Trio Cafe

10617 NE 2nd St, Bellevue
(425) 679-6532

Recent Reviews

Andy Johnson

A nice little coffee shop with limited seating. Serves bubble tea and a few other dessert type items. Not a bad stop off if you're walking around downtown Bellevue and need a break. They have board games available to use while in the Cafe.

Kyra F.

Everything here is always delicious! My boyfriend and I love stopping by after work or dinner for a sweet boba tea or slushy.

Dani I.

The boba is bland and tough. I got the mango milk tea and it tasted awful. It was also powdery despite me stirring it. I gave this place two stars instead of one because the lady behind the counter was nice.

Lydia L.

I only tried their original egg waffle. It was really authentic and delicious. However, for the portion size, it was a bit expensive: ~$4.80 after tax. I'd like to try their other desserts or drinks next time.

John G

I got the mango milk tea with tapioca, the jasmin touch is nice, but the mango flavor wasn’t there at all. Overall the bubble tea was alright though.

Robert Buendia

Great tea and warm mochi deserts

JohnRyan Granada

This bubble tea shop is a gem! Once we entered, it was quite a cozy place~ the background music of lo-fi was really helpful for drowning out other people around you as you work on your own studies or readings.

Paige Branam

So, so good! Fresh and tasty ingredients, friendly staff, overall pleasant experience.

Janice B.

After having dinner in Bellevue, we stopped by at this place for a quick boba. I was very impressed at their Black Milk Tea and Taro Milk Tea. I would say that their Milk Teas are rich and heavy in flavor so if you are into that, you would love this place. I would say that this is one of the top bubble tea places in Seattle. This cafe is small, clean, and modern, which makes it a nice place to sit and chill with your friends. I am also very satisfied with their services since they always try to accommodate to my needs. I recommend this place!

William Ji

Nice little cafe by the street. It has less guests than I expected. Mainly went for their egg pancake? Hope they can have more varieties because itself is a little bit boring.Milk tea with boba was okay, which is better than the majority already lol.

Maple Leung

I actually thought their drinks were only ok. The milk tea didn't have a strong tea flavor and the pearls didn't seem to be very consistently cooked (some were perfect but some were crumbly, and some were overcooked). I would come back to try the desserts which people seem to love and maybe try a different drink.

Nicole Brennan

Yummy bubble tea we got mango and lychee. You can adjust the sweetness and stuff :) delicious thank you

ronak sanghvi

Black sesame paste is really good, better to eat it when hot!!

Laura Brillantes

They have the BEST boba drinks/slushies/teas/Asian desserts in Bellevue!

Jacques I.

Trio Cafe was an A-OK place for a taro smoothie. I love taro smoothies, so when I learned that Trio Cafe had opened in Bellevue, I decided to give it a try on a Saturday morning. The space is located in an office building and isn't on the side where most of the retail businesses are, so is a little hard to find. I was able to find street parking nearby on a weekend. When I visited I was the only person here, but the employee explained that the place gets busy at night, saying the place stays open late and really serves as a gathering place for dessert. I ordered a taro smoothie, which wasn't the best. After I had ordered it the employee went in the back to make the smoothie and I could hear him microwaving something because he kept pressing buttons and microwaving the same thing over and over. I assume it was the taro pieces, since the taste was a little off in the smoothie. Although I appreciate them using actual taro in the smoothie, it just tasted bitter. Not my favorite. I will have to come back for a dessert, which seems to be popular here. But unfortunately, I cannot recommend the taro smoothie from here.

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