Applebee's Grill + Bar

806 SE Everett Mall Way, Everett
(425) 514-8300

Recent Reviews

Margot Bushong

Had an awesome waiter. Took great care of us and very friendly. Had a mishap with a soda that slipped out of his hands. He felt so bad, but got it all cleaned up and moved us to a different table. It's got to be hard to hold onto a sweaty glass with plastic gloves. Food was great as usual!!! Would definitely recommend this place.

Alma McCoy

Great food and service. Their $1.00 monthly drink specials are fun. Happy hour is totally worth it. Or, just the appetizer and foods are well portioned and delicious. Totally recommend.....

Jaqueline Hernandez

My boyfriend, his mom and I came in. We didn't know what to expect since It was our first time dining out since COVID-19 started. We sat in the bar and our server KIERA served us. She was outstanding !! My burger had a hair In it, and my boyfriends food took forever ! Despite mistakes from the back of the house, she took full responsibility, and apologized. As a previous server, I recognize and appreciate good customer service. These are the type of servers that any restaurant needs to provide every guest experience. We will be back :)

Bonnie O.

I've dined in at this restaurant many times with no complaints, however our most recent visit was an online curbside order. It was my son's birthday and he chose Applebees because he wanted their blackened salmon for his birthday celebration dinner. Excellent choice! To ensure we could eat at a specified time we placed our order the night before. Seemed like that would be simple enough. However, not only was our order not ready when we arrived at our scheduled pick up time; it was not ready for another 50 minutes. Unacceptable! Extremely disappointed! Needless to say we will not be doing curbside at this location in the future.

Sarah Rossiter

Food can be hit or miss depending on what you order but the burgers here are fantastic especially the breakfast burger. The artichoke dip is incredible as well.

Krystal Rose

Applebees is a fabulous place to eat. I absolutely love the BBQ Ribs with the Honey Barbecue sauce. So good! The staff was amazing as usual.

Luisa S.

Brenden the hostess was super rude , gave unnecessary attitude when my husband ask if we could have plastic silverware. He looked at us, gave a bad face and said " we don't have plastic silverware " with attitude. I know you guys do have plastic silverware because I've ordered to go before. Please check your attitude before going to work, I have no fault in whatever is happening to you.

Aurora Gorram-Brown

Always a great experience when I come in to this location. Love the staff and the food is always great!

Cat Mom of two

I ordered the beef nachos with no Jalapenos in it. I got the plate of nachos and of course there. were Jalapenos in there and I spoke to my server and she said oh it comes in a mix so we can't take it out. I could barely eat any of the nachos I wished that my server would have used her customer service skill to offer me something different.

Jessica P.

I was excited for my husband to take me out last Friday. There was zero parking and hard to get into. The hostess was not the nicest and it took a long time to get sat down. Our server was rude and the food took over an hour and it was the wrong order. Never again!!

Shanda McDonough

Got the $27 for 2 Salad.and 2 entrees which were very good. Bourbon chicken and shrimp and Mac & Cheese w/chicken tenders. Both were delicious and filling. No room for dessert. Good price, good service, good tastes! Can't go wrong.

Kathy Garcia

Food was good, though server keep forgetting what we asked for. Otherwise she was pleasant and sweet

LaShonda Thompson

Wasn't what I expected but people are so much more pleasant than Bothell Applebee's had a great experience

John Nettles

The greeter was very rude and we when we asked her about it all she said is talk to my manager the waitress was outstanding when we talked to the manager he was very nice the food was great overall it was a really good experience

Manoj B.

I went to this place on feb 8. The host lady was very rude, and didn't talk nicely, no manners, how to greet customers, they need to hire goOd people for host, i ll never go back to that place again.

Ben Shaver

I hadn't been to an Applebee's in quite a while, due to being less than impressed with the quality of food relative to prices. I've just visited again this last week and was equally unimpressed, staff is polite and friendly, but for the price you won't catch me returning, especially when the food is of such low quality.

Tasha L.

Food is just okay. Feel free to try any other restaurant in the area and you'll get better food.

Georgia Green

We had an issue before we even walked in the door. Some Jackass had parked in one of the only two disabled parking spots without a permit. My daughter has mobility issues so this upset me a lot.

Kenny Graziano

Good place to chill and watch the game. Great choice of beer and drinks. And the foods always on point!

Thomas H.

Stopped by around 3:00 pm Jan 12 2020. The place was not busy. Service was just ok nothing to brag about I ordered the Riblet platter. The ribs were over cook and the sauce was not good. It has been a long time since I have been here. Now I know why never again. Husband had the salmon I asked him how it was he replied it's just ok.

Kim Protasiewicz

I didn't even want to give a star, but I had to in order in order leave a comment. I took my husband and grandson and we waited for way over an hour and the food was horrible, I would not suggest going there, find a better place to go for the money you spend.

Diane Jacobsen

Good gathering place. Food was good, service very good. Drinks were good

Samantha S.

Their food is always great and they are more than accommodating when it comes to picky orders. We recently ordered dinner from here and when our order was missing items the Manager personally made it right. Very professional man that went out of his way to be sure that his customers were happy. Great service like that does not go unnoticed!


First time at Applebees, had dinner with my Daughter. I had the Bourbon Chicken with Shrimp and my Daughter had the 3 cheese chicken panne. The chicken on both plates tasted like seasoned cardboard, and the shrimp tasted like it had been sitting for days. The Service was good. I will never have dinner there again.

Gabriel C.

This is located in a quiet but easily accessible area, the people are very nice and it is never overly crowded and has plenty of parking. Whenever we want to grab something to eat with reliable and quality food, and don't feel like waiting to get a seat, we go to this location. It is convenient and the staff are very friendly, informative, and willing to help.

Greg A.

Visited this location and had a pretty bad experience. They weren't busy but service was slow and forgetful. Everything that I ordered was cold and tasteless, probably because it was cold and also hard to eat. The server never asked for our order and what we did order came to the table and wasn't what we asked for..I understand you can't be on your 'A' game everyday but these were very basic mistakes. To top it all off the kitchen had the loudest dishwasher I've ever heard as if he was pissed he had to do dishes.. I've been going there for 20 years and hopefully they turn things around.

Will Dovgalyuk

I used to come here with my buddies late nights after church. The food is quick and always a good wake up call. With great prices and the staff is always funny when we arrive with a big mob of people. Highly recommend, make sure you watch your paycheck when coming in!

Lindsey P.

My boyfriend and I went on a Sunday night. Our waiter was Michael and he was amazing. They had the jams playing with David Bowie and Fleetwood Mac. We got half priced apps and several drinks and they had bobs burgers (my second favorite show) playing on tv. Seriously just a great night. Shoutout to Michael.

Rushdie uoy

Great food and great service! Staff was friendly and their food was amazing! Their bourbon chicken with shrimp was amazing! Tender juicy chicken with perfectly cooked shrimp and their new taco salad was amazing!

catherine hallgrimson

Running around with more to do than you can handle at the moment? Stop in for a pit stop at Applebee's bar for a pick me up. My choice? A Perfect Margarita. The staff are terrific!

Deanna Perea

Best waitress ever. Food was , drinks were great , but the waitress made the day. She was hustling. .great day

tereasa melhart

I have been to Applebee's many times and usually to food is pretty good, but last time half the order was cold, sauce on my pasta looked like it was just bits and the "Buttery, garlic potatoes" were pretty much water potatoes.

Sam M.

I could have had a freezer food steak better than this! This was way I would have accepted this in house!

Brianna H.

Bathrooms are kinda messy poop all in one sink grose and pee all.over other bathroom. Service was good though foods great.

Josh Brunner

Typical American diner, a step above Denny's, but not high quality either. The appetizers are pretty good, and the food is decent overall. Prices aren't awful. Staff is generally nice and competent, never had to wait too long. The drunks that live at the bar are a little off putting.

Oksana Firsov

Had some issues with dinner order but the manager Chelsea was a gem. She was very helpful and took care of all our problems right away. Food is always great, especially the boneless bbq wings with ranch that my 3 year old devours :)

Caitlyn Neuman


Mike dude

Great food and service. Their $1.00 monthly drink specials are fun. Happy hour is totally worth it. Or, just the appetizer and foods are well portioned and delicious. Totally recommend.....

Ashley R.

I have come here a couple times for their monthly drink specials for $1. As you can imagine they are very weak but taste okay. The first time I came here I got their salmon which had good flavor, I have also gotten a burger before. Overall I think their food is fine, decent for the price but doesn't amaze me or make me want to return, but I don't hate it. Parking was decent, the place was very busy but our waitress was attentive enough. Overall an okay experience.

Becca Halverson

The food is pretty good, but I would like to see the flavors enhanced more in some of the dishes. Service is usually attentive, and the prices are fair... Happy hour is 3 to 6pm - Great prices on appetizers during those times, and big portions!