Övn Wood Fired Pizza

1148 10th St, Bellingham
(360) 393-4327

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Maureen S.

Ovn is really taking COVID seriously in the way they are protecting their staff and customers. Not only is the food great Sebba Pizza they are going above and beyond with making sure diners are both delighted and safe while enjoying their great Pizzas. Tip generously, it's obvious they are taking on a lot of cost, working hard and it's up to us Bham customers to support them absent the traditional summer revenue from tourism. #Eatlocal

Daniela M.

Don't go there terrible service. We ordered over phone got a mandatory service charge. Told them we wait outside and they did not tell us when the pizza is ready. Now 30+ min later we got a cold pizza.

Sheri S.

We just enjoyed the best Pizza Margherita I've had in years! For my personal preference, I like my Margherita with just a small amount of cheese--and most places do a lot of cheese. I was surprised and happy because this was perfect and made allowance for the beautiful, rich, succulent tomato sauce. I generally like a thin crust--this wasn't quite that, but it was wonderful--it was beautifully done, crispy and even a little deliciously burnt at the edges which I even ate and normally do not. It was just wonderful! We enjoyed the Kale Caesar salad--very nice--and the Spinach Salad which included dried cherries, chèvre and candied pecans, and was topped with a raspberry vinaigrette. I thought it might be too sweet for my tastes, but it was a beautiful combo. We also enjoyed a couple of cocktails, but I don't have their names: I let the staff pick one for me (started with a V) and it was very citrus-y and lovely. Yay staff! (I think this was Ellie's pick, but she said several of the staff there really loved it.)We selected Ovn for dining because we saw that the tables outside were at a good distance from each other. The procedures the restaurant was taking during the pandemic were impressive, including sanitizer at our table.Our servers were all cheerful, helpful, informative and just plain adorable. Shout-outs to Ellie, Anthony who talked face scarves with me and Lauren. They were terrific. We will be back!

Isabel A.

Excellent pizza! We ordered the Matterhorn and we loved it. It's 6/6/10 so Bellingham just went into Phase 2. At this time, only take out or you can sit in the 3 outdoor dining tables. You are required to order your food via phone/online or you can go in and order it but must wear mask. Only credit cards at this time. Would I come back here again? Yes! Absolutely delicious pizza!

B V.

Totally disappointed! We got the large spinach salad for $14 and it had 2 large handfuls of spinach, 2 of the tiniest slices of green apple, 5 candied pecans and 3 little dabs of chèvre! Oh and less than 1oz of the dressing! So cheap! We also ordered 2 Cerberus pizzas and the amount of sauce was so scant on most pieces, it was hard to find which was unfortunate because the flavor of the sauce was delicious. We ordered Red onions to be added to the pizza and they also were almost impossible to detect. Come on people onions are entirely cheap! So two 12 inch pizzas and one salad came to the price of $95 that was with VikingFood delivery. Viking food delivered wonderfully as always! Never will spend that kind of money for such little satisfaction. We were under the assumption that for the price we are going to get something special not the case.

Warren L.

Delicious! Easily the best vegan pizza I've ever had. The sauce in particular was very tasty. It had a very hand-crafted quality to it. The crust was a little bit burned, but not badly. The biggest downside was the price--over $20 for an 11in pie delivered with Grubhub. Overall though, I can happily recommend this place to anyone in the mood for a fantastic vegan pizza!

Erik S.

They might have good food but I'll never know. They gave the delivery driver a cold pizza to take to me. I wouldn't order delivery from them unless you like cold food.

Terra Incognita

Their pizza is good. But a mandatory 18% service fee for take-out is a bit ridiculous. A thin, single serving pizza will net you just shy of $30 when it’s all said and done. Avoid.

Jason Wagner

Thank You for providing delicious pizza for the hard working staff at Shuksan Healthcare during the COVID-19 outbreak! Thanks for thinking of us and showing your support. The meals that you've provided really helped boost morale during this difficult time.

Jennifer Wright

I recently ordered takeout from OVN. I was very disappointed they are charging 18% gratuity on top of the food. Yes I grudgingly paid it, as I am from out of town and was in a pinch to get a quick bite. In times like these, restaurants should not be gouging customers, as EVERYONE has been financially impacted by the CO-VID crisis. I don't mind paying a gratuity for in-restaurant service, but for take-out, it's a little ridiculous. The food was excellent, the gratuity not so much.

Sarah Carnes

Best gluten free pizza in town by a landslide. Great customer service. I accidentally ordered a pizza covered in mushrooms (I hate mushies), and called to let them know I thought I’d picked up the wrong order. Turned out, I just can’t read. They kindly offered to whip me up a new pizza to my liking! I declined because it was entirely my fault, but it it made my day. The pizza was still delicious!


The wood fire crust is truly delicious. I happen to enjoy many different types of pizza and Fairhaven offers many good choices. I do tend to choose Ovn more often, not only for the pizza and salads but the vibe. Sometimes if they're busy the service can be iffy but I suppose it is difficult to predict staffing.

Sarah S.

It always smells so good in this restaurant! As someone who is lactose intolerant, pizza can be tricky. But they are always very flexible, and they have many options to choose from. Their crust is great, their cocktails rock, and the rosemary flat bread...needs no explanation. So. Good. Their brussel sprouts are awesome too. This is a Fairhaven must! Thank you Ovn for being such a friendly and accommodating place. I have never had a dish here I haven't liked!

Susan S.

I really like the vibe of this place! The kind of service that makes me feel like 'a regular'. Bellingham has quite a few great places to go for pizza and this one is right at the top for me.

Shelby F.

I had such a wonderful time here while visiting Bellingham. I have a lot of food allergies and to be able to eat a pizza that's gluten free and dairy free but still include meats and veggies was awesome. My server was Eric and he was super lovely and accommodating. I also loved the bar wall playing silent films! Such a cool spot to grab a personal pizza and hang out.

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