The Carriage Restaurant & Lounge

1334 12th Ave, Longview
(360) 425-8545

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chris sternagel

Great price for drinks;awesome chicken quesadillas

Beth Gilman

Great service, delicious food, amazing kj, and all staff is kind and on top of everything.

Dodie S

Great staff but food was somewhat undercooked & lounge wasn't as clean as I'd like

Lace Zimmerly

Great Bar staff! I got a little too drunk last night and they all stayed by my side the entire time I was throwing up until my bf came and got me. Apparently they helped get me in the car. I could not be more grateful for all their help. I could not even began to imagine what my night would've been like if I didn't have their help. So thank you!

Patricia K.

We didn't get to order past our beverages, which took some time to be approached for. Talking with the guests in the bar, staff looking at their cell phones, and a smoke break out front, were more important than even taking our order. We left when the seemingly one and only server walked outside with a cigarette in his mouth before taking our order.


The people here are rude and weird. Every time I go to pick up food there is some hillbilly drunks inside and the bar maid and cook ignore me. Seems they hate working there but nobody is forcing them! Clean up your town and be professional! Yikes.

Sheila Bradley

Great food, super bar tender. Kenny is great bar tender/ server. Stop in and try it you'll like it.

Cody Palmer

Excellent drinks, food, and service. Genuine bartenders and a good DJ for karaoke.

Cason Conley

Had a great time playing darts. The bar tender was extremely knowledgeable and very nice.

Melissa Evelyn

Karaoke on Fridays and employees are super cool! Prices are great!!

debbie evans

The people who work here are REALLY AWESOME & FRIENDLY!!! My 9 yr old great nephew said if he had a phone, he'd give them a 5 star!!! So I said I would right now!!! I've never had a bad meal! You can have breakfast, lunch, or dinner any time

Tami M

Hubby & I visited several months ago for breakfast. It was our first time. Won't be going back, as the place is more of a Bar than a restaurant. There was no dedicated waitstaff...the poor bartender had to tend bar AND wait tables. It was abut 10am, (we were the only 'diners', and the jukebox was playing heavy metal rock waaaay to loudly. It made for a very unpleasant experience.Also, the interior was dark, grimy and stunk like an old bar. It was really bad. The carpet was disgustingly dirty & worn, there was junk being stored in piles in the corners of the room.On the up side, the food wasn't bad, but it wasn't anything to rave about either. It definitely wasn't homemade. The waiter was friendly and did his best.

Logan M.

My wife and I have eaten here twice and both times have been very good. The patty melt and French dip were very flavorful, the meat is delicious and seasoned very well. The pancakes were also very good. We will definitely be going back!

Kyra S.

This place would be missed if you were not looking for it. Interior is definitely updated with the reminence of cigarette smoke from decades ago. What the food is absolutely outstanding a must try is the chicken fried steak breakfast with eggs. They compare perfectly with any of the best chicken fried steak I ever put my mouth. I definitely will come here again and you can also order it on DoorDash.

toby anderson

Food was decent. They were short handed so it took awhile to get service. Great customer service and very polite. Atmosphere was nice.

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The Carriage Restaurant & Lounge

1334 12th Ave, Longview, WA 98632
(360) 425-8545