Stone Lounge Bellevue

1020 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue
(425) 454-2709

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Pooch Play

Had a great first time with 10+friends. Nice place to sing without standing in front of a crowd. More sing along options. Good variety of music. Food was reasonably priced and good.


Had a great first time with 10+friends. Nice place to sing without standing in front of a crowd. More sing along options. Good variety of music. Food was reasonably priced and good.

Shinetra Pryor

Came for karaoke for the first time and the music selection was decent.

Cyndi Hansen

Best custom made drink I've had in a long time. Told the bartender I like coconut and he took it from there. Malibu. Blue curacao. Pineapple juice and whip cream. Delicious.. The atmosphere had a cool vibe. Rustic meets glam.

Lena M.

Service was great. Food is delicious. But expensive as all hell. $65 for 3 drinks? Luckily I dont come to Bellevue often. So they wont miss me if I dont come back.

Nick Litz

There were 2 groups there and no one in the main bar area on a Wednesday and service was SO SLOW. We ended up going out to the bar when we needed a drink. Drinks weren't great, beer selection is awful and the songs are SUPER limited. I got some whiskey drink of their's for $13 and was less than two knuckles of a pour... Not going back. 2 stars because the rooms were nice.

Andrea Hartman

You can get a good price on the room with Groupon. It was normally $100 for the room for 2 hours on a Monday, in addition to each person has to spend minimum $10 on food or drink. The room we got had a video screen playing music videos behind the karaoke words and they gave us 2 microphones, but everyone sang along. One of the best Karoake set ups Ive experienced, though I wouldn't do it often due to the price.

Emily H.

UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT! Stone Lounge is THE greatest (new) Hot Spot! I went there tonight to check it out for a band party-spot /scene and was so WoW'ed by the sophistication, the vibe, the music playlist. Josh, the very hip bartender, has that great generous, classic listen-to-your-story attitude -- not in your face, knows how to make a Smokin' great drink. 'Just a helluva nice guy if you want to push away from your desk, have a drink and scroll through your social media (me!); or bring your friends in for a gossip catch-up (everyone else!) Noshing? I had the Gorgonzola, Avacado, paper-thin pear, Cilantro, salted flat bread hot out of the oven - 5-star - Yummy! Eastside! Maybe it's time to try Stone Lounge out -- all over again. (Verified Buyer ;)

Olin W

Perfect place to stop for a quick after work drink. (Thursday night)

Grace Olsen

Had great first impressions, but overall left disappointed. We spent a very significant amount at the bar, but in the almost 4 hours there, only had someone come to our room once after the initial entry. They did not notify us we were over our time (which understood- is partly our fault) but we were shocked to see our bill at (i believe was) $80/hr. We received no Beverage service (like at Rock box) in our room. Numerous features didn’t work (disco ball) and the room was uncomfortably hot. Not worth the hourly rate for the room + the cost of drinks (which we spent probably close to, if not more than $500). Overall- a really expensive and disappointing night of karaoke.

Serena B.

ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! the waitress was rude and disrespectful and cursed at us when confronted about the reservation that they booked incorrectly. They made us a new reservation 3 hours later than time we booked weeks in advance. Once we arrived we stood there for 20 minutes. No one asked to help us, We weren't greeted by any of the workers. We had to find the waitress and when we asked her she said we should have told her what we needed, she's busy.

Willie Black

Great place with good service. Kind of wish they had a better drink special selection.

mike Jr

Showed up at midnight on a Friday with 3 friends and was turned away for early closure. The hours displayed online and on their doors stated open until 2am.

Andreza L.

ZERO STARS. A SCAM. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED. DO NOT GO HERE. Rented a room and then had 40 dollars of forced charges for food, even though we did not get any food or drink, and they charged us without giving us anything in return. Staff was absolutely and horribly rude.

Yiran D.

Bad service, Scam. They have cheap price and did not tell you about minimum spending 10/per person before you go. When you try to leave they ask you for 10/per person spending and if you have 6 people you need to pay 60 per a small room for 2 hours+18% tips

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