Cruisin Coffee Lakeway

1078 Lakeway Dr, Bellingham
(360) 734-3190

Recent Reviews

Emma Lin Matson

All the employees are super nice no matter what time of day I swing by. Although Cruzin tends to be a bit slower than say, Starbucks, I feel like the coffee and drink specials are worth it!

R Key

Always stop in when we are in Bellingham. Delicious coffee!


I love this Cruisin Coffee location. The girls are great and remember frequent customers drinks fairly well!

Marilyn Bader-Nesse

My kyds like their jet teas

Kirk Vinish

Reasonably good coffee

Marcia Piontek

My favorite coffee shop in town!! I'm for sure a fan!!! 😁

Laurie James

Love this place. Great service and great coffee. One of my favorite places

Kel W.

Hot ,Fast , and Delicious! Always friendly. Great staff

teresa carson

My favorite place to get a frozen yogurt drink.

Google User

The company must not care about their business at all. A quality shot of espresso should be extracted in about 25 seconds for the right flavor, aroma, caffeine content, etc. Their roaster Dillanos would agree. However, at Cruisin the shots pour in about 3 seconds which is about as bad as it can be. Might as well add some drip coffee to their espresso drinks.

Kelli Quiroga

Easily the best Red Bull Italian soda in town. I’m not a coffee drinker so I love coming here.

Jean Soran Ryan

Drive through coffee. Don't miss thier smoothies

Michael H

Decent coffee shop service is just ok

Tiffany Finkbonner

Over charged and the employees were VERY rude!

Ann m.

Love love love this place!! Best "sammiches" . I get the turkey egg cheese on croissant & it's so warm & yummy & tasty! Very friendly peeps inside & coffee is better than most - not bitter. Very quick service. You MUST try their sandwiches!! Never have to leave my car!


Their Battleships are AWESOME!

Carrie W.

pretty bummed because i usually like this place, but the service i got today really has led me to change my mind. My boyfriend and i ordered two drinks, wasn't busy at all, and before we even finished ordering the barista walked off and started making the drinks.. so we try and call for her attention and get no response, so of course she brings us drinks we didn't want, then she went back to fix them. when she brought them back again she had mixed up our flavors, giving me peach (i ordered strawberry peach) and my boyfriend mango strawberry (he ordered just mango). these are pretty minor mistakes and not a super big deal but her lack of care/attention was really irritating. however despite the issue with service, i do really enjoy their beverages.

Sam A.

Cruisin Coffee is the absolute best. The staff is super friendly and my drink is always perfect.

Leslie Swope

They know how to m make drinks right...

David PJ Tye

Popular drive through service,people line up for them

Jason B.

Went there today and got a 24oz iced mocha!! Tasted horrible and watered down! Some bigger girl with acne helped us, super unfriendly and acted like we were an inconvenience to her!! I'm a barista and that's not how you treat customers at all! Never will I go back! Thanks for the nasty $6 coffee!!

Dana M.

I haven't had cruisin coffee for years.. it was my go to place in college... tried the mocha milkshake while in town for a clamming trip... still delicious and creamy as ever!!

Roberta H

The food is pretty good for a coffee stand. Drinks are also pretty good. Service is fast. We have stopped for quick food and coffe several times. The quality is always the same so you know what to expect.

Make Name Acceptable Go

I don't use this one so much since the grocery store went out.

Dave Scheibner

Ive had a relationship with the team there for a long time. Best coffee stand in Bellingham. They make their drinks perfectly and they are all very nice. The manager is an absolute bad ass. Love that guy!!

Jody Meltzer

Had a cinnamon frappacino and bob had a french vanilla frappachino

Katie Easton

Better than starbucks and bigger sizes

Ibidunni Ojikutu

Never had a problem with them messing up my order. I come almost every day and no matter who is working, I always leave happy!