Pagliacci Pizza

10600 Main St, Bellevue
(425) 453-1717

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Brian Taylor

$4 Pizza slices are made from their large pizzas, so the slices are often quite big - but not always. Their Calzones are excellent but quite expensive as they base unit starts out with mozzarella & ricotta cheese for $10, but they add $1.75 per topping. Typically you will want to add 4 toppings = $7, so $17 for a great Calzone. TIP: ask for extra free marinara sauce.If the company was more intelligent, they'd modify their Calzone pricing addons to $1.75 for meats, but say $1.00 for veggies. Get real with your pricing and quit ripping off your customers with $1.75 for everything. Like adding garlic or spinach cost $1.75 when the real cost is probably $0.20.They offer extra free Parmesan and hot crushed red peppers for the taking at the counter.TIP: order using their app to get your order perfect, and to re-order your favs in the future. FYI ... their app does not offer an option for adding notes IE "add 1 more free marinara" so you have to do that old school. so lame.This place has no A/C so is quite hot in the summer. They offer no carry bags with handles, so bring your own when picking up.It is amazing they have been around this long and are so good at delivering great food, yet miss / mess up on the fine details of customer service. Rome fell, this co will too - unless they resolve my minuscule complaints.

Paul Cainkar

Great place, super friendly staff, with a minor policy issue.Phone order is limiting, especially if you're calling in someone _elses_ order. They need a way to refund the phone payment and accept in person payment, or not require prepayment for phone orders.

Taisya S.

This place sucks. Why is it so over hyped? The dough is dry, and there is barely any sauce or flavor. The calzone base is disgusting and has barely any cheese inside. It's just a bunch of ricotta, but nothing "melty". The dough is the worst part though. Even the mall has better calzones. Honestly? So disappointing. Never buying from here again.

David Tompsett

Pizza was delicious and service was quick, wasn't sure if they were open for dine it, but they were

Ann D.

I ordered two slices of pizza and a small Pagliaccio salad. I was made to stand and wait 15 minutes because their salad person f-ing went on break. There's like 10 people running around in the back and they only have one salad person...

Leanna L.

Good solid pizza offering. The pepperoni was good, though beware it's a little spicy if ordering for kiddos. The tomato Gorgonzola was flavorful, with strong Gorgonzola throughout. I really enjoyed the chicken Caesar salad with a pretty good dressing. Overall good choice though the steep prices for the pizza gave me pause

Lorretta Leung

Very fast customer service, and you are greeted as soon as you walk into the door. They provide huge slices of pizza and always offer to heat it up for you if you'd like. They have a wide selection of alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages that are perfect for a hot, summer day. They have lots of different topping options that you can choose from, and they even tell you where they source their ingredients from on their website! My all-time favorite pizza place.

Kkjk C.

I love it sooooo much Never been here before And tried one slice It was soooo cheap And everything was soooo great and fantastic Will come here again Really crunchy

Armand Vasquez

The stuff was really friendly. Very helpful in answering my questions. First time to this location. Adequate parking outside. Bathroom was pretty clean. Service was pretty quick overall. There was one table for people dining in but it was taken by a big group. Otherwise the place is mostly for delivery or take out.

Leo Madera

I'm from The Bronx, NY The South Bronx to be exact, the only place in the United States that has a title. This Pizza is very good straight out the oven, a close third to Brooklyn for me.

Anish Patel

Great pizza with fresh toppings and amazing flavor. Great local chain, definitely on the pricier end but always consistent with quality of ingredients and flavor.

Lisa J.

Wow I'm not sure what went wrong but our pizza was like no other pagliacci . It was like eating the cardboard box it came in.

Jessica L.

Was a litttleee too dissatisfied... Maybe it's the location or it was a bad day but $28 for a medium sized pizza where there was no flavor. It looked very pleasing to eat and I was excited until I was two slices in and realized there is nothing special about this place for it to be this expensive. The sauces they gave me made up for it.

Daunte Harrell

Very good pizza. Even better service!

Brian F.

I had just eaten dinner on a Friday night and about two hours and some number of drinks later I was hungry again and wanted something with a lot of carbs and just something greasy and unhealthy. I was scrolling through Yelp looking for something still open, within walking distance, and something that I haven't tried before. I looked up burgers at first but then I remembered pizza was a thing and Pagliacci was everything I was looking for. They recently moved their downtown Bellevue location from the Old Bellevue area closer to me which was perfect. I called at 9:30pm and was able to pick up my order at 10pm. I ordered half south philly and half spicy chicken on a 13" medium pizza ($21). The south philly was pretty cheesy and I liked the sausage and onions. There weren't many mushrooms and the toppings in general were lacking. One slice had only one piece of meat and another only had one mushroom. The chicken on the spicy chicken wasn't spicy but the pepper is what gives it that kick. Overall both were good although I preferred the spicy chicken a bit more as it had more flavor. If you were wondering, I ate the whole pizza. As a second dinner. I have never felt so satisfied and disgusting in my life but I have no regrets.

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