Thai Go

3000 184th St SW #846, Lynnwood
(425) 775-1345

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Sydney Johnson

Giving a two because the food was OK (the few bites I took BUT Pad Thai was very plain, lemon chicken AND chicken curry were room temperature. Really hope I don’t get food poisoning. I will not be going back. Vegetables were good and tasted fresh so... I guess that’s a plus.

Robin Jeon

Great food with huge portions! Shrimps tastes really good!

Lorena U.

Great Place! My son and I love it The owner is super friendly. Big portions and good price!

Susan R.

Big portions and definitely much better than Panda Express. The only downside is their pad Thai isn't that good. Left a weird taste in my mouth. But definitely a place to check out if you're in the food court. The coconut shrimp is yummy


This place used to be good, but I ate here today and it was bland and the server was stingy with the serving. It’s tuesday and the mall is empty, you’re going to throw most of that away. Also there were no spring rolls ready. Lame.


Amazing food and service! Don’t get that often elsewhere

William K.

Great food and service! I don't get that a lot elsewhere. The owner remembers me everytime I drop by and even added extra complimentary sides with my order. Food has been consistently tasty

Tucker Graham

Came here on a Sunday evening and got the worst customer service ever! They refused to make fresh food. They were out of noodle and out of rice and when I ordered a combo they could not go out of their way to make fresh but they could make fresh noodles for my fiancé when he ordered pad Thai. Never coming here again and if I could give it 0 stars I would!


Great food. Great customer service

Manny Juarez

Good prices kinda heavy on my stomache tho

Brandon K.

Easily my favorite restaurant in the malls food court. The same guy is there most times I visit and he's very nice. They're not stingey with the shrimp, unlike most places, and it's very consistently pretty good. It's not the best Thai food that I've had, but it's convenient and better than most of the other food court spots.

Steven Pfeiffer

Thai Go is a great place for good food! Very friendly people and large portions of excellent food.

Michael R.

Ok so for a mall fast food establishment I really like this place. Loads of food that is hot and very tasty. If you don't like any of the selections because it looks old you can ask them to make it fresh. We sometimes come here for a quick bite of near Alderwood Mall. My faves are the lemon chicken and the Thai pepper steak with steam rice.

Jinsil Jenn C.

All of the real thai food that isn't Chinese thaste like canned food. The meat texture is slimy and they have peas in the curry. The yellow curry tasted like Indian curry but from a can.

Funmi S.

Absolutely the worst. Got beef fried rice. It was the worst Thai food I ever had. For $11, I expected a decent meal. Never again will I buy anything here. Also the food was poor quality. The beef tasted very old and nasty. Ended up throwing the whole food away.

Arthur A.

Close cousin's to the panda. A standard asian meal with it's on take on speed grubs. Packaged and delivered at the speed of your command, rice and meat has never been served so swiftly once more.

Curtis J.

The noodles are delicious.

Markie W

Incredibly bland and boring. Thai food is supposed to be flavorful and fragrant. This tasted like grandma's stew. I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 because it isn't offensive. Just bland.

C A.

This was tasty. I got the 2-item plate with one of my items as coconut shrimp. It was SO good. I knocked off a star because their limes looked brown. But the service was great and the guy just kept letting me try samples of each dish until I found the two that I liked. For mall food, it's a good choice. Better than Panda Express for sure if you're in the mood for Asian food.


One of the best coconut shrimps I've tried. We always go back here everytime we're in the Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood, WA.

Thai Go

3000 184th St SW #846, Lynnwood, WA 98037