Harris Avenue Cafe

1101 Harris Ave, Bellingham
(360) 738-0802

Recent Reviews

Nelson Turner

I really like the food and Fairhaven is fun!

Roberta M.

Harris Avenue is definitely one of the better gems of Breakfast in Bellingham. The space is quaint, and you can expect a bit of a wait on a weekend morning...but with Tony's Coffee attached to it...who would even mind? The food is fresh, local, and doesn't leave you feeling gross after. The entrees are more creative than other Breakfast places, my personal favorite being with Polenta Rancheros...You cannot find it anywhere else! For me, Harris checks the boxes in so many ways. It is delicious, well-priced for value, fresh, a creative menu, delicious coffee, and good service. Also, they often have rotating specials that are great additions to the menu. In the Summer, there is outside dining! Be prepared though for a tighter fit space wise, but honestly worth it and adds character. YUM.

Colin Brander

Great food, friendly staff and reasonable prices. For us, this is a must stop when passing through.

Elizabeth M.

No wait time on a Sunday morning! The latte was so good! Definitely my favorite part of my breakfast. I ordered the El Diablo scramble, which was good but I probably wouldn't order it again. I can't put my finger on why, but I just felt like it was missing something. Maybe something to add some heat or some sour cream? Anyway, overall it was a good experience and I can't wait to go back!

Casey Garboden

Breakfast menu is uninspired, and this isn't really the place for a quick breakfast. My vanilla latte tasted very burnt which was odd.

Miya W.

This place is super good! Every time I'm in Bellingham i make sure to get breakfast here and get the polenta rancheros. They're super popular so if you go on a weekend it'll probably take a while to get your food but their mimosas are super good and get you lit while you wait lol.

Marc de Faye

On our wayto Canada we often stop in Bellingham to have breakfast with the in laws. Wealmost alwaysgo to the Harris cafe. Order aside dish of fruitand be amazed by the presentation. It is always assembled with care. Ireally like the Bellingham omlet while my better have will have waffle and a poached egg on the side. Always reasonably priced and efficient service .

Clinton MacLeod

Great cup of joe, not too slow, what's not to know. So, why not go, you know! Hard working staff, specially that short order cook, hardest job in America next to stock brokers or maybe before them.

Jason Crim

Comfy, great service and friendly atmosphere. Had the Matterhorn omelette and was more than satisfied. Great location.


We dropped by for brunch/lunch and sat on the back patio which was lovely. The interior looks very cozy too.


If you can, eat here! This town is very quaint and the cafe has amazing food, with great service! The whole family will find this place amazing!

Beverly A.

A great breakfast/brunch choice if you are open to a wait...get a coffee, look at the art, read the paper...when you are seated, try one of their signature specialty dishes. I had the polenta, black bean, poached egg dish with ranchero sauce and avocado...excellent flavors. my companion had the Special of the Day, a sweet potatoe hash with chicken sausage and eggs your style....would go there again!

Jade Waldron

I love going to Harris. It has been my go to for breakfast and lunch. But unfortunately it has gone downhill. The past two times I have been there, i have been very unhappy with the service. When we were sat at a four top, the hostess said "normally I'm not allowed to seat a table of two at a table for four, but we will do it today." They had multiple tables of four available, and no wait. Even after our two top was sat, zero tables of four came in. It made us feel like we were unwelcome since there were only tables of four left. We waited over 20 minutes for water, even while the hostess just stood around, and even after having given the waitress a drink order and asking her for water. After watching the hostess walk by us multiple times, we finally asked for water again. They were busy, but not busy enough to leave us without service for almost 20 minutes. We also watched a guy sitting at his table get asked to move to the coffee shop and he said he was still waiting on his food (from what I overheard.) Then the hostess bussed his table while he was in the bathroom. He seemed annoyed.

Kristine E.

Lovely little cafe with lovely service and lovely food! Not only are their breakfasts yummy, they have some unique things on the menu beyond just eggs, pancakes and bacon. Don't get me wrong, the bacon was fantastic! But I really like breakfast options that I wouldn't make myself at home. I really loved their Polenta Rancheros - the Polenta had a crispy outside and a creamy, cheesy middle. Combined with the Ranchero sauce, black beans, avocado and sour cream - it is a PERFECT combo! Others in my party had the french toast and potatoes o'brien with corned beef - all was enjoyed!!!

Lisa H.

Can here for breakfast with my husband. Very busy. We had perfect timing as they had a two top available. Good service. A little more on the pricey side for breakfast but portions did meet cost. If you're looking for a cute cafe with a good standard breakfast selection, I would recommend. It gets crowded and a little loud, but very cute.

amy g

Pretty darn good Reuben! Lovely staff, wonderful atmosphere.

Pam Cloer Zdenek

The food is delectable and the presentation very stylish and unique. I love the creativity in the making of the specials and regular dishes, and enjoy the great variety. You can obviously tell the owner and staff love their work and that makes for a highly positive dining experience.

Steve L.

We enjoyed a lovely Monday morning breakfast here recently. The cafe is easy to find with plenty of on street parking in Fairhaven. From our window table we got a nice sense of the history of this part of town as the rain lightly fell outside. I had a simple ham and smoked mozzarella omelette with potatoes and toast. My omelette was just right as it was folded over and over and over. The light smokiness and touch of fresh rosemary blended perfectly through the many layers. Raspberry jam for my toast and tea rounded out a lovely, low key breakfast. The staff was attentive without being clingy and the prices were very fair. You should definitely try them.

Gingey W

You should go to Tonyâ??s and Harris Avenue Café. Tonyâ??s and Harris Avenue Café in Fairhaven is an amazing independent café. It is in the historical section of Bellingham. There you will find these charming shops. There are two areas to this café. There is the lower coffee shop area and the upper breakfast area. This gives you the option to come in and just get a coffee and a pastry or eating a whole breakfast. Harris Avenue café and Tonyâ??s support local artists by putting up their artwork on the walls for sale. They have multiple waiters and waitresses who are always very friendly and offer good service. I have been going to here for 15 years and trust me food is amazing. They offer many different dishes that all taste amazing. Some may say this place is old, but this just adds to the charm of the place. Ten out of ten recommend, you should go.

Maryann D.

Romantic charming setting in historic downtown New Haven neighborhood of Bellingham. Perfectly made traditional breakfast.

maghan powers

Good food but the service could be better. Had to flag down the waitress to order when there were only a few other tables. When ordering, my Dad asked for coffee but didn't get it. At the end of the meal he asked again. The waitress asked if he wanted cream and he said no thank you. He was given cream anyway. Not a huge deal but it did make me feel like it wasn't worth spending $35 for a couple of sandwiches and yam fries

An Te Chu

Absolutely delightful.

Eileen Biggerstaff

Great breakfast. Very unique menu,has bakery attached with expresso also :)

Ian C.

Everything I've tried here has been delicious. My favorite so far is the Polenta Rancheros. The Polenta is perfectly cooked and melts in your mouth and they nail the poached eggs!

Rob J.

Try the El Diablo for breakfast. Pretty good if you like breakfast with a little heat.

Ken W

Food is good. Typical Bellingham. Service is usually very good. This time not so much. Slow. Had to ask for silverware. Etc

Hallie Ralls

I will ALWAYS recommend this spot for anyone stopping through Bellingham! Do yourself a favor and try the Eggs Toulouse if you get a chance; someone gave me this tip years ago, and I've never eaten anything else there since. Also, the coffee is delish! It's generally pretty busy though, so prepare yourself to wait a bit for a table.

Finn Barry

Great cafe! The food is delicious and the staff are all very friendly.

David Weasley

This place is so delicious! Sometimes there's a wait, but it's always worth the wait.


I keep on forgetting to take pictures before I start eating. This place was pretty good. We went on a Sunday morning around 9:30 or 10 am. We got seated right away, but we noticed when we were done eating there were a few people waiting. It did take a bit to get our food though. I got the polenta with carne asada, my brother got the French toast, and they were good. Mine was a much larger portion than the French toast. My boyfriend's Neil was on the smaller size too but it was enough to fill him up for the moment. While it is more expensive, I would recommend getting the large juices. We got the large juices and they really felt like Smalls are mediums. Keep in mind this is a small space and you could go in through Tony's coffee. Credit cards accepted. Street parking in the Fairhaven area.

Gail S

I love this place. They make a super great chai latte, that is not too sweet and syrupy, with just the right amount of spice. The variety of baked goods is wonderful. the staff is super pleasant. and the atmosphere is fantastic. It was busy enough to know it is a good place but not so packed that it is unwelcoming. I will come back to Tony's for sure.

Lauren T.

Harris Ave Cafe. We came in on a Friday morning at 8:30. It was FREEZING in the dining room. We were seated and then left to wait for our friends whom we were meeting there. We wanted (it was 8:30...we needed...) coffee, so we waved our server over and asked if we could order coffee while we waited. I ordered an americano with one shot and my friend ordered a latte. She brought me a double shot and when she realized the mistake, took my cup and poured it in another larger cup and added more water to it ... which is totally fine, except she poured it in a cold up, cooling off my coffee. She brought it back and set the coffee down and left and then I realized there was no cream on the table (which I had asked for), we then had to try and get her attention again to get cream. She was the only waitress working that morning and was running around trying to keep up with getting-busier-by-the-minute dining room. When she brought our food out, my plate was ice cold, so my food ended up being just warm. I don't think restaurant operators understand how annoying it is when this happens. WHY!???! Can't they just heat the plates? GAWD this is the most irritating thing in restaurants!!!!!!! I thought the customer service was just "o.k." She was probably doing the best she could and was just too busy to do a very good job. There really needed to be two servers that morning. The food was actually pretty good except for being cold. The poached eggs were PERFECT. Four stars for food! SERVE HOT FOOD ON HOT PLATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robbin Phillips

Absolutely wonderful....Nate & staff prepare & serve such tasty food..best quality and presentation is so artistic...BEST French Toast/Fresh Fruit...my husband Garry loves the Scrambles..every meal we've had is great...we've taken sister/brother-in- law from Wales in & they raved about it too...a MUST GO for all of our visitors..waitresses feel like friends.. thank you!!!

Kari Revelstoke

The polenta rancheros tastes amazing. The polenta was crispy on the outside and soft in the middle with nicely spiced beans and egg on top. Avocado and sour cream finished it off. 5 stars!

Valerie P.

This is one of our go-to places in Bellingham. Breakfast dishes, burgers and sandwiches are all good, plus the attached coffee shop next door (Tony's) has great coffee & pastries. We think the Sitka omelet is pretty special with salmon, feta, tomatoes, garlic topped with pesto. They also have some vegetarian options for those who wish. Just good, solid food in a casual atmosphere. Service was friendly & quick, too, despite the place being crowded. We will definitely be back.

Robbin Phillips

Absolutely wonderful....Nate & staff prepare & serve such tasty food..best quality and presentation is so artistic...BEST French Toast/Fresh Fruit...my husband Garry loves the Scrambles..every meal we've had is great...we've taken sister/brother-in- law from Wales in & they raved about it too...a MUST GO for all of our visitors..waitresses feel like friends.. thank you!!!

Anthony Zylstra

Great little cafe for breakfast, coffee and lunch. Standard food choices but also unique, delicious sandwiches and salads!

Eddie Korneev

Good food, service and coffee

Logan H

Harris Ave Cafe - good breakfast spot in Fairhaven DistrictMy wife and I stopped here on the way to Seattle. Our breakfast choices were both omelets - her the Sitka with salmon, and mine the Marksville with Andouille sausage. Both of us were pleased with the food, and quantity was ample at the price point. Overall a good experience and would come back again (but there are so many places to try in this area...)

Steven S.

What a delicious find. We walked by a few places, but stopped here because it just looked so inviting. It's a small restaurant, which you enter through the coffee shop next door. The tables are small - perfect for 1-4 people. The menu is traditional with some great exceptions. The ingredients are so fresh and the food is really good. We went for a late breakfast early lunch on a lazy Saturday morning, and though it was busy we only had to wait about 10 minutes for a table.