Yoroshiku East

14339 STE-E, NE 20th St, Bellevue
(425) 449-8111

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Jack Palevich

Very nice Ramen. We ordered online and picked up at the restaurant. Ample shared parking and the food was well packed in plastic containers and/or high-end paper boxes.The Ramen transported well. There were no leaks, and it tasted great when we assembled it and ate it at home. The fried chicken appetizer got soggy. I think it would probably taste better if it were packed in a paper bag or looser paper box like fast-food fried chicken places do.Our family especially enjoyed the taste/texture of the ramen noodles, and the bamboos shoots. “I thought I didn’t like bamboo shoots”, said one family member, “but these taste great!”

Justin Ho

Yoroshiku East has the best tsukemen (dipping ramen) in Washington State. Service is great and even their take out is awesome. With current social distancing and restaurant restrictions, they are providing awesome take out!

Brandi S.

My food was delicious and there was the sweetest note on top of my food thanking me for ordering. I had miso ramen and it was great. I am really glad you are still able to do takeout and delivery! Thank you

Cindy Fu

TLDR: kiosk ordering! Umami Dashi will treat you right.

Tara L.

Long overdue review, but this place is a bright spot in Bellevue! Husband and I have been coming here over the course of several months and have seen their menu evolve considerably. In the beginning, they had a small selection of ramen, tsukemen, and side dishes. Now they have a variety of specials in addition to their original fare. Our go-to here recently is their Umami Dashi ramen. Priced at $12, it's executed really well and keeps your tummy happy. We go for the low sodium option, and the flavor is still rich and aromatic. I like how simple the aroma of the broth is, and the chewiness of the noodles is consistent each time. It comes standard with half an egg, and nicely done in-house. You really don't have to add other seasonings in it, but the spiced pepper they have on the table is a nice touch. It is spicy though, so a small pinch is plenty enough! :) We also like their zangi (fried chicken). They have 2 sizes: small with 3 pieces, and large with 6. If you get yourself a bowl of ramen, the small is plenty for 2 people. The chicken thighs are nicely seasoned and not greasy. Each time we've ordered this, the color on the fried batter is golden brown and not dark; indicative that the oil is not old (yay!). We've ordered their chicken gyoza before and though it's a nice treat, we favor the zangi more. Don't let the ordering kiosk deter you from coming here, as the in-house staff member is always happy to help. Overall this is a great place to come for a nice humble bowl of authentic Japanese ramen. I have not tried ordering take-out, so not sure how that will hold up, but it's worth a try during these unpredictable times.

Sreekanth JP

Loved the Tan Tan ramen with chicken. Their chicken karage (zanga) was also delicious. Cozy experience. Kind staff

Monica K.

I've heard good things about Yoroshiku for years, so since they opened a store on the east side, I had to come try it. Reviews seemed generally positive too so I had high expectations. I agree with another Yelper's review - ordering at the kiosk can be a little bit nerve wrecking. Usually I wouldn't feel this way, but I think it's because there's not much space near the kiosks, and there's only 2. If there were more people in line, I would have felt some pressure to order quickly. We ordered ramen (I forgot which one), ebi tsukemen, and fried squid (side). The side dish came quickly and was not bad. Some pieces were more tough, but in general it was ok, and the flavour of the breading was good. I enjoyed my ramen, but the tsukemen was not my favourite and was the downfall of our meal. The noodles were cold and stuck to each itself when served, and was not great at soaking up the broth. I wanted to like Yoroshiku East more, but unfortunately our meal was just ok. Would be open to trying again only if friends wanted to dine here.

Emily J.

On a Friday night, my boyfriend and I ended up craving some noodles. I of course wanted ramen. This place has been on my bookmarks for a little bit and I have had a friend try it out which I saw on their instastories so I took that as a "this would be a fine option to try." Plus it meant we would be trying somewhere new to both of us. The parking lot is big with a lot of spaces if you are headed there in the evening after normal dinner hours; it was around 8pm for us. Once you walk in, there are some computers on the right to enter in your orders and pay. I found this a very convenient and quick process. The only drawback would be that if you had never been here and people are waiting behind you, it is a little bit of pressure to make a decision. Going through the menu on screen was pretty UI friendly, you could easily click through each of the categories but I did not see a view where you could see everything at once. We ended up both with the Miso Ramen. Mine was the Butter Miso and his was just the normal Miso. I tasted both and I think the only difference was that mine had a little block of butter in it. On the side, I had seen that the Zangi (Hokkaido style fried chicken) was pretty popular so I ordered that too. The Zangi came out first with a wedge of lemon. I squeezed the lemon onto it and then the ramen came right out as well. The service is pretty quick here. If you come here starving and there is no wait, you will get your food very fast. Since the Ramen came out and distracted me from the Zangi, the Zangi was kind of soggy by the time I bit into it. I don't know if it is normally not crispy or if it was just because I squeezed some lemon on it. Someone let me know? The flavor was good but it was not something I would end up ordering again for the fact that it was a little over priced for what it was and the small amount. Overall the ramen was okay. I am kind of biased because I really love ramen. I am not sure if I would go all the way to saying it was good and recommend it to my friends, but it satisfied the craving. It is up in the air if we will be back. Maybe the Tsukemen is worth trying?

Nicole P.

My boyfriend and I love ramen. We try to hit every well rated ramen shop we can find. Unfortunately, this one didn't hit the mark for us. We ordered the miso ramen with extra chashu, but we were underwhelmed by the broth. The noodles were fine. The chashu was good. But the broth's meat taste was very muted compared to the other ramen shops we've visited like Ramen Danbo and Samurai Noodle in Seattle. Prices were comparable to those places, but didn't have any wow factor to make us pick this place over the places in Seattle. Also, not sure why they have a server when you order on your own and the counter for picking up food is right in the middle of the shop. Might as well make it self-serve.

Chlloe C.

I am not a big fan of tsukemen-dipping ramen, but after trying their tsukemen twice in last week, I need to say I love eating tsukemen now. The key lime that comes on side provides the citrusy hints and fragrance to the soup base which is totally lifting up the flavor of shoyu base tsukamen. Besides, their ebi tsukamen is so flavorful and has a very strong umami after taste. If you are a seafood person, I strongly recommend you to try that. I've tried their butter miso corn ramen as well. Somehow it's buttery taste of the soup tastes really soothing for my tastebud, especially in cold day. I guess most of the kids will like this. I like the varieties of ramen this place provided. It could accommodate my cravings of different type of ramen.

B S.

This place is hands down best ramen shop in surrounding Seattle area. Ebi Tsukemen is fantastic. Ramen shop is pretty small so expect to wait but it's worth waiting!!!

Song K.

The service was good and the experience was fun and unique. It felt like I was in Japan with people next to me just munching down at the counter. I don't know if it is the excitement that Yoshi's is finally gone and they were so bad, the relativity makes this place that much better so this place is actually good? You guys who went to Yoshi know what I'm talking about. I need to go back and see if it's as good the second time for me to really asses if the 4 stars are real but for now, I had a 4 star experience here.

Alpesh Dhanki

Good food, efficient setup though small so may not be good for larger groups

Bijan Jalili

This is some of the best and interesting ramen I've ever eaten. We go there for one thing, Ebi Tsukemen Ramen. One of the deepest most flavorful broths in Washington. Their noodles are the exact amount of chewy needed to be a vessel for this fantastic bowl of goodness. I recommend opting for the cold noodles, they have a more pleasing bite to them. Only problem is things can get pricey fast with all the optional add ins.

Ken N.

Such high review marks. I had to give this new Ramen place a try. So for the eating experience you order at a Kiosk before sitting down. A little different. All of the Ramen is chicken based broth. Which I thought is a little strange. I'm used to pork based broth for most Ramen unless you are ordering chicken ramen. The food portion was just OK. I spent a dollar to add more ramen noodles. The meat portion was small. And for similar priced ramen elsewhere you get a whole egg. Here I only received half an egg. Seems the broth is heated to very high temperatures and all the meat prep is put in cold. My wife's bowl the chicken was cold but the soup base was very hot. It seems the egg is semi-prepared ahead of time and then placed into the soup as well. Versus other ramen places I'm pretty sure they prepare the soft egg on demand. So self order, might as well have self serve water as well, although it isn't the case. Same premium price but food portions are only OK. The ramen itself was only OK. I felt the Shoyu was a little bland and missing other taste topping ingredients. Two pieces of meat, noodles. And the bamboo shoots I ordered extra. Unless there is some signature ramen dish I'm missing, I felt disappointed. There is better ramen options nearby. For fast food style, counter ordering. Hong Noodle in Redmond town center is better. For traditional sit down ramen. I enjoy Jinya Ramen near Crossroads. Yorishuku East replaced a previous Ramen store in this same location and I feel like the previous store owner was better quality.

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