ACME Ice Cream Cafe

1021 Harris Ave, Bellingham
(360) 366-8135

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Kimmy L.

Note that ACME Ice Cream Cafe IS OPEN during COVID for TAKEOUT.My family and I stopped by Fairhaven and decided to get ice cream on a warm summer day. We came to this same ice cream store five years ago and so it was nice to see that this ice cream store was still in business.We ordered a double scoop of Amaretto and Zabaglione (Italian Custard) to share. The ice cream scooper described the zabaglione as similar to eggnog and so we gave it a try because it's not something you normally find.The ice cream was rich, dense, and creamy. It was also very stretchy (other reviewers have compared it to a "cheese pull"). You have to twist your spoon as if you were eating spaghetti to eat it. The amaretto tasted more like almond than amaretto; it had slivered almonds and a mild almond flavor but lacked any alcoholic taste. The zabaglione was much better and tasted like custard pudding.The server was wearing a mask and social distancing measures were in place.Overall: 4/5 for ice cream, 4/5 for service, 5/5 for health and safety standards

Derek Land

I love the vanilla small mini 1/2 cup portion. What concerned me is when I opened it up and saw there was no safety seal. I was worried I bought one that was tampered with. When I went back I was informed that none of them have a seal of protection. This is something I feel the company should rethink. Especially with Covic 19 going around. I do however love the ice cream. I just feel like the packaging needs work.

Amy Kinnunen

Cute store in fairhaven neighborhood with great coffee, pie and my son loved the cookies. Very friendly front of house staff. When we are in the Bellingham area we will definitely stop by.

Huong L.

After a long day of walking, we decided to try this place as we have seen pints sold in store before. One thing that suck was that they ran out of cones and ran out a lot of their flavors. Also, there scoops are tiny! A double scoop was probably a size of a single scoop in other places. We got the banana walnuts, the fudge brownie, the raspberry chip and the amaretto. Every flavor was bold and distinct which is nice. The only one I didn't like much was the armaretto but that is just my preference. Certain ice cream had different texture. We were able to do a 'cheese pull' on one of them haha while the one was standard.

Abby McDonald

This place got bomb baked goods, espresso, and ice cream!! Nice pick me up for the day ahead. Cheers!

Makenzie Maki

I bought I pint of butter pecan ice cream and I could barely open it. Now it’s like gum in my bowl?? Did I get a bad batch?

Catherine T.

Absolutely love their donuts! It is a must when visiting Fairhaven. The shop itself is so cool, it has an extraterrestrial theme. It isn't very big, so you might have to eat your treats somewhere else, but that's no problem is scenic Fairhaven.

Amanda Benally

The butter pecan ice cream was so good. But the picture showed u had donuts and their was None there when we showed up which was a little sad.

Michael Hobson

Perfect balance of adventurous and traditional flavors. Not necessarily soft-serve, but allows for you not to rush through the ice cream before it melts. Grab a cone and walk down to the boardwalk!

Maggie Buchanan

Aren’t they closed? There donuts were to the moon And back. Loved the retro atmosphere.

Robin Logan

Really nice little ice cream shop. The staff were very friendly to us and happy to give us samples of the ice cream. We got 3 scoops for a reasonable price. The ice cream is good and different than other ice cream we have had in the past. The texture is very thick. The plastic spoons are almost kot strong enough to scoop it out. Everything was very clean and it was a comfortable environment. Washrooms were clean as well. We will be back.

Lindy Jeffers

Good Ice cream. Can't wait to taste the baked goods we bought!

heidi beach

Food was great and the staff was very friendly!

Kim G.

This is the most incredible place on earth!! Coffee, donuts, and ice cream in one place. Not just your average donuts, either. If they rented rooms here, there would be no reason to go anywhere else. Ever. 10/5/19- sadness. This is no longer Rocket donuts. They closed about a month ago. We were told that they changed the focus to ice cream. WTF? A piece of my soul just died. They still have some expensive baked goods. We had a bear claw and a chocolate brownie. They were fine but they weren't donuts.

kekoloka h

extremely good donuts and ice cream. would highly recommend

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