Home Port Restaurant

857 Point Brown Ave NW, Ocean Shores
(360) 289-2600

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The Home Port has great food, reasonable prices, and AWESOME wait staff. Service is always quick and friendly. I've been coming to Ocean Shores as a vistor for nearly 30 years. This is my "go-to" place for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Excellent food and service. I would definitely go back there again. They had a large variety in their menus. They also had a full bar. Great place!!


We went there for dinner. The place has a great atmosphere, friendly wait staff and the food was great. Good portions, hot when severed and the wait staff continually checked in. Highly recommend


We visited with much trepidation. We'd read all the reviews but ultimately decided to see it for ourselves. We started with being seated. All of the staff was friendly and helpful. I asked the waitress why so many bad reviews and she was honest: said their problem had been inconsistency regarding staff and chefs. She said they're stable now and really want to please everyone. We started with the calamari. It was cooked properly and delicious. This was followed by our main courses: the Captain's Plate for me and the prawns for my wife. Everything was superb! Tasty and filling. Dessert was amazing as well. For those who swore they'd never go back, do it anyway. Give them another chance. We had a fantastic meal and absolutely will be back!

Sabrina Cook

We had dinner last night and breakfast this morning. On both visits, the staff was friendly, fun and engaging! The chicken wings we had as an app were super crunchy, hubby's steak was tasty and the Crab Louie was spot on. For breakfast the portions were good size and the coffee was flowing! The chicken fried steak did not disappoint and the hash browns were fresh and crunchy! Thank you to the staff at both visits for making it such a great experience! We'll be back for sure!


Came in as a family of four for our * nice dinner out" meal. Several of options, but have been here in the past and wasn't disappointed. We knew they were short staffed by all the signs they had posted, so we packed our patience. Waited 30 min no problem. Ordered food and waited. Got our food and the Alaskan cod my son ordered had big chunks of yuck. The waiter didn't even leave the table because he saw how gross it was. He took it back and we tried the next piece with even weirder grosser blackish grey meat. We told the waiter we didn't want it replaced and the waiter said he didn't blame us, that the manager said they wouldn't use the cod because they kept finding yucks. When I asked the waiter where the manager was he said he didn't know she wasn't in the back. Then how did she say they weren't serving the nasty fish!? I don't know, I don't care, but for $25 ish bucks a plate they should be a little more concerned with quality. Since I never got confirmation about what the blackish nastiness was, I'm gonna confirm that one of the pieces was white flakey good looking cod and the other two, were bottom of the barrel dollar store quality fish sticks, they tried selling as quality fish. Be weary, this place is sketch and a scam. Pretty nasty, my son better not get get sick from eating this rancid meat.


The Clubhouse sandwich is amazing but it’s a little hard to eat. There hash browns are top tier. It’s a little pricey but the taste of their food makes up for it


Great restaurant the food consistently tastes good and is well prepared. The serving staff do a great job. This is one of my go to places in Ocean Shores. This is a nice place for a good steak or some nice seafood.


My husband went to the Home Port for an early dinner last night. Hubby ordered the prime rib, medium rare. The Home Port only serves prime rib on Fridays and Saturdays from 4-9 pm. We ere there around 5pm. A table of four was sat across from us after we'd already ordered our food. The four were served (prime rib) before our order was served. My husband's prime rib was well done when our order came out. He sent it back, but the server said the cook only had three slices left, and they were all well done. I ordered their cioppino. It was clearly made with frozen seafood. The waiter told us the other table was served before us because the kitchen needed extra time to cook the cioppino. We expected some discount for the prime rib because it was well done, but that was not offered. Very expensive prices for food that was no where worth the cost.


Short staffed, Food been under warmer a while before served. Salmon under seasoned, Dijon chicken was just chicken with a ton of Dijon on it. Chowder was good. Salads small, baked potato tiny. Edible but so overpriced and took over hour to get salad and 20 more min to get rest of food. Very sad to see it fall so far. Used to love the place. Several people that came after us served and gone before us.

Jenny R

Came here for lunch a few weeks ago and had a nice time. I got the crab grilled cheese sandwich and salad and it was simple but fresh. The crab wasn't fishy and was delicious on the sandwich. Service was great as well. Can't wait to come back when in town.

Robin Williams

Pretty busy there tonight and really well taken care of still! Food was good! It's always nice when a place serves a solid drink as well. I'm a happy customer!

Patrick Dembiczak

Decent seafood, although I was pretty disappointed. For the high prices I expected something great. Bloody Mary was the best part of the meal. Probably won't return for food, just drinks in the bar.


The waitress did not listen when we ordered our dinner. She was to busy telling us we could not have corn with our meals. Two of us ordered the brisket dinner. The meat came to table raw and it was disgusting.it was [email protected] Brisket is not prme rib.. it's a muscle and must be cooked for 10 to 14 hours. Raw brisket is so tough you cannot stick a fork in it. I told the waitress and she never offered to replace it. The cooks in this kitchen have no clue how to cook brisket and should seek help. The Ocean Shores grocery store make a fabulous brisket on Fridays, maybe they could call them to learn how to cook a brisket or Google it. Chefs are cluless!

John M.

Very rude. Not professional. Food was alright. At least Ocean a shores is prettty.thanks.

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