Lucky Strike Bellevue

700 Bellevue Way NE Ste 250, Bellevue
(425) 453-5137

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Sathish Kumar

Great place to hang around with your friends and relatives.We had fun bowling experience. The basketball , skew ball, bike , car and air hockey are some of the great games to try out.Highlights:This place gets super crowded during the evenings and becomes super live during weekend nights.

FM Guez

Best place to go to hangout with a group of friends or a team event. Weekdays are easier to get in that weekends. You can reserve online and the check in process when you arrive takes around 10 minutes. The bowling shoes are nice looking. The food here is average typical fries snd nachos you get at any fast food chain.

Matt Perrone

Lucky Strike is an arcade and bowling alley, meant for kids during the day and adults at night. Prices for the arcade are pretty standard, but bowling is kind of expensive. They don't have too many lanes, something like 16 or so, and it's usually booked ahead of time so call to make a reservation if you can. Overall it's pretty clean and well maintained, plus their bar is fully stocked and quick with drinks. It's a good places for a big group or a date night.

Aaron Beals

Pretty nice group experience. We rented the back party room. There are four lanes... basically good for 20 people to bowl. Seating for around 50? There also was a private bar, bathroom, shoes, and buffet area. If you go.. plan for 3+ hours to get in some fun. If you rent the room, you also receive a discount on gaming credits.. good if you bring kids and the adults want to bowl. Alcohol is on the pricier side... $9 for a Guinness for example. Have some fun!

Vincent Randy Heslop

Celebrated my birthday here with my family. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed bowling, drinks and some yummy bar food! The bowling made for a great backdrop activity to the celebration. Service was a little slow, but they were very busy with all lanes completely full. FOLLOW ME for more thoughtful recommendations as I travel the world ?

Adam Boswell

An absolute joy of an alley but the price will cause you to sell all vested FAANG stock just to get a lane. The staff and service was fantastic, the food was also quite yummy and they were very nice to bring my little man a shake. If the price was anywhere in the realm of reasonable this world be a staple stop for the family.

Asaf C.

Worst bowling I've been! Staff is so impatient and the host and manager are the worst service people I've ever seen in my life. Definitely never coming back!!!!

Claire T.

I had hoped to book a table in the bowling section but it was full so I booked a 'table' in the arcade section at Lucky Strike for my friend's ADULT birthday and this was the experience -: Pros: The space has all the essential games that you think of or would want in an arcade setting (i.e. air hockey, car racing, basketball, various shooting games, guitar hero!) The drinks that they serve you within your package are strong. I wanted somewhere we could stay and continue to go out in, they do a hard transition over to 21+ at the hours they say so, I started to notice kids clearing out at about 9:30pm from the arcade. Once everything is 21+ there are two dance floors and tons of space to spread out. The bar itself boasted multiple bartenders so everyone was getting their orders taken care of quickly. Later in the night I requested a shot and sparkler for my friend's birthday, the bottle girl was so nice she actually helped me work out a super reasonable deal for a table instead. The service in the arcade was nearly night and day. Cons: I don't know if they just don't care about the arcade 'events', if the venue was really hoping to sell as many tables as possible or if because the arcade stays open to those under 21 later they are unused to adult events in the arcade space - the waiter seemed absolutely and entirely flustered with the number of people he had to serve (12), I say this because we were told to order directly through the waiter but every time 2 or more of us ordered at a time it seemed to be too much, but the orders were right. We had a table booked form 8-10pm and I guess the area was their night time VIP club section, which meant at about 9:15pm they moved us to another set of tables in a different part of the arcade, not a huge a deal other than the staff seemed very frustrated that they had to move the food and drinks that were at our table, to the point that friends of mine felt the need to alert me there may be an issue. For myself, if the venue knows that the room they are putting us in will have to change I don't see why you would sell it, if we are asked to pay a head price for service then it should be made explicitly clear what services are or aren't included (i.e. you will have to move your own table at a certain time), and finally if there is an issue with your staff member moving food/drinks having them passive aggressively stare and whisper will not remedy that issue. Most annoyingly the table wasn't even sold. Lucky Strike is very lucky they are one of few venues that houses an environment where people are likely to buy tables because they could easily be out done in most other major cities. If you're gonna go, just go for some boozy bowling.

Jas S

The bowling alley was okay but it is too small with very few lanes. The wait time was almost 2 hours. The DJ and the dance floor is pretty fun. The drinks are over priced and they skim on the alcohol to make it worst.

Alex N

Staff is friendly and helpful. Had a good time with a decent range of games. Interested in trying v out the bowling alley, which looks nicer than most. Bartender did not seem happy to see us, despite our being friendly from the outset. She ignored our efforts for refills while refilling others on a slow Sunday night. I don’t know what we could have done differently there.

Akia B.

Great service, The Gentleman at the check in for bowling was very polite and informative. He was really nice. Ordered Boneless wings and fries and they came out quick and were delicious. The two issues we had were with our drinks and how hot it was in there. The drinks were extremely watered down (henny and coke) I couldn't taste the Hennessy OR the coke, they tasted like straight water. I'm going to need them to ensure when people order alcohol that the alcohol is present, it was pretty disappointing. Also, it was VERY warm inside as soon as you step foot in there so plan accordingly. My partner and I were sweating before we even began bowling. Overall not a terrible experience, but please be advised.

Yvette 'Divie' E.

3.5 stars - We had fun, made it work despite the bad bits, and would be open to trying again. We came as a walk in party of 3 to bowl Sat afternoon, and got in with no problems! (Really Good!) Unfortunately, our lane "neighbors" were a party of 10 teenage girls, who took over most of the seating and were all over the place. (Bad.) We had to flag a server down to order. (Bad.) The cocktails were good, and the pizza and fries came out quickly and were pretty decent and gluten and dairy free. (Good). The chicken wings were too garlicky, I heard, and they came out 1 hour later, shortly before our lane time was ending. (Bad.) We never got asked about getting more drinks or food, and at the 1h45m mark had to ask for water. (Bad.) The bowling was fun, and frankly, a disaster on my end. (Good.) It was hard to find the ball weight I needed (bad) but staff was helpful once I asked (good). All in all, this is a fancy bowling plus lots more joint, and is a great source of entertainment. I would come back but would try coming during the 21+ time and would probably eat before coming instead to avoid needing service.

Kevin H.

Went and played pool with some friends. Ordered lunch and they increased the tip I wrote and signed for... I guess 20% wasn't enough.

Enrique Gutiérrez Arzate

Waiters were so so, food as well. So, just order a beer and play

Anna Medina

Food awful for a high price. Pizza frozen $17- taste like Safeways brand, Nachos maybe 1oz of cheese $17 (aren’t nachos know for being cheesy) and fries maybe 30 fries $7 All together trip to Lucky Strike 2 drinks for 3 people, food above and one hour of bowering $200 Outrageousness!!!! Lucky strike in Colorado not like this!!! It quality for the price

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