dosas etc, they have none of that. When I asked him, he just grunted!! Same deal with paying at the counter, borderline rude behavior, typical of what you'll see in the North of India. Good food generally makes up for all these warts, but that wAs not the case here. I did notice there was a steady influx of the Take-Out crowd, so maybe that might be a better option. We will noT be back. After all it is "Just"a restaurant..

David Iezzi

I could have rated this 5 stars on service alone. Everyone was extremely nice and welcoming.

Shelly Henry

The tastiest Indian restaurant in the whole Seattle area! I went there with my wife yesterday. We both loved the Parotta, Chennai chicken and Egg Appam. The owner is a really nice guy too. And you get to enjoy Bollywood/Tamil music on TV! I would highly recommend this place!

Parthi T.

Great hole in the wall Indian place. Will come back. Pros: Tasty chicken curries and mutton curries. The best flaky Chennai style parotta you'll get in the pacific northwest. So mouth watering. The biriyani was good too. Cons: Really small place so tables are too close to one another. The open kitchen makes the entire dining place smoky, so you feel like you're sitting in an oven.

Apple C.

Just discovered this hole in the wall South Indian restaurant which I'll for sure return from time to time! We were the only non-Indian customers when we went, which says something about the restaurant. I thought I was in India! All the food is made to order, and we really enjoyed the tandoori lambchops and parotta. Can't wait to go back and try other stuff. The reason I gave 4 stars is because they use styrofoam cups for water, as well as takeout food. Not the greenist choice...

Vasanth Mohan Manchi

One of best food joints , very unique and authentic indian taste. Best mutton sukka and biryani in the vicinity

Veena Jaisingh

Loved the food! South indian style :)

Raviish Gupta

Amazing spicy food. Awesome starters. Very reasonable price. Just go for food. If ambience is something you are looking for this is not the place to go.

pras anna

I had a mixed experience, I wouldn’t suggest for vegetarians as they don’t carry suitable sides although their parotta (bread) are must try (close to authentic). It’s unusually casual, people are very friendly and nice although items are priced on par with a formal restaurant?. I would go there again for their Parotta!

suman tedla

The place stinks big time. A NO-GO for vegetarians.

Chang L.

Doesn't look like much, and you'll miss it if you blink, but it's one of my favs at the crossroads. It's amazing the amount of real cooking they are doing in that tiny kitchen. I see them rolling out the bread for my naan, and making everything from scratch back there. I have read some reviews regarding service, and I've had a very positive experience. I have seen many items on the menu I haven't seen anywhere else, and I haven't been disappointed yet. I love this place!

Anuja G.

The most terrible customer service I have encountered. They don't care for their dine in crowd and the place is clearly geared towards being a take out place. The food was over salted. Our orders did not show up till we flagged down the sole waiter multiple times, and the owner/guy behind the cash register even cancelled one of our mains saying that his staff simply forgot to start it and now it was too late since we had already finished our appetizer and one of the mains. We had to go to a different restaurant just to ensure that the two of us complete dinner. Be sure to take a warm jacket for dinner if you still want to try this place despite the warning. The place is freezing because it is a small space and the door is constantly propped open.

Amanda G.

Wow, the food was so good here! We went in right before noon, so there was only one other table there. You can just sit where you want, seems like there is only one server who also cashiers and helps with plating. I don't mind slow service when the food is fantastic. With less staff, they can keep the food super reasonably priced. That being said, it got very crowded in here by the time we left. The chai was the best I've had in a long time. We shared the palek paneer, garlic naan and the Chennai chicken curry (spicy). All of the dishes were superb!

Hemanth B.

The best South Indian restaurant in all of greater Seattle. They stay true to the flavors of Tamil Nadu and don't compromise on spice levels. Not for folks who want a toned down version of chettinad food. Our favorites here are the paneer pepper fry (yes, this is not chettinad, but it tastes so good), veg chettinad, Gobhi pepper fry (not on the menu), but the something the owner obliged us with and it has since become a staple at this restaurant.

Anas J.

Heard a lot about this place, but honestly was disappointed, first when you enter its not clear do you just sit or you order at the cash then sit ? And the kitchen is exactly on the same room as where you sit which is a real problem you can smell all the food and your cloth will smell eventually and it is loud. Food wasn't super good. The samosa was good, lamb chops were average, butter chicken were less than average. I don't see myself going there often, probably once every two years or so

Sarada Ainampudi

Hated the ambience .. I felt am sitting next to smoky oven.babies are coughing due to smoke . its suffocating . food taste is bad either. Please stay away if possible.

khooshali Agrawal

Love the authentic indian food they serve.

Jessica Hoang

Delicious food. Good price. Nice people. What more can I say?

ramya anbu

Authentic South Indian food. Mutton/chicken Curry and parotta is really really good. Nethili fry is also my fav. They have rose milk too. Been a long time since I've had South Indian food that tastes like this.Can't believe I didn't know about this place for a year after moving to Seattle.

Surupa B.

One of the best Indian food we had in USA in last 11 years.. must visit. Kalaki - very good Basha Biryani - very good Chicken 65- excellent. Best in USA till now I have had. Didn't get that even in New Jersey restaurants Mango Lassi - okay

Karyn Gold-Reineke

Absolutely great flavors and very kind and helpful staff. Southern Indian tends to have a bit more intense flavor and spice, and this is really well done. A new favorite restaurant!

Joe Reineke

The best Indian on the East Side, flavors are outstanding. We been to India multiple times and are kinda foodies when it comes to flavor profiles, A+

fajila banu

Food is not fresh as expected. Especially Basha mutton briyani we ordered more than couple of times. I don’t recommend it to anyone.

Deepak Gunaraj

Good South Indian restaurants and had lot of street food options. Food will be spicy for lot of people and parking is hidden little bit.

Ajith K.

Tried veg and non-veg thali, both were very good with the bread. Price was very reasonable

Roshan Thomas

The only place in the area where I could find Kerala cuisine. Porotta and Mutton curry for life. :D

Meena Radhakrishnan

Nice place for Indian spicy food.. Good customer care.. Loved it

Sunanda Goel

Food is good.. staff is nice too. prices are amazing

Mihir Patel

Our favorite South Indian food place. Food and the service are exceptional!