La Posada Mexican Grill

3150 W Clearwater Ave, Kennewick
(509) 735-6143

Recent Reviews

Amanda Curtis

The food and service are always good here. Rarely, and I mean maybe twice out of more than a dozen visits, there's been too much grease. Usually though, everything's just right!

Vanessa Ochoa

Their Oregon burrito is the best burrito I have ever tasted? It has so much flavor .

Intuition Knows

Great good, service is great and price is reasonable

Frankie Vincent

Good food, though some of the shredded beef in my burrito was burnt, refried beans and rice were good. Worth another try

Justin Souza

It was great food was amazing. Love it

Steffanny R.

Hair on my food and did not give me the right salsa. I was very disappointed and sad...

Corey Truman

Kinda disappointed! The store hours say they are open until 4am so we jumped in the car and drove on icy roads in the fog only to arrive at 3:25 to a CLOSED restaurant! There was however someone in the restaurant because the drive thru speaker came on but no reply. Sorry we closed early would have been fine! Idk super bummed cuz I hear the food is good!

Jessy Sage

This place has the best breakfast burritos and you can get them all day. They're huge. My favorite is the ham, potato, egg and cheese.

Pamela Hart

After waiting in the drive through for nearly 30 minutes, our order was not great. I ordered a tostada and the bun was completely burnt to the point that was all I could taste. The quesadilla was dripping in grease and the tacos were bland. The last couple times that I've eaten here it hasn't been very pleasant, which is unfortunate because I remember a time when this restaurant was very good.

Skyler Gibson

Amazing customer service! With delicious food, asada fries are my all time favorite with lots of red sauce ?


I actually really like this place for its food. And the guy who is normally there at night gets everything right.But I'm sick of the inconsistencies with hours of operations. I work late at times and just burned out on burgers. The building says 24 hours. The other night the wife and I waited the other night for almost 30 minutes before we finally gave up knocking and calling. There were cars in the parking lot and all the lights were still on.Went back the next night and learned they close at 11 now because of covid. OK, I can deal with.Got there tonight at 1048. 12 minutes before they close and get told they're not taking orders anymore for the night.I am seriously beyond angry with them and I'm not sure if I'll go back or not now. El Sazon is not to far and that's where I ended up eating and just might continue, even if it's slightly out of the way.

Amanda Curtis

We've enjoyed many meals!

nasay Gonzalez

Okay you want to have some real Mexican tacos or what's really close to it try this and then you can judge very good tacos

David Lima

This placed used to be the place to get Mexican food 24/7, but something happened. We order breakfast at work over the phone and when we got there to pick it up, they had not even started. My buddy was told that they forgot about about our order. My breakfast burrito had half of the tortilla burned.

Tom Smith

Love this place! Just like Roberto in California or Filibertos in Arizona

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