TruFusion Bellevue

500 Bellevue Way NE #230, Bellevue
(425) 362-6956

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Amy S.

I can't say enough how much I enjoy, love and appreciate TruFusion. The coaches are amazing, the music is motivating, and the classes kick my butt! I was very frustrated at my last fitness class location, bored, unmotivated. I'm so happy I changed to Tru. There are so many classes, Bootcamp (Sheena is so motivational), boxing (Nick is a great coach), Battle ropes, Kettlebell, barre Ruby and Kelly will have you feeling muscles you didn't know existed), Pilates yoga! The only thing I wish they had was cycling, but I get it, Soul is in the same building. I am so happy to be here. Highly recommend it.

Eugenia L.

As a fan of group fitness classes (I'm motivated by communal suffering), TruFusion hits the mark. They offer a solid variety of classes ranging from restorative yoga, circuit training, to total body toning & conditioning. Check their weekly schedule for an idea of what classes are convenient for you. My personal favorites are TRX, Bootcamp, & YinFusion because it's a great way to work out those knots & sore muscles! All of the classes are friendly to people of all fitness levels. Instructors give plenty of level up or down options. Overall it's a great option if you don't want to get stuck doing ONE activity like indoor spin or barre. Pricing is simple it's either per drop-in class or an unlimited monthly membership.

Michelle C.

In a world where you have so many fitness choices, Trufusion really stands out. The second you walk in you are treated like family. Sheena initially set up my profile, had met me once and greeted me by name the next time I came in which was 5 days later. My first class was an express yoga class. The instructor, Tina, was amazing. She was able to assist me into a pose that I wouldn't have tried without her encouragement. Locker rooms are spotless with all the amenities you'll need. Finally, so many classes to choose from at convenient times. Like yoga? Check. Kettlebells? Yep. TRX? You get the idea. All this for $120 per month. What??? Did I mention you can try it out for a month for $30? Get over here stat. This place is awesome.

Patricia Knight

I signed up through Eventbright for a free workout, and Brunch. When I called to ask a question about the type of yoga I was told the event was for members only. Nowhere did it say that when I registered!!! Good thing I did not get up, get prepared and drive there expecting to have a class! Can we say bad practice for a company who desired to build business. The appropriate customer service response should have been for them to say as I properly registered, I was welcome. Not the case, SMH.

Patricia K.

3 days ago I signed up through Eventbright for a free workout, and Brunch. When I called to ask a question about the type of yoga I was told the event was for members only. Nowhere did it say that when I registered!!! Good thing I did not get up, get prepared and drive there expecting to have a class! Can we say bad practice for a company who desired to build business. The appropriate customer service response should have been for them to say as I properly registered, I was welcome. Not the case, SMH THEY RESPONDED... We're sorry there was any miscommunication regarding our New Year Brunch Celebration. We pride ourselves on providing great guest experiences and apologize for missing the mark in this situation. While this particular event is members-only, we host many free events for the public and can keep you up to date if you're interested. You can email us at [email protected] Thank you REALLY? There was no misunderstanding, there was an error on their part, they posted an Eventbight registration and forgot to add it was for members only. They could have acknowledged the error and took responsibility. Not the case,. They could have honored the registration and invited me to participate. That would have been good customer service. #whynotus... maybe because you should always be honorable. Operating in integrity.

Rachel L.

Great studios and super supportive and knowledgeable staff. I signed up for their first 30 days for $30 and I'm so glad I did! The studios and locker rooms are beautiful and extremely spacious compared to most boutique gyms. Classes are offered throughout the day, so there's something for every schedule; also variety in what's offered with yoga, Pilates, barre, weight training & boxing. I've tried almost all of them and can't say enough good things!

William G.

I really enjoyed the class I took with Adam Pearlstein! It was really challenging because it was a combination of heat and working on your movements, but you really feel your body work long and stretching through each of the movements. He's also good at motivating his students throughout the class and offers modifications to those who aren't as flexible (like me). I would recommend making sure to bring LOTS of water and extra towels to towel off during the class (you will be leaving the class drenched)!

Emily D.

They try to pressure you into membership. Cancellation requires a lot of back and forth with staff though they claim it's easy to do in the website. Great classes but the whole system is a little difficult to deal with and not setup for drop ins or any sort of flexibility.

Nikki J L.

Love that they offer a day free and 30-day unlimited, $30 deal! Love the selection of group classes from bootcamp, a heated pilates themed HIIT class, to a vinyasa and bikram yoga class, what they refer to as their "signature series," to a yin style form with foam rollers! Instructors are super knowledgeable about the body, nutrition, excersize science and always positive, upbeat and encouraging! Love the energy here! My only reason for four rather rather than five stars is the friends I have brought here and don't work out as often are not as receptive to the heated environment or high intensity style of the workout so a more beginner friendly, unheated class would likely have boosted my post

Manpreet Sethi

Love this gym! The trainers are friendly and fantastic. The support staff is also helpful. The infra and equipment is top-notch. Classes in heated room (boot camp, pilates) are particularly engaging. Highly recommended.

Samara Hoolahan

Literally all of the love! Beautiful studio, wide array of classes to fit everyone, super motivating instructors who really know their workouts, and the best overall staff. Everyone is so personable, so sweet, so helpful, and they seem to genuinely enjoy coming into work everyday. Amazing classes that TRULY change your body, and amazing people. What more could you ask for?

Susy W.

I actually joined TruFusion after a Yelp event and I'm two months into my membership. Things I love: the variety of classes, how many classes are offered per day, free parking, very clean, free locker use and towels, and of course the staff and instructors are bubbly, energetic and motivating! It has gotten quite popular and the classes can be full so I try to get there at least 15 minutes before classes start to get a good spot. I get such a good work out and since they are so varied, you're never bored and your body will be sore in different places!

Youngmee K.

Great Gym. Instructors are all very well trained and experienced and motivating and encouraging and approachable. Gym facilities are clean and cleaned regularly. I've done Pure Barre and OTF and Trufusion is definitely a better option for me. It offers tons of variety of classes and schedule is open. I enjoy the hot rooms which I didn't think I could and I actually tried a kickboxing class and survived. I like the dance option and hope for more regular dance classes available.

Pauline L.

I got the chance to preview three of their classes as part of their grand opening and came out a tired but happy person! I tried 30 minutes of the following: 1) kettlebooty, 2) hot pilates, and 3) yin yoga 1) Kettlebooty: Fun class. Good music. I had never done a kettle fitness class and this was a good combination of weight (kettle) lifting, squats, stretching, all synced to music. The use of the thick sponge pad to stand on was nice. 2) Hot pilates: Wow! This was an intense workout! The instructor is super bubbly and positive. She was great. Her routine for the pilates was like aerobics combined with HIIT and pilates. She had a good hip hop sexy playlist that definitely motivated me to work out. 3) Yin yoga: The most relaxing yoga class I have taken in a while. Was perfect to cool down with after the first two classes. The instructor embues calm and peace. The walk to the yoga room itself almost feels like you're being transported to a temple. Other items: locker room is spacious, clean, has some toiletries, and a very nice shower. Trufusion is just a bit above my budget for fitness, but I do recommend this place if you can afford the over $100 monthly cost and are into some fun workouts that are actually challenging, in a beautiful space, and with great instructors. Sign up for their mailing list because they are having lots of great outdoor specials going on like yoga in the park!

Reyna Cisneros

Great place, outstanding instructors and classes. I just loved it

Smihit S.

Got charged on my credit card twice even after I cancelled my membership. They removed my credit card from file but still getting charged. This is really annoying. I would recommend to check your statements. I had to call my bank and cancel those charged but I can't keep on doing this every month

Jen H.

I signed up for TruFusion as part of their special opening deal- $30 for the first month and a locked in rate of $120/month after that. Having just moved here, I was looking for a new gym to become a member of. I am still in the one month trial period of TruFusion and I can report so far that I have enjoyed my experience. The studio as a whole, is very clean and well equipped. There are several workout studios, some are heated and some are not. There is a wide variety of classes and class times which is great for people who have differing work schedules. Barefoot Bootcamp is probably my favorite class because it combines weights and cardio in a heated room. The class is fast paced and high energy. I would not recommend this for a person who is new to working out and is unfamiliar with using weights/kettlebells. I would start off with one of the kettlebell classes since they go over the form in those classes. Vinyasa Yoga was a positive experience. The instructor was great at providing multiple options for beginner and more experienced yogis. Hot Pilates was also great- it was more fast paced and cardio heavy than I expected. I'm not sure if that is always the case, but since I enjoy cardio, I enjoyed it. Kettlebell classes are great because the are a bit slower paced and the instructors usually go over proper form. I would recommend taking these before some of the other fast paced classes like Barefoot Bootcamp and Circuit. The instructors there have all been very nice and encouraging. They remember your face and make you feel very welcome. If you are new, they are great at explaining things to you like where to find equipment, what you need for the class, etc. They offer free class passes so I would recommend asking for them if you want to give the gym a try without any formal commitment. The only thing that I wish they had was cycling. Other Trufusion locations offer cycling/spinning classes but since Soul Cycle is located downstairs, they did not want to compete with them. It would be great if they offered a discounted rate if you opt to take classes at Soul Cycle.

Sa Y.

1. get there early 2. parking is tough after 5pm 3. remember your parking spot. 4. towel 5. earplug if taking bootcamp or anything by 20 some yo. feels like edm concert 6. your iron will to finish class 7. water bottle 8. self pride. dont let others make you feel less because they lift heavier or harder. do whats right by you 9. lose the shame 10. shower hangers. theres no where to hang anything in shower. 11. food. ridiculously expensive fridge food. more expensive than SB.

Erin H.

Experience: Came here to try kettlebooty, hot Pilates, and yin yoga! Out of the three, kettlebooty was my favorite! All the classes were so fun, and the instructors were high energy. During my time there, the instructors seemed to do more verbal instruction VS hands on correction for posture etc. but they might give more assistance depending on the group/if people really need it. The music in the classes is very modern/dance/pop music with some explicit language, so just be aware if that would bother you. Facilities: the facility seems well taken care of with the locker rooms being really clean, equipment rooms being sorted easily, and cubbies that you can store your stuff in. The cubbies I used were open, so there wasn't much security, but I think they do have secure lockers if it's an issue for you. Staff: the staff were all very lovely and I never felt like they were pressuring me to buy anything! Parking: they validate up to 3 hours on weekdays and parking garages under the building are free on weekends. Other perks: they are opening locations in Kirkland and closer to downtown soon, and memberships are interchangeable between all of them! They have a 30 days for $30 which is a good deal, considering their memberships are unlimited classes!

Snow T.

TruFusion is a new gym on the second floor of Lincoln Square South, the location is pretty convenient and parking is easy. It has several studios with controlled environment (heated or unheated with % humidity) offers strength, conditioning, cardio and stretching classes. I joined an one & half hour sample session and tried the Kettlebooty, Hot Pilates, and Yin Yoga. I trained twice a week with a personal trainer and practice Pilates on a weekly basis and I am quite impressed with the Kettlebooty class because I totally feel my hamstrings and quads the next day! The gym has plenty of locker and several shower stalls. Members have to bring their own mats and towels, so I guess no impulse workout. Interestingly I didn't find any spray bottles in the studios to clean my mats after workout. The studio can get crowded so I had difficulty to breath at some point and needed to escape and get some fresh air. I like more space during workout so it was hard for me when it's too crowded. However the overall experience is positive: classes are attractive, and the staffs & instructors are super nice and fun to workout with.

Tommy McCracken

Amazing experience here! Really highly recommend it

Kimberly Ulloa Garcia

excelentes rutinas de ejercicios y los entrenadores excelentes en lo personal me encanta TruFusion

Josh B.

This gym is awesome! I burn anywhere from 500-700 calories every class! Locker rooms are awesome and they have everything you need to get ready in the morning! Great variety of classes! I take classes with Vira, Sheena, Nick and Cheyenne! I swear these people are superhuman fitness machines! They are ridiculously good at what they do and are very friendly and committed to helping you achieve your goals!

Scotty Adrock

I'd give them six stars if I could. It's not easy to put yoga across the hall from high intensity boot camp without compromising the classes. Found what I needed finally! Oh yeah, and like 88 classes a day.

De Silva Dani

I love this gym. I was a member from the preopen period. People are so nice and caring, I never had this welcome feeling any other gyms.

Michelle L.

Sooo glad this place opened! Classes galore- which is exactly what I was looking for. The variety of times offered is outstanding. Pilates, trufit, and barre are my favorites, wish there were a few more 430/445 offerings of these. Gym is clean, and they have a cleaning crew come in after each class. I also love that almost all classes are done barefoot! Parking is validated, and I have found it easy to find a spot weekday afternoons. Food options right out the door, which is nice too! This definitely seems to be a place geared towards HS/20's crowd, and near everyone is in a sports bra and tights to work out, so if you are a bit older and have some extra pounds (me me me haha) than the negative self esteem (and thoughts/judgements) can attempt to creep in BUT everyone is friendly, welcoming, and doing their own thing! The lighting and music add to a clubby/fun vibe :) Little details: - I wish there were cleansing wipes accessible on the walls of each workout room to wipe down your mat. -Holy hot. I guess there are some non heated classes, but all of the ones I have done, weekday afternoons, have been heated. Sometimes I feel I could push myself harder if it were just a few degrees cooler. -Womens restroom/lockers and showers: Near impossible to get a shower post class and locker area is so tight its like a sorority party. This gym is located in a mall/business building, so design space is limited, but given that attendance seems (give or take) 80 percent female, 20 percent male, it would make sense to expand/add to the womens showers and locker spaces.

Tiffany L.

4 beautiful clean new studios in one! My favorite are hot pilates and down to funk dance classes. The instructors are all very diverse and professional. I love that you can go to multiple classes in a day. There is also boxing, yoga, barre, TRX, kettlebell, battle ropes, circuit, bootcamp and meditation classes! Pretty much this place is the bomb..just do it

Jacq M.

Very challenging classes in a good way, clean , they have a team to actually clean the studios and the weights after every class! Their teachers are very hard and push you in a good way! I really love this workout class! I get motivated all the time to come here, I love all the teachers! So far, I've tried the 75 minutes yoga which was so relaxing, the 60 minutes omg, hot Pilates, hot barre, barefoot boot camp which is my favorite , I also love hot Pilates btw! I have yet to try the boxing class and kettle bell class, oh I also enjoyed taking the 45 Minute trx class! Their classes are amazing! They really give you an excellent workout after each class! I love the variety of classes , I love how clean the studio is and that they have a team of cleaners after each class! The teachers are also very friendly, they make it like a community of fitness where everyone knows everybody else! It's so much fun to workout here! It's definitely a must try!

erik s.

Excellent place to get your workout done. This place is clean and new. Have tons of classes for every level. Did hot yoga for the first time and I survived. Now will do boxing class and other classes.

Laura S.

I have found my home. Fitness has been a struggle for me for a long time, this that and otherwise. I have always naturally felt at ease in yoga but really always wished I had something to push me beyond traditional hatha and vinyasa. This is it. The teachers are all motivating, kind, and just genuinely good people to be around. I started coming on day one of opening and don't plan on stopping. It's great if you want to strengthen your entire body, but in a warm or hot setting so you can flow into things easier and not deal with such high impact of a tradition Pilates, barre, or yoga class. There are non heated classes as well though. The variety is fantastic and every week they've found more classes to add. Stephany, Tanya, Kelsey, and Sherina are all instructors I've taken multiple classes with and they're incredible. I have no doubts about any other instructors though and I think that's the best part. Getting to change things up and knowing I'll get to come to a fun welcoming environment and every class uses yoga fundamentals so in a lot of ways, no matter what class you take, it's giving you strength to take any other one. Definitely a gym not like any other but well worth it.

Aaron H.

This place is amazing! It has everything you could ever want! Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Bootcamp, and more all under one roof with one membership. The staff is incredibly friendly and the studio is beautiful! Highly recommended!