Port Gardner Bay Winery

3006 Rucker Ave, Everett
(425) 339-0293

Recent Reviews

Erin Greene

We came here for one of their free cover bands on Saturday night. The band was great, the bartender (or owner?) was very friendly, and we were able to bring our dog. Also $8 for a very generous tasting!

Maryanne Giolitti

Community oriented, generous proprietors who provide wonderful sweet & savory snacks...not to mention top notch musical entertainment and wine, or beer if that's what you prefer. Cozy and homey, with a touch of class.

Chris Swartwout

Incredible open mic. I have never seen so many musicians lined up waiting their turn. Seated on a comfy couch the guitarist sitting next to me waiting his turn told me that most the people present in the full house were musicians. We were on the gallery walk and the super friendly bartender offering complimentary wine to the walk participants took the time to make everyone feel welcome. In Everett? Weather your a musician or wannabe, this is the place to be.

Mark Garcia

Great Experience and friends!

Karen Pauley

Great music with the Good Intentions! Nice atmosphere, good wine.

Duane Morrison

Outstanding craft winery and community music house.

Isaac Camacho

DO NOT GO HERE!!!!! We purchased a bottle of wine and the owner left to retrieve it (so we thought) when he returned empty handed we nicely asked if he had our bottle, the owner then said he had left it on the bar top and accused my wife of stealing it!!! We had already paid for the bottle so why would we steal

Matthew Ockenden

Perfect venue for an acoustic open mic!

JB LaRue

Good wine, good music. Good Friday night

Taeko U.

Performed at the Thursday evening open mic. Fun. A great sense of community. Lovely, warm atmosphere. Host of the open mic, Chris, really made me feel welcome. Plan to return with friends.

Margaret Ostolaza

Great wine cheese and music

Ken Larsen

Had so much fun, great wine, great atmosphere and great entertainment

Sandy W.

What a local find! The owners are so inviting and friendly, the wine is good and priced reasonably, the entertainment is amazing! This is definitely a place we will make the drive again from Ballard to Everett and bring friends along to enjoy the music and atmosphere.

Rodger Snyder

This place has a home like atmosphere! Imo

Emily Hindley

If you're looking for fancy traditional winery with high priced wines and expensively dressed staff this is not the place for you. However, if like me you feel more comfortable in a friendly, casual, eclectic environment this is the place for you.

John Salyer

What a great place this is. The wine is all made on site by the owner. There is lots of live music, with an open mic night on Thursday and live music on Fridays and Saturdays. Really great atmosphere.

Justin Fowler

Great people and very friendly staff. They participate in the Everett art walk. And it's always a positive and inspiring stop.

Cindy A.

Wonderful quaint little wine bar to go to:) We have enjoyed music and friends several times there.

Rob Basanta

Really liked this place. The live music was very nice and the owners were very friendly albeit somewhat eccentric. The petite verdo is quick good and worth trying.

Bill McDonald

One of Everett’s best kept secrets! This place is a bastion of fun and excitement! The owners do their very best to make sure, all their guests have an enjoyable experience. I refer as many people to the Port Garner Bay Winery as possible. It’s a definite must attend spot while in Everett! I visit there at least two times a week, for live music and fantastic wine! My phone number is 425-339-6856 if there is any question, as to the validity of my post! Thanks Bill!

Trevor A.

If you go here the owner will steal your credit card if you leave a tab open. Bring cash the owner seems nice until he gets drunk / high and turns into a total jerk.


People in our party accused of stealing wine by bartender. No one stole anything!!!Bartender wanted people to leave their credit card on the bar and then the card would disappear. Ordered wine and didn't get it so went back to bar to say we hadn't received the wine and bartender said he delivered it. We never saw bartender leave the bar to deliver anything. Crackers, cheese and sliced meat served on paper plates. Will never go back and will let others know not to go there either.

Kelcey A.

This place is a JOKE! Not only is it a cluster F*ck, but the owner is terrible. Accused our party of stealing wine when it was already paid for, but the so called snacks were just as much a joke. Crackers and shitty cheese. No utensils and super unsanitary. If I could give this a a negative review, I would. Oh and they would accept your card for a tab, then tell you that your card was stolen. Never again!!!!!!!

Sheri Roberts Greimes

Chris & Linnea are very giving and supportive people to the people they know and care about! They are very civic minded and involved with Everett and the local community. The Port Gardner Bay Winery is an excellent place to relax, unwind and comfortably enjoy a glass of their suculent wines and listen to area talents! Glad you are back and open for business!

Laura B.

Friendly owners who are so generous with tastings. Couches to chill on. Great, mellow hangout spot hidden from the masses!


Love this place! This is a unique winery and we had a great time visiting. I came back and had a small event here. Wine tasting was superb! Owners are very friendly. They have a variety of entertainment from book readings to music.

Lindsay M.

This is not your typical winery. They had great wine to taste and live music when we were there, but it has a lazy living room feel. It was a great place to start our Saturday night.

Lyn V.

Love the friendly couple who own the winery, and the great events they organize to enjoy great wine tastings, socializing and music. I also attended a wine making overview class and learned so much about what it takes to make great wine varitals like they have created.

Peggy R.

We love the relaxed atmosphere at this winery. Feel right at home listening to our favorite Dusty Rose!

Jay B.

Cool Downtown Everett place. I have been to this tasting room several times in the past year. Why? Because it a very chill, eclectic place to hang out. The owners are friendly. The mix of friendly customers, owners, live music and great wine make it feel like your own house party. Friday is the best night to go. Starts the weekend early.

Lola D.

I purchased a Groupon for a wine making class for two. I called, left messages and emailed these people however they would never get back to me. I've never had problems with Groupon before, but after I proved to them I had sent emails they never got back to me. I just wasted $75. DO NOT get a Groupon for wine making as you may never be able to go.

Joel G.

My girlfriend Angela wanted us to go here. I would say it is a nice place to relax and hang out and drinks some awesome wine

Stephanie L.

I'm not much of a wine drinker but I really liked this place. I went there on a Saturday around 9:00pm, walked in to a very cozy atmosphere and live music. The owners and staff are friendly and make you feel at home!

Katie F.

Really good wine at a great value plus live music with no cover! I think I just found a new Friday night favorite.

Becky L.

We always enjoy our time here. Great music and great people. Want a party? Great place to hold it. All ages welcome so we can bring all our family.


We enjoyed a couple of bottles with some friends a while back. The owners are busy but friendly folks. Very homey atmosphere, a couch by the fireplace was taken but looked comfy. Wine was fair to good, will have to go back sometime for a tasting event. Adds to the downtown and I hope it stays afloat.


I was there with my wife for wine tasting and had a thoroughly enjoyable evening. The owners are wonderful people and care very much about your experience. If you'd like a tour it won't take very long since it's not a large winery, but their wine will amaze you.They have live music every week and appetizers every day.

Susan L.

My other half saw this place after finding parking nearby for a Silvertips game and thought it was worth checking out. We stopped by on a Saturday afternoon/evening, sampled their wines and were satisfied with our experience. There is a small decorated tasting room area which is next to a larger open garage space. They apparently open the garage door when the weather is nice but since it was ~40 degrees out, it remained shut. There is a fireplace with some couches for lounging around and chatting with friends or strangers as well as open space for a band and room to dance if the mood strikes. It's casual and cozy. Since they were out of several wines, our wine flight consisted of everything they had: one Riesling and several reds. Wine can also be purchased by the glass or bottle. The owner gives a generous pour so you don't walk away wondering why you had two small sips of each wine. They don't have a kitchen but the owner does provide salami/cheese/cracker plates and some bread with olive oil and vinegar on the house. We enjoyed their wines and ended up purchasing a bottle of Riesling and Merlot. The owner was friendly and provided good service. He was helpful with any questions we had about the wine and even showed us the cellar space where the barreled wine was stored. We enjoyed our experience and look forward to returning when the weather is warmer.

Meghan S.

I loved this place. A friend and I stumbled onto this place just looking for tasting rooms in the area while we were on a work trip. It was such a friendly, relaxing experience. The wine was delicious and we got a tour of the storage area. The coolest thing to me is that they actually use recycled bottles!!! I love that it's kinda eco-friendly. I purchased the Tempranillo and Sangiovese. So thrilled with my purchase! The prices are completely reasonable as well and I believe each bottle was $16 or $18. Can't wait to order more!!!

Sadie J.

I had an excellent experience at the PGB Winery. My boyfriend and I stumbled upon this place thanks to Yelp. I have nothing but good things to say about both the service and the wine. For starters, everyone there was very friendly. It felt like a family inviting us to share their delicious wine. The wine kept coming with the tasting, and the company was just as great. I personally think the atmosphere of a place helps to define their repuation, and this place is probably one of the best places I have been since moving to the West Coast. Second, the wine. Every single wine we tried was absolutely delicious. It was very hard to only choose 2 bottles to take home with us. We did a red wine flight where we were able to choose 6 out of about ~10 reds to try. Don't worry, they have whites as well, we just were in a red mood. Every wine we tried was very good. How anyone could have rated this bad, I don't know. The wine was great, and everyone we encountered knew their stuff, which was nice never having WA wine before. There was cheese/salami/crackers served with the wine, which I didn't touch very much because I was so focused on the wine, but it was nice that they had something to go along with while you drink. Honestly, the wine may speak volumes for itself, but the people made it that much better. They welcomed us and made our first experience exploring Everett and the WA wine world even better than we had expected. We will be back here, no questions about that! A precious gem in the heart of Everett!