Paddy Coynes Irish Pub

5046, 700 Bellevue Way NE #100, Bellevue
(425) 453-8080

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John Pincombe

We had a ruben sandwich and braised beef stew. The stew was a little bland but prefer that so I can put my own salt and pepper. I also lived I England and alot of the traditional food that I ate in there and Scotland was a little bland by American standards.I can't wait until I get the chance to go again. i

Vincent Randy Heslop

Irish pub with an average food offering. Frankly just have a drink and enjoy the company your with. Validation for underground garage is available, so parking is usually easy.FOLLOW ME for more thoughtful recommendations as I travel the world ?

Branson Deutsche

Big five stars for our awesome server the other night, Hailey! We had just came by after a horrible service experience at JOEY and found her service here to be even more refreshing than the top notch cocktails we had. Drinks were a 10/10, service was a 10/10, loved the ambiance in there as well. The lemon drop was one of the best I’ve had so far as well! This has quickly become one of my favorite late night spots after working and we will definitely be back many times again!

Nicole Douglas

Great place, great food. The servers are always so polite and enjoyable to chat with. They are often SUPER busy so it's kinda difficult to hear but it's easily made worth it through good food, friends, and beer!

Ronald S.

We had their meatloaf with mashed potatoes and vegetables along with their mac and cheese with pulled pork on top and a mushroom soup. All good and tasty. Only thing was we thought we would get the soup first. Service a little slow-don't know if it was the kitchen or lack of wait staff.

Meighan Brodkey

If you want to go out in the evening but stay in Bellevue, this is the only place that's open late. Not only are they the only location in downtown with actual bar hours, plus it has decent food. Whether you order the corned beef and cabbage or grilled cheese, it's fabulous at 11 pm when Bellevue is shut down. Not where I would eat for day/dinner when other restaurants are open, but it's basic bland pub fare.The cocktails were awesome - heavy handed pour and delicious!!! ?

D C.

Buyer beware!!!!! This place adds an exorbitant fee to use a credit card at this location of approximately 3%. The food here is good but this fee is hidden in the menu and final check. It's not cool to add fees to use a credit card and I will only ever come back if I use cash. Pretty sad because I really like this place, food, drinks and service are good.

Mick M.

This is where an Irishman comes to die. The food and service are incredible. The bartender, Carrie, really knows her stuff! She will steer you in the right direction. I had the Irish dip. The corned beef is shredded and trimmed of fat. Great selection and one of the best Irish pubs I have visited. If this wasn't in Bellevue, WA--there would be a line to get in!!!

Aaron L.

food was ok, what more can you say for a divy bar. great that they're open semi late because industry people like to pop in sometimes late at night

Scott D.

Whelp... After a long day of work, I find myself in Paddy's place. The Bartender, apparently straight out of Dublin, welcomes me with a deep Irish Brogue. He serves up a Beer so sweet and a friendly smile. The food brought me back to Killarney, and the friendly vibes brought me back to Dublin pubs. To this place, I shall return...

Jack Reeves

So impressed with this place. Cutie behind the bar gives amazing service and the irish fare is incredible.

Marilyn Mercado

I came here about a month ago not expecting much from a pub but we definitely had a great time. The food and drinks were fantastic and our waiter was really patient and great. I wasn't really hungry so I shared a vegetarian Shepard's pie with a friend and it was absolutely fantastic. It's very rare to find good vegetarian food at pubs. Other people at our table ordered chicken pot pie and mentioned it was delicious as well. The Irish Mule was fantastic and I highly recommend it. Overall, a must if you're in the mood of going to a really good pub.

JoAnn M

I came for a late lunch so the place was almost empty. The service was spot on. My water glass was refilled. Though small, it was clean and friendly. The ambiene is what you would expect --- Irish Pub. There is a n attatched parking garage. I can not speak to the price as I walked from another site. My soup was rich and amazing. The Guiness BBQ chicken wrap was good. In the future I would try other dishes as several caught my attention.

Jonathan O.

A great hangout for casual bar food and beer in downtown Bellevue with great Irish vibes. This place is a staple for anyone trying to unwind at the end of the day or you want a place to meet a few friends on the weekend. It's not quiet, but doesn't get to chaotic either. I've been here many times and will keep coming back for the comfort food and great pours of Irish beer.

Artemis L.

This review is slightly belated. I am 1/8th Irish, and I have always wanted to try a classic Irish breakfast on (or near) St. Patrick's Day. We stopped by Paddy Coyne's the day prior to St. Patrick's Day this year, and we ordered the classic Irish breakfast. I couldn't bring myself to try the Blood Sausage, but everything else was delicious. I saw the owner's comment (on my yelp-friend Tom B.'s review of Paddy Coyne's) that these are genuine Irish folks and this is a family-run business, which made me feel more interested in trying it. Thank you as always, Tom B., for your excellent reviews. My husband did try the Blood Sausage, and he didn't understand my reluctance to partake. I couldn't find the words to explain it to him, but watching the classic old movie "Groundhog Day" recently didn't help my case when the upbeat, likable character Rita said "I LIKE Blood Sausage!" and the cynical, egotistical character Phil questioned why anyone would ever like this delicacy! We actually returned to Paddy Coyne's on St. Patrick's Day, which, unsurprisingly, wasn't a good plan since they were packed and super busy. However, what surprised us was that they do not even do to-go orders on this day of the year, and they have a $10 door charge to even enter this restaurant! Oh well, we returned on March 18th and ordered 2 Corned Beef Dinners, which were very tasty as well. No complaints, we were happy with our meals and the customer service from this restaurant. Happy St. Patrick's Day quite belatedly, hope everyone had a great one. [Edit: Oh my gosh, best and funniest reply ever from a business owner goes to Daniel C., the owner of Paddy Coyne's... please read his reply to my review... it is too funny... I'm dying laughing]

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