Bimbo Bakeries Outlet

909 SE Everett Mall Way, Everett
(425) 347-3900

Recent Reviews

Lesley M.

I come here all the time for organic bread. They even have organic bagels and English muffins! I can never buy bread at the grocery store anymore - now I refuse to pay more than $2 for a loaf of bread! I can get 8 loaves of organic bread, bagels and muffins for $10 - and then they throw in freebies for spending $10 and being a regular customer. It's totally worth stopping by!

Evan W.

While I was out on a small shopping trip, I decided to try to visit this bakery outlet since I have a quite favorable view on bakery outlets in general such as Franz Bakery Outlets. The employees were quite helpful to those who visited to their store, which is something that is a positive along with a rack or so of baked goods for a discounted price. As every bakery outlet has near the entrance of the store. So I got my Cougar Mountain brand cookies while I was being helped by the worker there and once I was done with my purchase she said " Thank You and enjoy your cookies!" . To me was the most mutual thing a cashier has ever said to me in a while and I appreciated that. So if you want to go to a bakery outlet within the area I highly recommend this location for you !

Sumyung Guy

Love their food, great price

Mindi Hart

Low price and fantastic staff

Chris Washburn

Good product selection, employees are very nice and helpful

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