Carl's Jr.

2804 W Kennewick Ave, Kennewick
(509) 374-5222

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John Smith

Went through the drive thru and they never took my order. Then the suv in front of me had an employee come out the back and get in and they ran over the concrete curb to leave wish I coulda done that but I'm in a sports car so had to wait just to leave very unhappy they didn't care won't be going there again. 5/2/2021 12:02 am

Marissa Mejia

As 1 of 2 Carl's in the area, they are pretty good. I have never had a complaint and I mostly go through the drive thru. They are always respectful and do not take long. Great place.

Robert Alegria

Good, greasy, sodium filled goodness. Service was good, food was fresh

Cesar Tejeda

One of my favorite places to get burgers from! Always have great specialty burger promotions


So Busy! Have always gotten Hot fries from here. I hate Luke warm or old, cold fries, like in Pahrump Nevada at the Carl’s there.Please Never serve old, Luke warm fries guys! And I will be back with no bad reviews!

Jordan Jolma

Don't answer the phone, ever. So I couldn't adjust my order. They don't accept special instruction through app orders. Enjoy ordering from here if you need to make slight order adjustments

Ryan VanSickle

I have to rate down a place that can't put in enough effort to open a bathroom. COVID-19 is not a good excuse to not provide this type of service at a restaurant. You would think people should have a place to wash their hands especially with fast food that you typically eat with your hands.

Chad Leonard

Santa Fe chicken sandwich the prettiest I have ever eaten, and tasty to boot.

Michael Benca

Our drive through cashier was smiling, friendly and polite. Food was delicious.

clayton servi

Always love my cj's lol

Chris Kotlarz

I unfortunately come here a lot because it is close to my work. About two times out of five times the food is okay. Today I went there there was way too much sauce on my burger the lettuce was disgusting the bun was soggy the top bun was stale and hard and another thing is they don't even offer fry sauce. What Burger Joint doesn't offer fry sauce it's mayo and ketchup. How hard is that to mix together. A few days ago I went there and ordered the chicken ranch Burger with bacon on it there was chicken yes bacon yes and not even a quarter-size drop of ranch on it to dry not very good.

Chananne Surman

Forgot my dipping sauce but otherwise decent. Busy Friday night though so it's to be expected.

Andrew Brasser

Its a fast food restaurant so take it for what it is. We placed an order for their big BLT Chicken Ranch. Asking for no Ranch sauce on one, and got both with Ranch sauce after they repeated the order back to me correctly. When they delivered it to us we again asked if one was no Ranch and was assured that one was no Ranch. The tomatoes were paper thin and the lettuce was discolored n not very fresh. The criss cut fries were good, hot and fresh. To the manager on duty's credit they did offer a replacement for free.

Dustin Shawna

.......ALL BAD......I Went through the drive-through me my family ordered like normal and noticed just for kids meal it's $9. Ended up spinning $60 for a family for 4 thats ok I get its experience when we got home 4 minutes away are Lettuce was real old It stank It was so gross I could not eat my food same with my wife food.. here is a picture For proof. Thank you Carl's junior I won't be coming back..

Micheal Gaxiola

Fast service rarely ever a long drive through line

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