Coffee Junction

401 Harris Ave, Bellingham
(360) 733-3172

Recent Reviews

Michael Bollinger

Good coffee. I don't like scones but there's are ok, even when I'm not starving.

Jenna Cook

Rude service with overpriced food. Would not recommend unless you're desperate.

Steve Morrall

Average airport food, good coffee.

Ryan Gable

Really nice lady took my order. Ordered a coffee and a Italian soda. Both were great. Made waiting for the late train much more bearable.

Kai Pierce

The barista was awfully rude not only to me and my sister, but another customer. The to go sandwich i got was sub par, a couple pieces of turkey, 1 slice of cheese and a ton of iceberg lettuce on 2 slices of cheap store bread for 6.50. The vanilla chai was decent, at least.

David Smith

Good coffee and nice WiFi!

Christopher Johnson

Great quick stop for food or coffee before the train or bus

Jennifer Mayville

Awesome coffee

Juniper D.

The worst customer service I've ever had anywhere. I am not a complainer or even a fussy customer, but wow, for the first time ever I really was so pissed and offended. We got coffee here before our train trip. There was one barista; she was alone and busting her ass, so I gave her a 40% tip. After taking a couple sips of my coffee and having to open it and check to see if there was actually espresso shots in it (or if maybe she had forgotten them) AND having my sister taste it to see if I was just being a coffee snob, I brough it back to the barista to see if I could get a new drink, because mine tasted like water. She extremely rude and defensively said "it's an americano... it has water in it." I very politely explained, "yes, but it doesnt taste like coffee at all." At this point she stopped making eye contact with me, said "what do you want?" Trying to not to be 'that customer' I asked for a drip, thinking that was a good deal because it was half the price. She didnt even respond to me, as she got it. I asked if it was ok if I still get a pump of hazelnut in it. She said "yup" still not looking at me, put the pump and a lid on it, handing it to me, I said thank you, then she told me it would be $1.90. This is where I started to get pissed. Clearly confused and upset I said "I'm sorry, you're going to charge me...?" In a super condescending voice she laughed our, " I cant just give you free coffee." (Which she had literally just done, topping off the mans cup, in front of me). I tossed my card on the counter. She ran it and had the nerve to toss it back. I didnt have the time or restraint to give her a piece of my mind so I left. I will NEVER get coffee here again. Not because their coffee is gross, but because I have never experienced such hostility from someone when I'm nicely and apologetically asking for a replacement for an item I PAID FOR. Luckily all the train employees were fantastically nice and really redeemed the experience. But wow.

Kaia Goodwin

Great spot for an early morning snack! Very cozy, great staff.

Summer Holeman

Great place for last minute travel accessories and snacks. Lots of drink options that are not coffee.

Robert-Rhys Faler

Decent coffee, but most of the food is pre-packaged, so if you're looking for fresh options, I wouldn't recommend the Coffee Junction. Since it's the only option at Fairhaven Station, it'll work if you're really hungry or need a caffeine fix. If I get anything, it's almost always their biscotti.

Sam I

Excellent place to visit while waiting for the ferry. Great environment and also very friendly staff. Allowed our dog and ball python in while we sat and enjoyed the coffee.

Monica R.

Cute little coffee shop for a quick bite but not for lingering as space is very tight, Not good for large groups, but caters to weary travelers as well as locals. I chose a Latte and one of the grab-and-go sandwiches on my way to Marine Park. A bit pricey, but location, location, location. Nice selection, some of the items looked as if they could be more fresh.

Jesse H

A perfect way to start your Bellingham adventure. Located inside the picture perfect train station (daily service provided by Amtrak Cascades), they have great snacks, paninis, gifts, and if course GREAT coffee. Just a short walk away is boulevard park if you want some spectacular views of the bay while you sip your brew. Highly recommend!

Stephan G. Regulinski

This tiny coffee shop specializes in quick service for people waiting for the train or the bus. Excellent coffee, by the way.

Nicaragua P

It's too bad this place is not closer to my home, I would probably visit more often, especially on a chilly day. The decoration leaves a little to be desired, but great comfort food.


I stopped here when I was doing a trip on the road and it was a worth stop.The soups are homemade and the service was really nice: I talked with the lady about her daughter and the studies she made. They sell a lot of little things.

Russ M

Great little shop located inside the terminal.