YunGaNe Korean Restaurant

1204 Cornwall Ave, Bellingham
(360) 392-8658

Recent Reviews

Bridget Galati

We're getting takeout from here every Saturday night. It is so good and the owner is so nice and deserving of our support! Seriously yummy.

Esther H.

Ordered the chicken katsu and seollungtang (beef bone broth soup) to go. It was ready under 15 minutes. Service was friendly. Food was great! If you're looking for Korean food in Bellingham, this is the spot. Chicken katsu was crunchy and delicious. It also came with banchan (side dishes). The kimchee was spicy and fermented just right, which, to me, is in between not fermented/raw and super fermented/sour. The soup was my favorite. It came with glass noodles, mushrooms, beef, carrots, onions, and green onions. It's the perfect substitute for chicken noodle soup or pho when you're sick.

Jackie Pants

Fabulous food! I try something new each time. It is always good!

Melissa E.

The best bibimbap I've had since living in Seattle! Wonderfully seasoned, egg was perfectly sunny side up, great portion size and didn't leave me feeling greasy or heavy afterwards. The Kimchi and veggies on the side were tasty too!! Yun, the owner, was delightful and had our to-go orders ready in less than 10 minutes. We will definitely be going back for more!

Chloe Forsberg

Fantastic food for a very good price. One of the best meals I’ve had in a while. The lady who owns it is very sweet and customer focused. Please support this place as much as you can!!

Jose Eduardo Santos

Gobb-smacked flabbergasted was how I felt when I ate here recently. This Korean restaurant hit the spot in such a good way as Bellingham doesn't have much in diversity particularly in the food sector, so to have this gem WE HAVE TO PROMOTE IT and SUPPORT IT. Delicious food, prepared by a sweet lady, attention to customer satisfaction, served with passion, wholesome food, SO GOOD!

Frankie M

Everything I've had here has been fantastic, but specifically you are going to want to try the Kupbap lunch special. True Korean food in Bellingham!! Such a good location, great ambience, and the owner is so nice!!

Kevin M.

Really excited about this place. Every dish has been fantastic. Amazing stone pot and the pancakes are so delicious.

Lisa Abbott

Great food, friendly service, and we even exchanged a Korean word or two.

Laurel Taubel

My husband and I were looking for a restaurant that we hadn't been to before, and happened to drive by this place. He's had Korean food before, but I don't think I have. So we decided to try it out.

Kristofer Garrett

The best Korean in town, hands down! Food is delicious, fairly priced, well portioned and healthy. Some of the best service I’ve ever received, staff is very attentive and very friendly.


This place is amazing and very inviting! The staff is very kind and attentive to anything we needed. Food was delicious! Couldn’t ask for more.

C F.

My husband and I ate there a couple of nights ago and were very pleased! The owner waited on us and was very charming with a good sense of humor. The restaurant had attractive decor and was very clean. I ate the Vegetable and Potato Noodle Japchae (see photo), and it was very tasty with many flavors. The veggies were fresh tasting and cooked just enough to have a bit of crunch. My husband ate a Kimchi Pancake which he said was delicious. We will be back!

Rachel H.

I'm Korean and I just tried this place. Got the kimchi stew. Pretty expensive for being what it is but this is Bellingham and due to the absence of Korean restaurants, the price that the owner charges makes sense. The kimchi stew is good, tastes authentic, but there were only maybe 5 pieces of pork, which is nothing. The side dishes were less than average as they were two pickled vegetables, kimchi, and broccoli with some spicy sauce (don't even want to try it). Whereas if you're in Lynnwood or Bellevue, the side dishes would be plentiful with more variety. I wish they'd be less stingy with the food since this is the only Korean restaurant in town. When I get homesick I'll probably visit them a few times due to desperation lol lnside of the place looks fine and clean (as it should be since it's brand new) and the server was friendly. But any of you reading this can hit me up if you want to try better Korean food with a more authentic experience (with the ajumahs (Korean old ladies) gossiping in the back) up in Vancouver or down to Lynnwood lol I went back a few weeks later and got the spicy pork. It tasted like normal spicy pork, nothing special. Again, like I've mentioned, I'll go back to this place if I'm really craving Korean food but it's not the best tasting Korean food for the price.

Rob K.

This place is the real deal. Legit Korean food. I use to only get Korean when I went over the boarder to go mountain biking in BC, but a friend told me about this place and I gave it a try. REALLY good. I love these hole in the wall places.

Aaron P.

I was craving Kim chee stew. By chance found a very nice Korean restaurant in Bellingham on Yelp. We were greeted by the very friendly owner, who sat us and took our order. Four ban chan dishes were served, although more dishes would be nice. The Kim Chee stew was delicious. Lots of meat, tofu and veggies in a very hot sizziling stone pot. I will definitely go back to this place.

Matt G

Awesome grub! Bit of a wait from order to food, but worth it! Gotta have the wings, they were killer!

John F.

Really happy there's a good Korean restaurant in town now. Great food and great staff. I will definitely be coming back

Brianero Hall

My friends and I are very forgiving and have now been to this place twice. The first time, between the 3 of us, my dish was the only one that was good. Earlier this week we went again and there was a misunderstanding. Rather than admitting wrongdoing or correcting the issue, the owner basically told us that our business was not worth an egg. No good

Emme P.

For bham: 4 stars, i'm really glad that this place is around to fulfill my kbbq cravings when i dont want to drive up to to vancouver. The prices aren't too bad. The flavors are a little different from what i'm used to and seem more americanized, but great location and I believe it's family owned which is always a plus!

Lauri Clark

They have the best gyoza in town. I love rhe variety of hot dishes and soups. Plus the price is affordable.

Amy Z.

I'm right around a 3.5 for this restaurant. The staff was super friendly, and the food was good, but as a Korean myself who eats and makes Korean food regularly, I felt like the bulgogi I had here missed the mark. It had the savory and sweet, but totally lacked in the sesame oil flavor, just felt like it wasn't there. I know sesame oil is expensive, but it's a prominent flavor in Korean cooking. The steamed sticky rice was on point, so were the kimchi and banchan. For the price I felt the banchan was a little light, in amount and variety. I'm willing to give it another shot in the future, Bellingham is just so plentiful with amazing restaurants.

Jasmine Tran

Wonderful authentic Korean comfort food! Definitely recommend checking this place out if you're looking to try/craving some Korean cuisine. You literally can't go wrong with anything on their menu; they really don't skimp on flavor and authenticity!

Dennis M.

This is a family run restaurant, and as far as I know the only 100% Korean restaurant in town. The Tokyo House does have some Korean dishes, left over from the quite good but long defunct Stone Pot Korean Restaurant, but this place is better. We had the shrimp tempura appetizer, the spicy pork bulgogi for me and a spicy soup with beef brisket which was not on the menu but advertised in the restaurant for my wife. They were all first rate. No question that we'll be back. One minor criticism: the Banchan (a set of very small side dishes of things like kimchi, various pickled vegetables, etc.) was small (only four dishes, a more typical number is six) and the kimchi was the only outstanding one of the bunch. The Banchan at the Tokyo House was much better, but the appetizer and main courses at YunGaNe were in anther league. The service is also excellent. We were there very early (4PM, when they open for dinner) and the server and the cook was the wife (I presume) who was extremely friendly. The husband was- guess what- eating dinner!

Carole T.

WOW... I need a 6 star rating for this visit! A clean welcoming establishment conveniently located with on street parking. A far reaching menu to meet the "tastes" of the patrons, including vegetarian which is great to see. It took us awhile to make our choices since we all "share"; the only way to get & judge all the preps & flavors. As you can see by the pics we did it well! The servings are very generous and plated beautifully. The depth of flavor is truly Korean as is the "spice" level; so enjoyable. Must mention the "freshness" of all ingredients in the various dishes from apps, main dishes, sides and desserts. Whew, it's ALL so good I can't choose a favorite dish. Will definitely be returning and will be spreading the word about this "gem" for those who enjoy true Asian fare!

Trisha B.

Had an excellent dinner with way too much food, but everything was delicious. You can't be here and not have the chicken wing dot-dot. They were wonderful. They look like they're going to be completely spicy but they're not their kind of a sweet heat highly recommended. We will be back

Nasim S.

YUM! I got the Dol shot Bibimbap and my husband got Seol-Leong_Tang soup. Both delicious and perfectly cooked! Each bite bursting with flavor. We both had tea that was perfectly brewed and yummy! I'm already looking forward to coming back and trying more things on the menu! Not as many little sides as I've become accustomed to going to Koren restaurants but every one that they have is delicious! A bright clean atmosphere, fast service, and friendly helpful staff. I 100% recommend this place!

Nora Lee

Came in late on a Friday night and had great, friendly service. The atmosphere is fairly causal. We got our food quickly. The kimchi jalapeño popper appetizer is amazing. Nice place all around.

Holly In Hell

This place has amazing food and the wait staff is Stellar! The owner is so kind and so accommodating! If you are interested in Korean food this is definitely the place to go!

Heather Keay

This is great authentic Korean food.

Pat Lundquist

Just had our first meal at Yun Ga Ne: tried the egg rolls - excellent - and a vegetarian dish with an egg on top. Everything tasted clean, nutritious and very delicious! Josh recommended the dish when we said we wanted something with lots of vegetables, and it was a great recommendation! Service was excellent! Highly recommend!

Melissa Isenhart

Bulgogi bibimbap and kimchi pancake were both delicious! Reasonably priced and server was friendly. Only down side is the decor in the place. It makes it look kind of dumpy.

Mavis H.

The price is slightly higher than other place probably because of the location (it's in downtown). The food, especially the sauce is salty to me. Usually the Korean restaurants provide variety of side dishes. They only get four simple ones in a very small amount. I think I could find a somewhere better in Bellingham....

Karen Yoon

I thoroughly enjoyed the meal. I have been there several times. It is very authentic! The only improvement they should make is the small dishes they serve with the meals. They should have more variety and better choices. They are the worst selection I have ever had at a Korean restaurant.

Conscientious objector In the Ham

This place has amazing food and the wait staff is Stellar! The owner is so kind and so accommodating! If you are interested in Korean food this is definitely the place to go!

Alexandra L.

Best Kfood in the Pacific NW! I've been waiting for good Korean food to hit Bham for such a long time, and YunGaNe is fantastic. My husband and I go here every week because we love the bibimbap and the fishcake side dish.

Patrice Rose Plummer

I was over the moon when I discovered this downtown gem this fall. It had only been opened for a couple of months, but it was obvious to me that the owner had put in a lot of work into refurbishing the establishment before it opened for business.

Jessica G.

The best doenjangjjigae I've had in the states, and my husbands best soondubu he's had. Great service, clean environment, and deliciously comforting authentic Korean food.

Joe A.

This place is bomb. I got the bulgogi bibimbap and the jalapeño kimchi poppers, takeout. The bibimbap was fresh, expertly assembled, and just plain delicious. It came with 4 authentic Korean sides. It was a ton of food. I was pretty full but then I got into the jalapeño poppers and I couldn't stop eating them. They were covered in sauce and delicious and spicy. The staff was super friendly when I picked up my food and it looked nice and clean in the restaurant. They had some local IPAs on draft. Go.

Mercedes Kim

My Korean boyfriend and I went to try this place out since it opened about a month ago. It was wonderful! The staff, especially Josh, was super attentive and kind. The owner is a lovely and hard-working Korean lady, who makes some of the best kimchi. We are definitely coming back to try the rest of the menu!