1620 Hewitt Ave, Everett
(425) 252-4371

Recent Reviews

Sebrin Jones Jr

One of the few that participate in the $5 footlong.

angie heikkila

Their workers need to talk louder.

Robert Schuppert

I'm a fan of Subway. I was a little surprised that the person at the counter was not wearing a mask. Up to this point every store I had gone the employees were wearing masks (DT Everett location).

jeff burton

Good fresh food, friendly staff as well I be back

William Isom

Awesome sandwiches...hit the spot and tasty too!

Meagan Johnson

The worker was pleasant and funny

Phil Shanygin

Veggie delight with no cheese is vegan!

Matthew Etchieson

My sandwich was delicious

Cynthia L.

We were on a field trip and decided to come to subway for lunch. There were about 15 of us and they were very patient and once we finished our sandwiches they gave us free cookies. The sandwiches were very good and the cookies were as well. Thank you for treating us kindly

Kailene Medcalf

fast great food

Steve Ly

He gave me everything I wanted except toasted bread which he forgot to mention as and option but also the olives mearly just trying to support and independent subway but my buisness was taken for nothing how dare they.


Subway is okay the sandwiches are a little Bland and boring for my taste. The amount of ingredients on the sandwiches has become less and less as well it'll do in a pinch. I'm just not a big fan. I can get a sandwich I like better at a deli or several other places.

Matthew Miranda

Food is good as is the service, staff pleasant and polite and engaged

Rolf Hokland

We have been going to this subway for many years now but in the past few months I have not felt comfortable with the service. I still do give a tip it's just a few little things I have noticed like. Picking out the smallest tomatoes for my sub after loading the customer before me with everything he asked for. Or treating me with less respect because iam elderly. I always order the same Sub. 3or 4 times a month . I think I will start to go to one of the other locations. I have spent 20 mins or more going around the block for parking just because I have gone to this sub shop for years. more than 10years

Mike Griffith Masaki

Been nice biking down a few blocks to grab a sandwhich every now and then and hopefully i get to do so again sometime but for now i can't see you gents after i move...

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