Rocket Donuts & Acme Ice Cream - Fairhaven

1021 Harris Ave, Bellingham
(360) 366-8135

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Tommy Murillo

Our family will truly miss the best donuts in NW WA.


Excellent donuts, but they are going to stop selling donuts soon and will just be an ice cream shop. Too bad. They have free water with a pitcher and glasses on the counter which I did not know so when I asked for water they charged me for boxed water without clarifying. Bellingham has really good tap water, no need to buy it.

Christine Hall

Wonderful raspberry n dark chocolate ice cream today.


Absolutely love Rocket and we're so sad it's closing. We look so forward to the donut of the month every month. The savory roll, croissant, buttermilk bar, whipped cream filled donut, cherry cruller, giant donuts, glazed, Oreo donut, fritters and the coconut cream are our favorites. They make good coffee as well. We always bring our dog in with us when we get donuts and the staff always offer her a treat. Very friendly staff and love the space. We will really, really miss you Rocket.

Prescilla Orozco

Yummy donuts!! Worth the drive. Friendly staff. Will definitely be back!

Madison Wagoner

This place is a great great environment! best donut I've ever had was here. The fresh berry donut they have is so good it's insane. good prices, great staff, great donuts.

Julie L.

Love Acme ice cream!!! They never disappoint. Great treat after work my favorite is the fudge brownie. Will be back for more !!

Rich R.

These donuts are straight up legit! The Bavarian creme and the glazed I especially liked. I only wish there were donuts this good near my house. Highly recommended if you are a raised donut lover.

Rhys S.

Very small serving. Usually a scoop is more than a literal single scoop from an ice cream scooper.

Jeremy Tyler

We had a blast here! The rocket ship hanging over head in the entrance way is huge! It’s interactive as well! The servers behind the counter were both very helpful and funny. Very playful happy place! Tons to see! The one eyed monster is a hit! The mural as well. The monster donuts aren’t horrible either. You might have to drag your kids away.

Eric Schissler

Cool people. Amazing donuts

Dave Skattum

Great comfort food. Fun place

Julie H

They have the best doughnuts in town! They are local and the theme of their place is a fun 1950's SCI-FI movie. Go check them out!

Joel Knutzen

Hit the shop late in the day so donuts were half off plus they threw in a free one! Bonus donuts always get five stars!

Mecca F.

Sunday stroll sign in a mirror said Keto friendly sweets. Got my attention.. they had a few choices I went with the chocolate donut my husband had his choice.. it's great to see a place with Keto food. The donut did not disappoint it was really good. Customer service from the smiling lady behind the desk was 5 stars.

Lisa Norby

It was great service. Wish I could eat a dozen

Cindy W.

Phenomenal Fairhaven ice cream! In this little adorable historic hamlet of Bellingham. Looking to yelp while visiting Fabulous Fairhaven I came across this donut & ice cream parlor. I was offered tastes and was blow away with the flavors, texture and quality of Acme Ice cream. I tried the Banana Walnut which was delicious and vanilla, the best vanilla ice cream I have ever had. My husband enjoyed the hot fudge sundae. Reasonably priced and well worth it. I wish they were in my hood.

Edward L.

Seriously good ice cream in Fairhaven. Parking is available on the side streets as well as a lot about a block away. Inside has a 1950s theme. There's a shiny rocket above the front counter, hence the name. Staff were friendly. The donuts looked good but I didn't try. They give samples for the ice cream. The ice cream here is seriously creamy. Almost buttery. Special mention. They also allow for 2 half-scoops for the price of a single scoop, which is nice for trying 1 more flavour. Looks like Portland may have some competition.

Chrys Nelson

I love this place so much!! Great stop for the down town area to grab a bite and browse the tiny shops everywhere or go watch a show in the park behind the shop!

Ian Ferguson

Extremely fine donuts, ice cream in perfection. If you are going in bellingham/Fairhaven would highly recommend to visit here.

Carolyn L.

5 stars for the ice cream. It was seriously good. I had the butter pecan and espresso ice cream (2 scoops). It was just a dollar more for 2 scoops. But I should have just requested for 2 flavors in the single scoop portion as I was quite full from lunch and the ice cream pretty much stuffed me. The ice cream was rich and creamy and not too sweet. It was thick and did not melt or slide off the spoon easily. The espresso and butter pecan paired well together. I still want to get the chocolate next time. I also shared the donut with my friend. Maybe I was too full, but I did not find the donut (mocha bismarck) that nice. It was ok, but nothing to dream about.

Shauna C.

When in Bellingham, Rocket Donuts is always on the list. They have a large selection of donuts, including seasonal choices, a small vegan section and even giant donuts! They also have great coffee and some merchandise if you're interested. Another perk of this stop is the Acme ice cream! Employees are always extremely friendly and service is quick! Location is clean, with lots of seating both inside and outside. They are even pet friendly which is always nice. Thanks to the girls behind the counter who gave my puppy a bone and lots of love!

Antonio M.

Awesome selection of ice cream ( I only come for the Acme ice cream!), especially during the summer months. Although it looks like there are quite a lot of interesting donuts to choose from! Always great staff here and are willing to chat you up on what flavors they like and so on. This location is in the perfect spot while walking around downtown fairhaven. The location is also very close to the bookstore, the perfect setup for an afternoon of relaxation.

Shana W.

I enjoy this place too much! If you like smooth creamy ice cream this is the place for you. They also do milkshakes too. The doughnuts are perfect, not to heavy but also not all air. They also usually have some creative flavors for the doughnuts and ice cream. Staff is always friendly even on a hot day when it is busy.

Melissa Hatcher

After taste testing donuts all around Whatcom County, I chose Rocket Donuts to make the dessert for my wedding. I could not be happier! They even matched the color of the donuts to my wedding colors. Thank you! It was a pleasure working with your team!

Tiffany Chou

Coffee was good, but of course the giant donuts are what make Rocket Donuts fun. I couldn't eat one myself (dairy-intolerant) but they were definitely huge and smelled great! My partner got one and loved it (and also ate it in one sitting).

Joshua Ketterl

Fun spot! Acme is probably the best ice cream I've ever had

Armadillo Jack

If you go close to closing donuts are discounted a great deal. But there are fewer choices.

Craig Johnson

Entertaining, so-so ice cream specialties, plain ice cream better than specialties.

Piggy Girl

Love the donuts here. They also serve Acme Soft Serve Ice Cream. The bacon maple bar is my favorite

Laura L.

Ice cream? Check! Donuts? Check! Coffee/Coffee Drinks? Check! Not to me missed the amazing and humongous monster donuts that are a large are some small children;) Banana walnut and Butter Pecan are highly recommended by daughter number one. Black raspberry and mint chocolate chip highly recommended by daughter number two. Also purchased strawberry milkshake with real whipped cream and coffee and drip (a dark roast). Our little table is completely blissed out. Sugar high to follow I am certain.

Alec Myers

Always a great place to grab a quick sugary snack! Baked fresh every day, these donuts are possibly the best in town!

Harvey V.

Rocket Donuts (both locations) has become an institution in Bellingham. Even guests, from out of town, want to hit one of the locations whenever they visit us now. They have a great selection of traditional donuts as well as some very creative seasonal/specialty offerings. I'm told that even the giant donut, that's about as big as a car tire, is sold many times over every day. I'm not sure if I am happy or sad that the vegan selection is limited and sells out daily. I occasionally miss out when my kids get a late morning donut because there aren't any vegan donuts left. I think my body thanks those before me when I stick to a cup of their coffee.

Aimée Jane Parr

So much choice, and vegan options too!


Rocket Donuts is a must for dessert in Fairhaven! The icecream is creamy, and very good. The donuts are fluffy and bites of deliciousness. The staff is really helpful and fun to talk to! The quirky atmosphere adds flavor and character of the vibe in Fairhaven and the stores near Rocket Donuts. On the inside however, a little short on space, but it is not a problem if you're just popping in with your friends. The prices are also reasonable for what you get and their choices on the menu cover a wide variety of flavors and drinks.

Brittany Coy

A fun spot for sweet treats. The locally made ice cream is thick, rich and always amazing, and the donuts are our favorite in town. Bonus: there are always old black & white movies playing on various TV screens around the store to entertain both kids and adults alike.

Brian K.

Ice cream was insanely great. Loved it x3. Got the dark chocolate, very rich and heavy. Donuts were ok, I judge all donuts based on their glazed and apple fritters. Stop and get some ice cream, it's all made in Bellingham WA.

Mandy M.

We walked by Rocket Donuts earlier in the day as we were strolling through the shops in historic Fairhaven and I made a mental note to come back for dessert this evening! We strolled up from the Stone Throw Brewery where we had some amazing BBQ from Back East food truck! We ordered a 1/2 doz to go and went to sit in the beautiful town square...where they had some live music and an outdoor movie. We had plans to go to see The Incredibles so we didn't say for the movie! Because we came just before closing the donuts were 1/2 off!! The Blueberry Fritter was by far our favourite! Fairhaven is a lovely little historic town so close to Bellingham Bay! There are many great cafes, locally sourced shops and restaurants! Would highly recommend it for a beautiful afternoon/evening out!

Steve Austin

Always fun. Great donuts. Great coffee.

Rich W.

Got a half dozen donuts couple days ago. Raspberry filled donut was truly perfection. Nice glazed exterior with loads of raspberry filling. A+ Coconut cream filled donut another winner. Plenty of coconut and cream filled center. Donut dough just average. Overall B+ Apple Fritter. Glazed exterior was tasty, however I found both fritters to be lacking anywhere enough Apple. Disappointing. C- Bavarian Cream Filled Chocolate Coated. Amazing! True balance between chocolate, donut, and cream. A+ Buttermilk Bar. OK. Average. C Staff very friendly and helpful. Donuts good enough for a return visit, just need to be focused on the winners.

Rocket Donuts & Acme Ice Cream - Fairhaven

1021 Harris Ave, Bellingham, WA 98225
(360) 366-8135