Galare Thai

26050 Illinois Ave NE, Kingston
(360) 297-4022

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Jeff S.

Flavors are 100%. We ordered takeout, so we cannot vouch for sit down, but if you're ever gotten Thai Toms in Seattle, this is comparable. One of the best I've had in a while.

Kaylee S.

I've tried most every Thai restaurant in Kitsap County and this is my new favorite! Living in LA got me used to some amazing ethnic cuisine, and this place definitely lives up to that standard. I tried their Pad Thai, Pad See Ew, and Yellow Curry and can't wait to try some other dishes. I'm sorry other people had bad customer service, but my interaction was lovely. They were polite and efficient. The dine-in experience is definitely informal, but in my experience the "hole in the wall" places usually have the best food since that's appears to be their main focus.

Steve D.

Finally tried this little place near the ferry in Kingston and really liked it. We'll be returning. This is based on one visit so far. PROS: Tasty spicy red curry and panaang curry! Quality sauce on the red curry stir fry... one of the best we've had. Really nice gentleman took our order... I think he was the owner. Nice service. CONS: Being picky here, but the place itself is a bit run down. We did take away though so didn't eat in. Their hours seem a bit hit and miss but that could be due to covid and the weirdness we're all living in right now. Here is a place that has a lot of potential and I hope that others give them a chance!

Jenny Collen

Loved the pad thai!

Isaac Williamson

Best thai food as always, one of the best take out/to go foods you can experience. Delish! ???

Billy Veselka

Fried Rice was awesome

Tanner Lingafelter

TOO SALTY. Red curry was thick and salty. Not spicey even though I ordered 4/5. I couldn't finish the meal and don't plan on coming back here.

Laura Rightmyer

Splitting the difference here as I dont find the food taste consistent. Think a different cook was on with a different recipe for Tom Kai soup one week to the next. This is my favorite soup and menu item but Tom Kai soup the other day had flavors in it I didnt even recognize and Ive had this soup for years. I will return as the place is convenient, though I wont be back if it is made the same as last time. Worse Tom Kai I ever had. Not sure what went wrong....Rice was undercooked, quite hard..How does a Thai place mess up rice??

Louisa W.

Breathtaking rudeness from staff (owner?) on the phone and in person when food was picked up. Rice was undercooked and the pad see ew burned. When told we wouldn't be returning based on service and name calling, person at counter shrugged and said "that's fine, we've been busier than ever with COVID". We have tried really hard to frequent our local restaurants forever, but especially now. No more Galare Thai for us now though. We'll make the trip to Poulsbo to the (frankly much better, and certainly more agreeable) competition. Two thumbs way down.

Kyle R.

I have seen this Thai food place for years now but have never tried it until now. I went out to get formula for my son and my wife told me to bring back dinner as well but not pizza. (the downfall there is there are like 5 pizza places in our tiny town so pizza would have been easy). I poked around on yelp and google to find a restaurant that was open and this place seemed to be the only place that wasn't burgers or pizza that was open. One big down fall here is that this restaurant also exists in Sequim and their website is actually for the one in Sequim. So when you try to find the Kingston menu it is super confusing because there is nothing that says the menus are the same or even that they are the same place. It was about 7:25pm (they close at 8pm) when I called to place my order. And when I called some guy answered the phone that seem REALLY annoyed that i would dare call 35 minutes before close to place an order. I almost hung up on him but instead I decided to make his life difficult and place an order... I am glad I did. The redeeming quality of this place is that their food is delish. We had the Beef Phad Thai, Basil Fried Rice with chicken, and fried Spring Rolls. The entrees were great the spring rolls were bland. This place is pretty run down, when you walk in the front door it seems like you are walking into a dirty kitchen and to your right is a dingy dinning room that is empty. I never see any cars here and now I know why. Get take-out don't bother dining in. Pros: Really Good Entrees Cons: Confusing Website Rude Staff Gross Restaurant

john mcdavid

Good food but the young kid who answers the phone and greets customers at the door is nothing but rude and dazed out of his mind. I think he eats 3 edibles before he goes to work. Has never said thank you once and is simply ruining your business. Time to train him on proper customer service or give him the boot.

Brian Sotomayor

I HIGHLY recommend this place! The food is outstanding and keeps my family and I coming back!

Kelsey Reeb

We got take out last night, we payed over the phone, and our food was brought out to the car. Such great service! The Cashew chicken is delicious. It was filled with lots of meat, cashews, and yummy veggies! We will be back!

N. G.

Probably your best bet for decent Thai food in North Kitsap. It's definitely no Mae Phim Thai (which I'd rate a 4), but the food is good and hits the spot, and the servings are large. We order take out from Galare Thai at least once per month and have yet to be unhappy with our meals.

Windy West

Such a cute place and nice people but our food was soooooo burned. Black burned. Black tofu, black noodles and I didn’t even know that my dish had carrots

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