Double Barrel BBQ

732 Point Brown Ave NE, Ocean Shores
(360) 500-5872

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steve arnold

Great service , reasonable prices and I would say it's the best barbecue barbecue in this part of the state. I recommend It.Parking: Plenty of parking right out front

Barbara Baldridge

Went there today after spending the afternoon at the beach. Two if us split the Tombstone and were disappointed. The brisket, pulled pork, chicken and ribs were all cold with a hot spicy bbq sauce. There was no seasoning on the brisket so it tasted like an overcooked bland roast. The cd mac and cheese was the best thing on the plate. My friend got a baked potato that was also cold and tasted like an old potato. Definitely will not be going back.


Not impressed; again. Even tho was only noon(weekday) said out of certain food items. Seems lately always the case. Food ordered was just mediocre. May or may not be back. Kinda disappointed

Joshua Quarrell

Customer service was extraordinary. They are so nice. The homemade BBQ sauce was delicious. Loved the grill taste of the food.

willie kinfam

I tried. They only had burgers and brisket available when I showed up. Ok no problem. I ordered the $18 brisket combo plate with beans and an extra side of coleslaw.I knew I was in trouble when I asked the lady if I could only get the point part of the brisket. She had no idea what I was asking.I was immediately disappointed when I opened my container of food. My brisket was sliced deli thin! The portion size I got was beyond laughable. Look at all the other pics of the brisket portion and compare it to what I got.The coleslaw was not good. No flavor at all. The beans were awesome. Cornbread was ok.Overall, not bad but not mind blowing for me. My major disappointment is the 2oz of brisket I got. The brisket should be the highlight of the combo

Eldri Earles

Had a good dinner, but we didn't realize the grill closed at 5:30pm. Those people wanting burgers or fish & chips ended up choosing something else to eat. Three of us adults shared the Tombstone (probably only good for two, we were still a little hungry). Kids got a baked potato and small slice of cheesecake. Overall super nice and helpful staff and good food. Clean restaurant as well!

Laura Griffith

Small place with just a few indoor tables; The food was delicious. We wanted to try their pulled pork, but they were out, so they substituted brisket for us. It was served with one side and some really good cornbread (which was on the sweet side and very soft and moist). I had a side of potato salad and hubs tried their cowboy beans (slightly spicy). Everything was very good, but they only allow one drink refill. It's super casual with plastic utensils.

tj shreves

In town on work, wanted a good dinner. If you come here and need food, go here first. The BBQ sauce is amazing, on top of brisket that was cooked to perfection. Best cornbread I've had in years, and not a fan of all coleslaw but there appleslaw is very good as well. I kinda wish I bought a 2nd plate.

Teresa Gildersleeve

Today is our anniversary, so decided to get some lunch to celebrate. I ordered pulled pork and hubby had the brisket. I would of given this place 5 stars, but the coleslaw was tasteless. The BBQ sauce however, was delicious! So was our meat. The cornbread was divine too. I had a bite of my hubby’s Mac N cheese, delicious. Definitely will return.

Patricia F.

Yum! Ran in for a quick lunch while camping near Ocean Shores. The pulled pork was my (and my 6 year old's) favorite.

Jayden T.

Great Brisket, Mac and Cheese and Cornbread. There were only two people working. But they got things done pretty quickly and the food was great.

Krystan A.

Loved all my food but the cornbread was by far my favorite item. I don't know how I'd have handled the brisket in and establishment that does such fine work. I may have felt as if I were in heaven. Too bad they were out when we arrived. Still super amazing food. Loved it.

Martha Sizemore

This was such a disappointment. We went on my birthday this past week when we visited the ocean. The absolute worst BBQ we've ever had. So dry, bad flavor; macaroni and cheese was gross, pasta overcooked and no cheese taste. When we came in they said the cook was at the store and it would be a few. We ordered the Tombstone. We sat down and watched the woman at the Register go handle food without washing her hands, without gloves, just touching people's corn bread (which was also disgusting) after she had been handling money. When the cook came in, same , he didn't wash his hands, just started handling food; after a few minutes he put on gloves. Also got our sides wrong twice, not that it mattered, I tried a couple bites but really did not want to eat it after I watched how they handled food.Do NOT eat there! Yuck!

Grant Morley

Had the usual tombstone this eve; but was not like previous. This time, it seemed the portions were much smaller; no pulled pork at all, order was wrong. Got potato salad not the baked beans as ordered. Sad thing is it seemed to have very little bbq flavor . Will continue to just go at lunch time but probably not dinner.


Not the best this eve ; had the tombstone as usual. Portions seemed light. Order was wrong; no baked beans but potato salad. Also, when got home discovered there was no pulled pork at all. Seemed not much bbq flavor this time either. Lunchtime was way better

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