Stone Lounge Bellevue

1020 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue
(425) 454-2709

Recent Reviews

Sahar Shawa

The only thing I enjoyed is being with friends and singing. Food was fine, but service was poor. The hostess didn't even bother to take orders, she made us feel unwelcomed and even asked us (a party of 6) to walk with our credit cards over to the counter so she can check us out. And what's absurd is that they changed us 20% gratuity

Ixchel be natural

I celebrated my bday there this month and had a lot of fun the place is nice. But I really need to complaint about the service . First when I got there the waiter just kept passing by and never offered to bring a menu I had to go ask the bartender for one. The food and drinks took very long and some of the food and drinks never came at all. My friend and I stayed there for a while just hanging and finishing a drink and the cook came to talk to us , he has flirting and also drunk . He was done with his shift but it was the same guy was flirting since my friends and I got there and he and the other cook were peeking on us through the glass door. We also ask for the manager to come to the room because the equipment wasn?t working properly and he never came to check on us .

Pamela Pinkston

I love karaoke and went here for a bridal shower. The drinks were good but so small for the price (welcome to Bellevue, I know

Kyle Smith

We were told 2 for 1 drinks when ordering. But the drinks ended up being 2 for 2. Not a huge expense, but don't bait and switch customers.

Mahogany Huston

Nice decor, good drinks & friendly staff!

Rosalie McCall

Came here with some friends for a bachelorette party and had a great time! The machines are a little tricky to operate at first, but one of the employees will be able to show you how to work it pretty quickly. The drinks were really good as well! Only taking a star off because the service was a little slow towards the end of our evening.

Diego Valdes

Lots of private karaoke rooms with a decent selection of music in English, Japanese and Korean. No Spanish tracks though.

Thomas W

Great idea, Karaoke machine is a little cumbersome to use! Service could of been a little better. Food was average, large portions thou


Warning: If you go here, be very careful with your credit and debit cards and don't open a tab. Last night the bartender gave my boyfriend's debit card to someone else and he ended up getting charged for this person's bill both here and at a different bar.

Warren Chin

The rooms are very spacious and grand, along with bar in the main area that you can wait, drink, and sing before you get into the private rooms. There many selections of songs to choose from, with many languages as well. It offers great selections of music videos. However, when it comes to service, it's a bit slow. Sometimes you ask for water or a drink, and it will be a while till it gets to you. There are some units in the room in which the service console/tablet is not working, and you have to use a service bell buzzer near the music selection console. The staff are very nice, welcoming and accommodating.

Jennifer Bolles

A few technical issues made up for by excellent customer service!

Storm B.

The two times I have been here have been an absolute blast, and I genuinely look forward to the next time I get to come here. Save for my brief stints with Rock Band, I had never really tried karaoke before coming here. As such, I wasn't sure what to expect. I found that the sound system was easy enough to figure out- they offer songs in both Chinese and English. There is occasionally public karaoke in the lounge, which I would really recommend attending! I don't know what the schedule is for when that happens, but I definitely had a blast with a bunch of equally drunk strangers. The manager here (who I think is named Raymond?) is a stellar example of quality customer service, and was a person who made me and my coworkers feel valued during our times here. He really went the extra mile to get to know us and help us out. The rest of the staff are also attentive, patient, and friendly. It really feels like I'm visiting friends when I come in the door. The drinks are decent and food is as well. It's a little pricey but given the rest of the experience, I have been more than OK with it. I look forward to the next time I can come here!

Sallye L.

Pricey, but fun. I went to celebrate my birthday with four of my girlfriends. The song system was great, easy to use and they had 90% of the song we wanted to sing. It seemed clean and the staff was fine, although they could have been more friendly. I'm planning to go back with another group of friends soon.

Amaryah D.

So disappointed. The food was way overpriced and not good. The flatbreads were tiny, soggy and appeared to be previously frozen. The caesar salad was sour and gross. Drinks were way overpriced at $14/cocktail. When I called to book I was told the medium size room would be $40 for 2 hours, not $40/hr as we were billed for on our tab. During karaoke, many of the songs would give us an "error" message on the screen and delete our playlist. We were told this is common and to be expected because it's a Chinese karaoke system. Giving two stars because the manager, though unapologetic, did discount one of our hours for the misunderstanding. Overall leaving with a really bad taste in my mouth, from the food, price and experience.

Reana Rodgers

Cool concept if you like to karaoke, but not in public.


We came in for 2 hours of karaoke as part of a weekend of bachelor party fun. Hai and Mike provided excellent service and were very friendly and professional. The drinks were tasty and not overly expensive.

Betsy L.

Terrible, Terrible, Terrible! And to think they charge $40 per hour for a room. Give me a break.... strobe light doesn't work, a/c only and it's freezing and no hard cover list of songs... and to top it off 3/4 of the songs we wanted couldn't be brought up on the screen... One saving grace was a nice young waiter who did refund us the room charge and apologized profusely... this place is a dump and it was dirty when we went into our room - food all over the floor... ugh! Don't bother!

Lynx L.

Drinks here are so amazing, friendly server. Really really comfortable environment. Love it. Recently they added the karaoke box here. It's so freaking cool!

Angie S.

Love this place! Each time I come they have really tasty food, drinks are amazing specially try Pear Sour it's sweet but with a double makes it so bomb.

anbukevin .

We came in for 2 hours of karaoke as part of a weekend of bachelor party fun. Hai and Mike provided excellent service and were very friendly and professional. The drinks were tasty and not overly expensive.

Hai Duong

We had a great networking party with the Puget Sound PMI and everyone we hosted was super impressed by the vibe, food & drink, and the service!


Made a "reservation" at 8 only to be told the room was still in use. After 10 minutes we were led to the room and as we walked the halls, there were plenty of other rooms our size available so not sure what the delay was. Service was terribly slow, music selection was limited (no "Ring of Fire?!"), and the karaoke machine was challenging to operate. Next time, just go to The Rock Box.

Hai D.

We had a great networking party with the Puget Sound PMI and everyone we hosted was super impressed by the vibe, food & drink, and the service! Thanks Jason, Taylor, and Mike for taking care of us! We're definitely doing more events here again.

Anesh P.

Super slow service and they changed the whole menu few days ago , they should have updated was ok not worth the money .. ordered 2 pizza took 40min

Brandyn Storch

Great venue to go to with some friends for a night of karaoke. The staff was very polite and quick with orders, and the karaoke room was awesome!

Tony Parsons

A big group of us went here for Karaoke and we had a blast. Service was top notch.

Dawn P.

I hosted my daughter's 18th birthday party here earlier this month and it was fantastic! The staff was amazing and a huge help with the planning, just a great team. She and her friends had such a great time they already want to plan graduation after party here.

Karen M.

A gf of mine suggested several of us meet here for Happy Hour after work. I admit I was hesitant to come after reading the mediocre and unhappy reviews. I was expecting rude servers and terrible service. WRONG! We were there for drinks and food and were not disappointed in the least. Josh was our server and bartender. He was simply amazing. Our food was served immediately. Hot foods hot and salads cold. Our drinks? DELISH! We were open to suggestions... Gin or vodka. He concoctions were dynamite! He even came up with a rum and kale drink that was tasty. Beyond his serving and bartending abilities, Josh was humerous, hospitable, and super attentive to our needs, including escorting us to the ladies room and red-roping off our section! =) I look forward to the next Happy Hour outing here... but next time - karaoke!

Jennifer W.

Josh! I mean damn!! This bartender of ours is OFF THE HOOK! Thank you Josh for your service, hospitality, humor, and when it was time to serve the H2O on the rocks!!! Can't wait to come back!!!!

Nitra J.

Josh is the best bartender...super attentive & makes the best drinks!!!!!!!! Go see him.

Sam U.

Horrible customer service! We rented a room for two hours. It took the waiter at least 15 minutes to set up the equipment and explain how to use it. Most of the stuff was either in Koren or Chinese. They did not have a very good selection of songs. The microphones smelled like bad breath and the couches in the rooms where very uncomfortable. They also only checked in once with us while we were there and we were trying to place an order but they never came. We also never go refills on our drinks! However we where charged an auto gratuity for the bad service! I will never go back there!!!!!

Sarah Yoon

Came here on a whim for girls fun night out and turns out there's open mic karaoke! The vj had amazing energy and was approachable. Will definitely come back again.

AllenZ #NeverSTOP

Best karaoke bar on the east side. Period! Prices are very reasonable assuming you use their Groupon. Would come back again

Jeanette L.

I met a friend there for happy hour right after work. We were well ahead of the normal "crush" of evening goers, so I am not able to review them for a time when they are really busy. Nor am I a singer, so didn't make use of the Karoake option either. The food was decent for a bar, and unique in its offerings (not the usual chicken bites and pretzels). I ordered house wine, which was acceptable (given it was house) and my friend order a G&T. The wait staff were friendly and attentive. We were checked on several times throughout the course of our time there (again, this was before the crowds came in, so the ratio of servers to the two of us was pretty high). The leather chairs were comfortable, bar was clean (no sticky tables). The bathrooms were also clean - and I was very impressed to see the signs offering to help folks get home if they'd been partying a bit hard. They do have parking, though the lot is small so if you go during the later times, you may need to park elsewhere and walk over. In talking to the folks who work there, in addition to the karaoke rooms (which I didn't try), they also have live music later in the evening. Given the open nature of the bar, it may get too noisy for conversations into the evening - but it looks to be a decent place for a party. My friend's company had actually gone there for a business holiday event and said it was well hosted by the lounge. While I'm doubtful I'll go for the full karaoke experience, I will add them to my list of decent little "right-after-work" happy hour places.

John T.

This place is a joke. Food mediocre. Service bad. Came in with 8 people when place was completely empty. They wanted to overcharge for everything and throw in bizarre fees. We were gonna spend at least 700 between all of us but their awful service and ridiculousness made us leave. You are MUCH better off driving one mile down to Enkore Karaoke on Bel Red Road.

Max Breedlove

Great place to reserve a private karaoke room and hang out for a bit. Okay song selection. Prices are a little high. One complaint is that we were continually interrupted by many different waiters when we didn't need anything (the room has a call button when you would like to place an order). I reduced the overall rating because the next day my friend reviewed his receipt and he was overcharged for the room.

Paul W.

Good burgers but extremely poor service. I came here to enjoy a casual meal with my Dad and Brother. Our server came to take our order and our food was made in a reasonable amoint of time. After our food was dropped off, we were not offered more water, drinks or condiments for over an hour even though we were one of two parties in the dining room. Three staff members were sitting at the other end of the room talking the whole time without even glancing in our direction.

Chitralekha Dutta

Horrible drinks at horrible price and food tests horrible

Jacob Landon

Very fun place to have your own private karaoke party. They provide private rooms with comfortable seating and dual wireless microphones. The staff was very courteous and nice. I would definitely recommend going here with a group of your friends!

Brenda Frost

Food is good. Service sucks. Took forever to get an order in and then they didn't come back. They should have a server assigned to each room. Dylan was the only saving grace of the evening