Eurasia Deli House

25650 102nd Pl SE, Kent
(253) 520-0870

Recent Reviews

Dima Gluzman

4 months ago my wife bought ikra for 100 dollars and it was ruined. 4 months later I decided to go there to buy ikra because the other Russian store was closed on Sunday. I bought small ikra for 28 dollars came home and it’s completely ruined it’s all mushy and smells really bad. This place is just awful.How in the world you have such low bar for your produce? Two different ikra were ruined months apart, also many of the product there are expired so be very careful

Friedrich Hoffmann

Bro sold me some sausage which expired 3 days ago

Tom Blake

Place is filthy and the people are rude. Never will go back, this place does not belong in our great community

Alexander Kulinich

We come from Portland, ORVery nice service and beverage choice!

Ian Reed

Great selection ?. Good beer selection no excellent selection.

daniela rizea

Very nice people , God bless them all !

Pear Man

Great European variety, especially for a small shop like this

sam morris

Check out this place for unique items found no where else!

Robert McDermaid

I pulled in here to make a phone call and ended up going inside I found a lot of different products I'd never seen before so I took a chance and I bought something called rosewater yogurt drink AMAZING !!! Stuff I'm definitely coming back again sometime

Dana Deny

my favorite Russian store

Yk Ridings

Nice selection of Slavic and other Euro foods. A little expensive compared to Marvel, but with the store being local its nice to come and pick up a few things and not have to drive all the way to Marvel.

Peter Gavriliouk

Russian food


Small shop. European smoked meats and cheeses. A selection of pickled salads and spreads. Jams, candy and cakes.

Armina Imsic

I love their cakes! Always buy them here.

Jasko Meskovic

This place brings me back to homestyle! Good prices and beers from back home! And manager is a good dude! Keep it up!

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