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Monique Jones

I recently ate at Emily's again because I enjoyed my first meal with them 3 years ago! I ordered Salmon again because I was very impressed with the flavor during my first experience. When my order came out I discovered VERY quickly it was NOT the same Salmon and was told the Salmon I had the first time was no longer on the menu. Needless to say I was disappointed. This time around the Salmon was overcooked, a little tough and lacked flavor for the price being charged. I did enjoy the veggies and mashed potatoes that came with the meal. I also ordered the steamed clams which were OUTSTANDING!! They were tasty and packed flavor (I was mad at myself for finishing them so quickly lol). I finished off my meal with a slice of Cheesecake. Just like Salmon I LOVE Cheesecake. The Cheesecake was so heavenly I almost ordered a slice to go but didn't give into the temptation. Overall the staff were great and the service was efficient.

Nayara Montoya

We shared the lobster tail w 2 sides, was great but not much big lol so we ordered the Mac n Cheese which was great, but the pork belly was over cook, but still tasty


On the expensive side, but the food and service was excellent. The ribeye, sautéed mushrooms and fried Brussels sprouts were amazing.

Darren F.

Gets a big ol' meh in my opinion. It didn't suck but for the price it just felt like we didn't get our money's worth. The service was good enough, she did a few drive-bys to check on us but didn't crowd us either. It was our first time and probably wouldn't go again, besides, what's a casino that doesn't have a buffet????


The restaurant is nice but the coffee bar is abysmal. I've stopped by numerous times and they are very very slow and unbelievably rude. The overweight woman running the bar in the morning of 8/17 had two people walk away as she chatted with a friend who ordered 10 minutes prior and refused to serve another person and opted to pretend to clean items at the bar. Maybe Emily's punishes horrible staff by putting them at the coffee bar. Stay away at all costs. It's worth driving to ocean shores. It'd be quicker.

Steven Williams

Very good food. Razor clams are the best I've had and so for the Steamers. They served my wife a rare steak when she ordered Med. well. They would of got 5 stars except they took the steak back and bought it out Med. rare the second time. The service was very good and they did take the steak off the bill, our server was a real cutie and took great care of us. The Clam Chowder was delicious


Prices are insane for the poorest quality of food. Ordered the Alfredo Fettuccine with chicken....and jesus the size was tiny, the garlic was burnt in the dish making the whole meal sour. Chicken was chewy.Mac n cheese had better flavors, but the pork belly was extremely dry.All said and done, not worth the price and the servers seemed to judge us on our age. Since we weren't doing big dishes we saw our server 1 time, while the tables next to us had servers come and go. We had to wave at a passing server just to get our check.Absolutely will not be coming back and warn others to be vary weary.

Chad D.

Prime rib dip sandwich and clam chowder were good but a bit pricey for $20 sandwich. Caesar salad wAs decent. Would eat here again. Want to try the $45 steaks next time.


Great food, a bit pricey, and I don't know if it was the pandemic or something else but the menu has been greatly oversimplified. I used to get the Razor Clam Breakfast and it was literally the only reason I went and was super disappointed to find out they no longer have it or serve any razor clams for breakfast.Still a good breakfast, would've been 5 stars but the price doesn't justify the food.

Debbie Gleeson

Service was awesome: we were seated quickly and time timing for the meal including bringing the bill was perfect. Steamers were outstanding! Halibut fish and chips very good. We got two appetizers Steamers and pork belly mac and cheese, fish and chips and prime rib dip and it was $75.00. We took half our entrees home. Not a bad value for the money.

Russell C.

Are you f'ing kidding me? $7 for four pieces of ice cold garlic bread? Now with no sauce either. I can buy a loaf at the IGA which would be better. Fish and chips used to be good. A couple of pieces with fries. Now it's a big blob. One crappy piece. Totally ridiculous. Wedge salad soaked in dressing? Seriously. Maybe a little salad with the dressing. $14? Can you say rip off? Places should try to get better not worse. Definitely not worth the money now.

Nancy S.

Lovely service and great views! I celebrated an early birthday with the Hubbs. Started with clam chowder (just okay!) and a wedge salad (yum!). I got the prime rib dinner and the Hubbs got the ribeye. The fries were especially nice. Both cooked perfectly and big portions. And peach cobbler for dessert! We took lots home for the next day! The reason for only 4 stars? We had a $150 meal, and all the beverages were brought to us in plastic cups. Just killed the buzz of a nice dinner. Greatly appreciated the veteran discount. Thank you!

James P

My wife and I ate at the bar. I had a burger and she had the French Dip. Both were great. My burger was huge. Had two strips of bacon that were thick and more like pork belly. Service at the bar was very attentive and pleasant. Our only down tick was the cost of two sandwiches. Even so, we'll be back and do highly recommend this place.


I was so disappointed with the food that was served. I ordered twin lobster tails, they were overcooked, the brussel sprouts were over cooked. They didn't even cut the baked potato and served the butter, sour cream in a plastic cup like for ketchup in at fast foods, I ordered a Margarita and kid you not it was served in a plastic drinking cup with salt on the rim..My husband ordered the Prime rib and it was half fat. They totally ruined our Anniversary dinner. WE READ THE REVIEWS AND THERE WAS A LOT OF MIX. PLEASE FIND SOMEWHERE ELSE SO YOU TO WON'T RUIN A SPECIAL OCCASION LIKE OURS... bb

Rosque E.

I had the fish and chips and the fish was delicious. It was cod and it was fresh and cooked perfectly! I asked the others at my table and the same dish was cooked just right. The wait was a bit long and asking some folks around town, it seems to be the trend as there is a shortage of workers due to the pandemic. Out server was busy but attentive and courteous and we were grateful of her.

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