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14320 NE 20th St ste d, Bellevue
(425) 223-5048

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Raphael Puletz

Delicious unique variety of desserts, boba teas, and frozen slushes!

Jolynn S.

I was really excited to try this place after seeing the variety in the menu, but alas, some things look better than they taste. The cafe itself is very cute, but small - not ideal for groups. Service was good, but we were the only customers at the time. This is what we ordered: - Kiwi (fresh fruit) Slush: I asked if real fruit was used and the server said yes. There was indeed a few pieces of kiwi to top the drink, but as you can see from the neon green color, it was just blended syrup and ice. It was very sweet, but tasted ok. I actually didn't like it when I first got it, but after trying the next couple of items, it ended up being my favorite. - Durian Lava Cake: Faint durian flavor and very sweet. There was a custard/lava center. The yogurt side did not compliment. I do wonder if the other lava cake flavors are better. - Ice Monster: I admit I was impressed by the pictures, and it really lives up to it's name. They gave us knives and forks to chisel it down. Flavor-wise we were once again not impressed - frozen chunks of mango, jelly, ice cream, mango syrup.. Overall, the quality did not match the Bellevue prices. Maybe we just ordered all the wrong things, but 3/3 items tasted syrup made.. so I won't be returning to find out.

Monica K.

We visited about 6 weeks ago, and forgot exactly what we ordered. The store was doing take out only due to COVID-19. When we walked in, I noticed the interior was nicely decorated and they have a lot of food/dessert items on their menu, so I hope to come back in the future to get the full experience. We got 2 drinks: 1 was some sort of milk tea, and 1 was a durian flavoured drink (we are huge durian lovers). For the durian drink, we both thought the flavour was too artificial. It's understandably hard to make a good durian drink, given there's no fresh durian in this area, so I'm not giving any poor reviews based on that. Normally I like to try a milk tea drink as a comparison between different bubble tea stores, and I quite liked this one! Overall, I'd come back again for milk tea or try new things.

Huan Ge

Love this place. Enjoyed the Chocolate MartinI Sunday and Passion couple sweet noodle jelly.

Bry R.

Super good milk tea, and love the coffee jelly. Order is always accurate with restaurant following notes on delivery app. One of my local favorites!

Brynn S.

Super good milk tea, and love the coffee jelly. Order is always accurate with restaurant following notes on delivery app. One of my local favorites!

Cindy Fu

TLDR: yay good dessert!

Donut D.

Their salty egg egg puff is unique. Saltiness and sweetness together is interesting but not awkward, somehow went well.

Khen C.

If you like traditional to modern style Asian desserts, this is the spot. They open late and their prices are very affordable compared to the other ones nearby. Their decor is also extremely kid friendly which is a plus. Although I'm a grown man with no kids, I'll come here to eat durian desserts with my friends!

Janet D.

I came here on Valentine's Day weekend, close to closing time. They were not busy when we entered, so we were quickly seated (since we were eating there) and given menus. We ordered up at the front counter and sat back down. More people entered the shop around then too (several groups). We ordered a boba lava cake and a Lan Feng Tea. The lava cake was alright. As much as it was a novelty, it was well tasting. The cake was a little dry, but it was balanced by the excess cream from the "lava". Also, overall the dessert had a good sweetness. The lava cake combo wasn't overly sweet since the cream also was sweeter than the cake. However, the crystal boba topping was not very good, it was pretty tough. The tea was really good, my friend called it "pretty close to authentic" to the real HongKong style of it. I thought the tea was a good choice if you wanted a higher caffeine concentration and a drink that wasn't too sweet. I would definitely come back again and recommend it. There's a lot more that I want to try.

Johnny Y.

Came in here unexpectedly and loved the place! The desserts here are very HK based or inspired and everything looked good and tasted good. Food: We got their boba molten cake where we got to see all the boba and cream drooping down their cake. Their cake itself is very moist and the cream tasted exactly like milk tea. We also decided to try their "Lan Kwai Fan" milk tea. The milk tea could use a richer tea flavor and a little bit more cream but tasted like a HK style milk tea Definitely coming back to try their mango desserts and other drinks. Would recommend. Great service.

Trang Hahn

I’ve been here twice in the last week, once on a Saturday night and once on a Thursday afternoon. Both times it was not busy so I think this place is a well kept secret.

Ivy L.

Was super excited to stumble upon this place after seeing the huge variety of options, especially the durian ones. However, the quality of the desserts was disappointing. Here are the items we tried: - Durian molten cake: I wanted the durian lava cake at first, but they ran out, so I tried the durian molten cake instead. "Molten cake" from what I understand should be moist inside. This cake was dry as the Sahara. The dry cake was topped with a very heavy yellow cream that was not durian flavoured, and very sweet. I was not enjoying it and at the same time felt like I was ingesting 1000 calories. There's a little bit of durian to top it off. It was my least favorite item, especially after finding out it costs 11.99$ (it's a new item, so it was not on the menu, only on the wall without the price). AVOID! - Summer festival martini: THE best mango sago dessert I've ever had. There are huge chucks of fresh mango, and the sago was bathing in a refreshing mango slush. The best part though is the yogurt/ice cream. There is cereal INCORPORATED into the ice cream! Loved the texture and the taste. MUST TRY! - Salted egg yolk egg puffle: Not bad at all! I thought the addition of salty in a waffle would be weird, but it was a perfect combo.There are salty egg yolk pieces in each bubble, so it was also a great deal. Highly recommended. - Matcha lava cake: Hmm... no lava. I peaked at a neighbor table who got the black sesame lava cake and there was no lava either. Maybe the oven was acting up on that day, but it was pretty disappointing. The cake tasted ok, but not worth 8.99$ at all. Overall, I would probably return for the summer festival martini and the salted egg yolk waffle, and to try the drinks, but I would avoid venturing out too much in the menu.

Katta Gautam

Good light flavor, not too sweet so you can have more than one dessert

Mahak M.

Have you ever had a puffle? It's like a bubble waffle (think inverted waffle) where the bubbles are filled with something. The one filled with salted egg yolk was the hottest thing on the menu, so naturally, I had to get it. Salted egg yolk is a delicacy found in lots of sweet and savory dishes alike. I've had it once in a min cake and it tasted great! However, I didn't enjoy as much in this preparation. Every single bubble is filled with thick, gritty, salted egg yolk. The only relief from this flavor is the ice cream, and there wasn't enough to cut the taste. The mangos were not in season (as expected in the winter, though) so overall not the best dessert. I'll be back for their great teas, to try their other desserts, and to visit the flower wall in their bathroom again!

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