Señor Taco

14339 NE 20th St d, Bellevue
(425) 747-4717

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Nathan Christian

I absolutely love this place. The food is great. They take care in the food preparation. Awesome flavors, seasoning is flavorful without being too salty. Fast and friendly service. They serve beer. What's not to like about Senor Taco? I highly recommend checking it out.

A.r. M.

Damn good food, seriously. I'm not an expert on traditional Mexican food, but the flavors are on par, the amount of spice is just right. If you are sensitive to spicy, beware this place has some authority! Otherwise if you like spice, its got a little kick, and might want to add more. Price point is wonderful for what what I got! Highly recommend barbacoa, and the el pastor tacos.

RH Negative

Bellevue's best quick Mexican food. Hands down.

Le Critique Z.

Ordered the California fish burrito. Was the most bitter thing I've ever eaten. It was as if they never change their oil. Fries inside were just as bitter as the fish, and super skinny so it was like pretty much eating a burrito with old bitter batter as the stuffing, and no other flavors.

Kevin N.

I've seen this place pop up on my recommendations multiple times, so I decided to try takeout for a Friday lunch. I tried calling ahead to place my order, but no one picked up. So I decided to just order once I arrived. Upon entering, a man stepped outside from the kitchen to greet me at the register to take my order. He was speaking very fast, almost like he wanted to rush me, and his tone wasn't the friendliest. Regardless, I placed my order for 2 fish tacos, 1 senor fish taco, 1 al pastor taco, chips, and salsa. Within 10 minutes of ordering, my food was good to go. Starting with the fish tacos, the salsa on them was delicious, and the fish was flaky. However, the batter surrounding the fish wasn't crispy at all. I'm not sure if this is because it got soggy as I drove home, but it was unfortunate to say the least. Moving on to the senor fish taco, they add fries to upgrade it from the regular fish taco. However, there were only 5-6 small shoestring fries in the taco, and had I not seen the filling inside, I wouldn't have even known that they were there. I was hoping for more from the fries, but was disappointed. Not to mention, the batter was also soggy like the other fish tacos. The al pastor reminded me more of a chorizo taco than a typical al pastor, from the crumbly texture to the spices. There were little bits of pineapple, but that was really the only similarity I could find to typical al pastor tacos. It wasn't bad, just not what I was expecting. The tacos came with their house sauce, and it was spicy. I typically ask for mild sauce to go with my street tacos, but I guess they only have one sauce to choose from here. Pricing-wise, it's comparable to other taco spots in the area. Of course, if you've ever been to LA, you know how cheap street tacos can be, but unfortunately, that price point just doesn't exist in this part of the country. The interior is very small. Right now, everything is stacked up so you can't sit, but I think typically, there'd be bars throughout the place that seat maybe 5-6 each. It's located in the MOD Pizza plaza, so there's plenty of parking available. Not a bad spot by any means, but there are definitely better taco options around.

Julia Wittenberg

Unbelievably spectacular food. You can tell that everyone there is doing what they love, and they treat their customers well. I cannot get over how good the food is here.


The greatest tacos around. Those fish tacos are on another level. Amazing staff and amazing food.

Bethany Gabaldon

Quick service and the food is fresh. Amazing al pastor!

Nicole K.

Love this place! We go all the time and the food is always amazing. Love the burritos! The owners are also very friendly.

Doug M.

We like this place a lot! The California burrito is something else! Their sauces are very good as well. My only wish is that the guacamole that comes with the chips and guacamole order be larger.

Vishnu A.

My coworkers and I ordered from Señor Taco off of Uber Eats yesterday for lunch. I ordered the California Southwest burrito without any meat. The fries inside the burrito were crispy and made at a proper thickness, which made this burrito unique. I'm not one to like food that is very salty, however, this burrito was lacking in salt, especially the rice heavy bites. Definitely required adding the provided salsas to add flavor. The nice crispiness of the fries was offset by the blandness of the rest of the burrito. Also, the burrito was much smaller than your typical veggie Chipotle burrito, which left me not as full as I'd like. I'm not sure if that's because the veggie version of the burrito uses the same amount of ingredients as a meat version but leaves out the meat. I wish they would have increased the amount of other ingredients proportionately to make a more filling burrito. *Review from a lifelong vegetarian*

Andrew L.

Senor Taco is my favorite Mexican food in Bellevue. The food is served quickly, it is delicious, and priced well. The staff there are friendly and it is a good place for kids. I really like the "senor" version of things. The senor Taco, the senor burrito, and the senor quesadilla.

LaJay N.

If you're looking for California style Mexican street tacos, made fast and made to order - this is definitely your spot. I came in Sunday afternoon craving al pastor and ordered three tacos - 2 Al Pastor (BBQ Pork) and 1 Barbacoa (spicy shredded beef). To my surprise the Barbacoa was the star of the show! It was super moist, spicy, and full of flavor (see photo). The tacos came loaded with fresh cilantro, chopped onion with lime and radish on the side. The al pastor was a little dry, but definitely satisfied my craving. Overall 4/5 star tacos. Clean restaurant, friendly service, affordably priced. My order was taken by a really smart young boy (maybe age 10). He answered my questions about the menu and brought me a water cup after I forgot to order a drink. I get the impression this place is family owned, which I love to support. Will definitely be back :)

Eric Clark

I love this place so much that I had to force myself to only eat here once a week.

Kee Lim

Great service, great food, fair prices.

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