The Commons Food Court

1928 S Commons, Federal Way
(253) 275-3303

Recent Reviews

Charry Tala

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Faatima M.

Lots of stores, the majority of business owners are friendly, the tattoo/piercing shop had a different kind of vibe. Neither person inside said hello or asked if I had any questions, they both walked away from me, one of them went and sat down at the computer until other customers came in, they returned to front began speaking with them so I left! I'm sure I saved myself some grief. Unfortunately most shops are closed down, which makes shopping more confined to what you see is what you get! And I found that most of the items for sale especially clothing are priced $40 to $45 and up, even for a simple plain tank top. Not a whole lot of food items to choose from inside of the mall but lots of choices outside of the mall, that was really nice! Overall the experience here was okay, I would return only for specific items from specific stores if I am in the area of wise it's really not worth coming to check out. But if your in the area, looking for a place to walk and chill for a few moments or even an hour, then this is the location. Take care and continue to be safe out there. See you at my next outing ;0)


mexican food is yummy it’s always my food spot at the mall. last time I went there their customer service wasn’t as good.

Curtis Adkins

Bad mall. The people there have no problem kicking people out for no reason. I was just there an seen atleat 3 people get kicked out for sitting down to eat and had tooken there mask. Seen a father and son at play area with the father playing with his kid and both were kid out for that. And the child was a 9 year old special needs kid

Curious Travelers

Finally, food court has dining area open to enjoy food on site.We came around 1pm. I was expecting crowded place. However, there were no people. No demand means no fresh food.


The Mexican spot and the Gyro spot has been consistently the best part for years


The food was good but the service was poor. Overcharged and my order was incorrect. The owner was in a bad mood. He took our order and served our order with an attitude. Waited for 30minutes.

Frank Torres

The good was great before. Ownership or management changed. Not do good any more...not as clean as before, taste is way off.

Justin Fowler

Not very inviting and saw the pizza place employee on his phone picking his nose and then handling the food with no gloves

Mike Esta

Need more food variety

Roxanne Castro

The only good place is the Mexican food the other are dry and old food. The pizza place is the absolute worst. Seriously should be shut down. The owner is so rude as well. She burns all the pizza and had the pasta drowning in water its disgusting. She won't give refund either she acts d*** like she doesnt know anything. Seriously wouldn't eat here I'd rather have a bag of chips over all.

Mortain Lumpen

A few scant choices, but the little Mexican place tucked in the back of the main access entry is ON POINT! Ordered off menu, got a fair price for the plate build for lunch. Wheelchair accessable. Habla Espanol.

Christopher Judd

Food choices here are excellent.

Charteese Grace

Really quick and prompt.

Kevin Barrett

It's really good. Employees are great. Food is pretty good. It just needs more options

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