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Mostly rude and unhelpful staff. First they refused to open my oysters, refused to bag my groceries correctly and the bag broke and I lost several items, refused to cut cartilage off the 33.00 a pound fresh king salmon that I bought, wanted to sell me uneatable parts, and the produce guy did not know anything about the white asparagus for 6 bucks a pound, not if it was organic, how it was grown, NOTHING! The manager supports this type of behavior and is one of the rudest of all the employees there. He could not carry on a conversation and supported GMO's. Stated that Whole Foods carries some GMO's products. REALLY??!! When did this occur? Ever since Amazon took over Whole Foods, the quality and customer service has gone out the window, but I have NEVER seen it this bad in all of the 36 years I have been shopping at their stores and in various states too. This is by far the worse store I have ever shopped in. The manager Shawn was supportive of the rude staff, well NOW I know why the store is so poorly run, because there is an incompetent store manager that they should fire. He treated me, a 65 year old woman like a piece of garbage. He actually walked me out of the store and threatened me should I return. REALLY? I don't intimidate easily by a younger person disrespectful of older people. I will get his job. No way am I going to be treated like this.


The store went into the crapper after Amazon took over the chain (which is ironic because this is the store that’s closest to the Bezos’ family residence in the Seattle area). They dramatically reduced the variety of products sold and keep it poorly stocked. Aisles are bare. Prepared food is prepared poorly. It’s like a hurricane is coming, the way it’s picked over.


Had in a doctor's appointment in Bellevue today got up there early decided to go to whole foods for a lunch. They have quite the food options available. Made to order items sandwiches quinoa bowls rice bowls lots. Also salad bars hot food bars lots and lots of options should be able to find whatever you would want there.


Employees at this store needs an attitude adjustment. In one day the cheese lady seemed annoyed that I could not find something. The cupcake lady did not want to give me a box. Another time the butcher was rather aloof too. Check out went smoothly as I used the self checkout lane.

Thomas I

This was the first time I've ever been in a Whole Foods, and from all of the hype - I expected something... I found it well I guess forgetable.

Sergii Pylypenko

It's okay. Pay on the shop register, eat at the small dining area near the exit.

Matthew Brown

Friendly, Fast and delicious...


A huge variety of prepared food and it all reflects being healthy. We were there at the transition time and there were both great breakfast and lunch selections. The seafood counter is first class and while not cheap, it well worth the cost. Friendly employees in every section.


I shopped here for Super Bowl munchies and noticed that the store isn’t the same. The refrigerated beer section? Gone. Pâté? Didn’t see it in the charcuterie section. They moved the cheese section to old refrigerated beer section. Bread section also moved. Lots of bare shelves. They no longer sell their in-house tortilla chips and no longer make the jalapeño poppers. Those were Super Bowl staples. Amazon is trying to make Whole Foods into a warehouse environment and I hate it! Thank goodness for the Metropolitan Market!

Robert A

The other day I spent the morning with my mother-in-law at the Emergency Department of the hospital across the street from Whole Foods Market in Bellevue. I had gone very early in the morning without breakfast, and when I left around one in the afternoon, I felt hungry. I walked across the street and looked over the buffet, very extensive. I chose Indian food. All the foods in the—also extensive—Indian selection were labeled diet. Well, maybe except for the Butter Chicken, which I didn't have. I had the Masala Chickpeas, the Spicy Cauliflower, the Saag Paneer (which was tofu), and white rice (the only kind on offer). The Cauliflower had a strong reddish tone, as if it were really spicy, you know, the hot kind, capsicum hot. They hardly had a distinguishing taste, other than cauliflower. The same was true of the chickpeas. The Saag Paneer was a little more complex, but not because of the spices, also nearly indistinguishable, but because the spinach didn't seem like spinach but more like kale. Maybe I misread the ingredients. The rice was totally without spice. Perhaps the label Diet was intended to convey not something about caloric content, but about the lack of challenge to delicate digestive systems, and I misinterpreted it. This food would probably have gotten past the palate of a one-year-old. I wonder if Jeff—Bezos, of Amazon, now owner of Whole Foods—has tried the food. Or if Jeff has any interest in food. Over the years, I have occasionally eaten food from the prepared food section at Whole Foods, including its pre-Amazon, both from the display cases of prepared foods and less often from the buffet. None is very good. The dishes for the buffet breakfast are OK. A few weeks ago, on a morning when I was in a hurry to do something, which escapes me now, I had a breakfast sandwich, ham and egg in a biscuit. It was every bit up to national coffee chain breakfast sandwich standards. Whole Foods has recently added some specialty food stations to its mix; I haven't tried anything from them. I'm sure the prepared food section serves its purpose well, with quick food ready to eat; it's faster than the fast food place across the street serving chicken sandwiches, where there's a line of cars waiting down the street and around the corner to get to the drive-through.

Elizabeth P

We stopped here to get deli food for a picnic. The clue to preparing such a thing is ignore and look away from any price signs because angels do not sing for that. But the food does - great selection from make your own breakfast bar to healthy variety to make a super salad. But they really break out in song when you deal with check out staff. Patient, unhurried, humorous, caring staff who connect with the customer. We left smiling and grinning and had a marvelous picnic under cool shady trees.


We stopped by for breakfast and got a sandwich from the deli shop inside and it was delicious!!! Its a flat price for which one you choose and you can add or take off things and heat it up. It was probably one if the best i have ever had.

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