Super Taco

1020 SE Everett Mall Way, Everett
(425) 513-0100

Recent Reviews

Pablo N

Very good breakfast burritos, made with fresh ingredients.

Sarah Petras

I've ordered breakfast burritos for me and my co-workers, a few times now. Even with our complicated orders, doordash always brings our food the way we ordered them. I can't speak for their lunch burritos but their breakfast burritos are bomb, they're the best I've ever had! I can't recommend them enough, if you're craving a breakfast burrito order from here. You won't regret it.


Love it. Best burritos ever.

Kelsey Renee

LOVE THIS PLACE super fast, great service, and great FOOD.

Brandon George

Super friendly and great food for a good price! Definitely will be coming back.

Maher Nelson 8

great service family owned. The food is excellent.

Christina Alvarez Ruiz

When a mexicana walks into a taco place and the pan blanco starts explaining what all the meats were as if you don't know what carne asada and carnitas are you know you're being looked down on and the intent is condescending. Not only that but this place is literally a hole in the gas station wall selling coffee out of one window, tacos out of the second window, and then when you order they don't even have the meat they are advertising. The front of house was far from inviting and clean. Not a place I'd ever eat at.

Stephanie Eterovic

Great food and the best service!!

John Whyble

Ordered through UberEats. My smothered burrito was delicious. Ordered a strawberry banana "Milk shake" They were out of strawberries so just sent a banana "Milk Shake" instead, which I was ok with, except it was no "Milk Shake" It was just milk. Decided to drive the 3 minutes and have them remake it, and the lady behind the counter wouldn't even try to talk to me, just "I know what you want, I fix" After remaking it, noticing that it still was just flavored milk, she added ice to it and blended it some more, like I'm an idiot or something. Regardless, I'm positive I won't be ordering their "Milk Shakes" again. If you wanna sell smoothies, then call them smoothies. But don't try to pass what you're selling off as a "Milk Shake", because it's not. It seems as if the owners pay attention to these comments, so here is some advice. Go to McDonalds and order a shake. Look at the consistency and shoot for that. Use milk to to thin out your ice cream to the right texture, don't use milk and think adding a little ice cream makes it a shake.

Jordyn H.

Ive tried this multiple times and every time the older lady that works there is super rude never has a good attitude. matter how polite you are she doesn't give you the correct sauce sides you ask for always is rude about it, and will charge you $1 for a small thing of extra sauce. Ive tried going multiple times thinking it will be better the next time but she is always extremely rude. Do not go to this place it's not worth it and to be treated that way isn't as well you're trying to support the business and she makes me never want to go back again.

Pineapple Porcupine

I Didint Like It, I Loved It!

Derek Martinez

Lol, how was super taco!?! The question is an insult to ask. THE ABSOLUTE TASTIEST IN EVERETT!!! A truly hidden gem, can't recommend then highly enough!!!!

ryan berg

Amazing food. Great owners!


The first time I tried this place it was so-so.

Tammy Jensen

We have tried twice to come here. We went by hours posted, what a joke! Website said they were open, people inside said they were closed! We traveled 45 minutes because we were told it was good. We will never know, we won’t be back!

Vin Pin

I had some groupon deals for this location, but I wasn't able to use them because they always seem to be closed whenever I wanted to go there. Even when you call them, the answering machine says that they're closed for a family event in October. It is now November the 24th.

Kayla Eastman

Super yummy breakfast burritos!!!! Must give them a try!

Rachel T.

I have been a long time customer. The food is delicious and always fresh. I always get the regular or super burrito. I've tried all the meat like chicken, pork, and steak and it's always seasoned and cooked really well. The homemade salsa guacamole you have to try and the horchata!

harmony wayland

I found out about this establishment from Groupon. Ive ordered the carne asada super burritos for myself and friends. Delightful and delicious. Amazing sweet and helpful staff. Looking forward to going back and trying other items.

Harmony W.

I found out about this establishment from Groupon. Ive ordered the carne asada super burritos for myself and friends. Delightful and delicious. Amazing sweet and helpful staff. Looking forward to going back and trying other items.

Debbie S.

I pretty much always get a breakfast burrito when I come here because they're delicious. Today I wanted something different, so I tried the chicken enchilada's, YUM! Flavorful chicken and excellent red sauce. The combo comes with 3 enchilada's, refried beans, rice and a soda for $7.99, what a deal! They are loaded with shredded chicken, topped with red sauce, cheese, pico de gallo and sour cream. The beans, I believe, are homemade and seem to be a mixture of black and pinto beans (very flavorful). The rice tastes homemade also. I also always get a side of the salsa verde...not because the food needs it, but because it's just so awesome (and I'm not a huge fan of salsa) :)

christine Lawton

I finally found somewhere that makes halfway decent Mexican food finally! some of their people at the window are not very nice and the place is filthy because it is 24hrs and the location ...they just closed for a week recently to fix a few things but not sure what they did to the inside I just haven't gone back inside since the first time I went

Nathan C.

Delicious food. Open at 7am. You won't find any other Mexican places open this early anywhere in town. Great deals on Groupon to save some coin. I had a few discrepancies with inconsistent pricing. Originally being charged a lower price for a regular order I get, then after ordering my regular 4-5 times I am told I need to pay more. An additional 4+ dollars. They will not sub corn tortillas for gluten free folks that want torta ingredients without the bread without charging you more. A torta is $7.99. Because I am gluten free I am asked to pay over $12 for the same ingredients with tortillas on the side or made into tacos. It really depends on who is working. The gentleman that works in the morning is super nice and accommodating. The lunch time staff could polish up customer service skills. All and all, the food is great and I eat there often.


One of the best tasting mexican places out there. Homemade tamales every few weeks, super friendly owner.

Grace P.

I absolutely love the Super Taco in Eugene and assumed the one here would be just as good. I was wrong. Both times I've been there, there has been something wrong with my food. My burrito was filled with things that weren't supposed to be in it according to the menu and the next time I went I got a different thing than I asked for. The menu is also terribly confusing.

Rchilde C.

Here is my experience. I went in this morning desiring a nice breakfast burrito. As I was reviewing the menu there was another gentleman who was also reviewing and then sat down. As I made up my mind I was standing at the cashier area waiting to place my order when the owner/cook proceeded to snap at me to "Wait, there is another person ahead of you. 20 minutes." I saw there were three dudes (who appeared to be high as a kite) then a female ahead of me and the other gentleman so I decided to give it a chance. The owner seemed to have 'something' against people (like me) as she would scowl often looking at me and just seemed horribly irritated by my presence. Hmmm .....?, I just shook it off and decided to keep waiting. I should note that while waiting I observed the 'cook' coughing a few times in her arm-pit (no long sleeve shirt); this was strike two in my book as she didn't grab anything to cough into nor wash her hands/arms AND she coughed toward the cold food service area - YUK. But all came to a head when the three dudes finished paying then she came into the dining area to the woman and took her order, rather nicely. I thought, ok this is her process - so no worries she'll do the same to me and the other gentleman. NOPE, after starting the woman's food she then BARKED loudly from the grill toward me "What do you want". I've never been addressed like this before and I was watching the TV so she barked again, "excuse me, You!" - I looked over to her horrible ugly face and yes sure enough - she was talking to me... I responded nicely that I wanted the Breakfast Burrito special. She proceeded to pretend not to hear me and asked me what meat, what kind: I responded, the breakfast special - to which she rolled her eyes again pretending not to understand and then 'remembered' that the special was ham. This was strike three to me, but where she really struck out was after dealing with me she then barked to the gentleman as well (who arrived before me and therefore should have had his order taken ahead of me - btw). The gentleman proceeded, "never mind, I chose to go elsewhere" and got up and left. After I was certain she started my "order" I followed him right out the door. I have NEVER, EVER been treated like this. There was no written process anywhere to sit and she would take orders, let alone have the right to single out and bark at people. This woman is a horrible person to which I will never, ever visit her "place" again. She has a sign that elicity states that 'she reserves the right to refuse service' so on that note I strongly encourage everyone reading this to bypass this 'sh**hole' unless you happen to be female or enjoy such a derogatory experience.

Darren Lemon

The owner and his wife are amazing. We are having them cater our grand opening. The food we tried is better than anything I had when visiting my in-laws in San Diego. The food is fresh and a great price. Homemade Green Salsa OMG it's good.

Ana S.

By far one of the worst customer experience! The owner has a bad reputation but giving them the benefit of the doubt I went there anyways because the food was good. Using my groupon, I ordered my food, the owner calculated my food and it came out to $12.11 . Since my Groupon covers 8$ my card should have been charged 4.11. The owner charged my card 12.11 right after she redeemed my Groupon . While waiting for my food I realized that she charge me full cost. It took me 5 minutes to explain what have happened to the owner, she kept telling me that I was wrong and giving me the worst attitude by shutting me up. Take your business somewhere else, this place doesn't care about you!

Robert G.

This is a bit of an open secret kind of place. Great tacos...probably lowest price around by a few cents. It's a bit's literally inside the Chevron on Everett Mall Way. It gets really crowded here especially during lunch time and they only seem to have one person working there so you might have to wait just a little but we'll worth the wait. The meat is great on their asada tacos. Definitely another great taco place found on Yelp! It's a mom and pop place and the TV is an older tube tv. It's just good basic food more so than Mexican food or food from any specific country. Probably better than what I had in SoCal. Another place I will revisit again and again. Seems to be a very very popular lunch spot with regulars. One of those places you wish wasnt so popular.


The restaurant is inside a service station. It is very clean and the staff are very nice. The menus are very clear with pictures and prices are fair. We had the Chicken Super Tacos. Very good. We recommend Super Tacos Restaurant.


This place makes a really good street taco. I like their take on carnitas with the grilled pineapple. I wish they still had the lengua ( beef tongue) but what they do serve is outstanding. Located inside a gas station this place is a must visit if you enjoy a good street taco. I washed it all down with a Mexican 1 liter soda for all under $6 bucks. I would highly recommend this place to anyone wanting to try a different kind of taco. Very delicious.

Jennifer D.

This is one of the best Mexican restaurants around. I know it's cliche to say, however, I'm from California - I know good tacos and these are exceptional. Yes, as others have pointed out, the hours can be a little inconsistent but the couple who runs this place are both very nice, especially the husband. Most importantly, the food is AMAZING!!! I highly recommend the carnitas and adobada, but everything we've had has been fantastic. Second most important, the prices are very competitive - 1.19 for regular tacos, 2.49 for super (beans, avocado, larger size etc), and discounts if you get x tacos, rice, beans, and a drink. Can't recommend this place enough!

Luis R.

I have been to this location about 3 times and the food is great. My issue with this restaurant is the customer service and inconsistent hours. They are never open the hours posted and they close early a lot. Today I walked in at 1:15pm to order lunch I saw the owner walk out as I was walking in and I asked her "closed already?" She responded with " sorry, I have a life." Terrible customer service and really inconvenient that you can't consistently stay open during your hours of operation. I will never visit this taco stand again. During my other visits the same owner lady always has an attitude and doesn't seem to care.

Gavin C.

I came in this morning at 7:15am and the owner was counting her cash drawer. Now mind you, the posted hours are 7am opening. I asked her if she was opened, she shook her head no. Wow! Really wanted a breakfast burrito. To be a successful business, consistency is the key ingredient. Thanks for losing my business.

Kevin B.

I encourage everybody to look past the naysayers who had a bad Groupon experience, and try some carnitas super tacos (or anything from this place). I've yet to eat something I don't like, and I've regularly been eating here for over a year. Don't let the looks fool you either. Back to the carnitas. It's slow-roasted pork every morning, and perfectly browned to make it DELICIOUS. I've also watched the sweet lady who owns the place hand cut the avocados directly into my taco or burrito. Their breakfast burritos are delicious as well! I could keep going, but come on in and try for yourself!

Drive T.

I had the steak super burrito and it was truly "super". Nice pieces of steak with pico de gallo, refried beans & avocado slices. It is served with a side dispenser of guacamole which is nice. They have authentic Mexican food and Mexican soda (Fanta, Coke, etc.) with real sugar. Nice place with delicious Mexican food.

Steven - Lorilei S.

Well, we went to Super Taco today for the second time. We used a Groupon both times. Our experience was a rude lady owner who dosen"t want repeat Groupon customers. The value for the Groupon was 21.00 so to get full value we ordered three 7.99 pork super burritos. Got regular ones, no sour cream and the guacamole was so frigging hot, And the pork tasted burnt. We got the food to go, what a surprise to pay a $26.oo tab for three inedible items that we specifically asked to be mild with no heat, just flavor. 1/2 of the menu items are not available. We will go to Memo's in Everett or Taco Del Mar with an discount and get 2 for one burritos, or even Taco Bell. The scam here is having to show your Groupon before you order and the quality is crap as mentioned in many other reviews.

Sara R.

Tried this place with a groupon. The clerk acted put off when I handed it to her, asking "you want 3 burritos!?!" Ordered all Super Burritos - got regular ones (no guacamole or sour cream). It's like don't offer a groupon to get people to try your restaurant and then get mad when they use it. 2 stars because I did eat the burrito - but I won't be back.

Amanda V.

Excellent breakfast burrito & good size for price. Service was very friendly and fast! Food was fresh & hot, prepared as soon as I ordered. The man whom I presume was the owner, took my order and hung around to chat while I waited. Big bonus was being able to order breakfast food after 11am when other places had already stopped serving breakfast. I would definitely go back again.

Hailey S.

THE BEST BREAKFAST BURRITOS IVE EVER HAD!!! They are always made with fresh ingredients and taste amazing, just like home cooked!! I prefer the mild ones but if I didn't have a choice I would still eat a spicy burrito regardless because they are so good!!! If you haven't tried one yet then I feel bad for you! I always go for a bacon breakfast burrito for sure!