Pirates Cove Pub

798 Ocean Shores Blvd NW, Ocean Shores
(360) 289-4400

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My husband and I just had dinner here tonight. The chowder was great as were the fish and chips and cod burger. I like my fries crispy, I ask for them that way and that is how they came. Our server, Beckie, was friendly and did a fantastic job. We have only been here about 5 times in the last 2-3 years, si we are not known or regulars. I understand Alexa is no longer with them. Give them a try, you won’t be sorry.!

Michael Newman

The food was scrumptious, the staff were very kind, and the pricing was reasonable. I would visit again!


Wonderful fish and chips! Best comment i can give --- I'll go back every time i go to Ocean Shores! And i ate at 6 other restaurants while i was there! This one is the only one i want to have more of!!!

Colin Dies

Seems like a local pub. The food's not great, but they make decent drinks and service is good. Hard to go wrong if you're wanting a beer. I'd say the age demographic seems to be about 55+.

Oj Johnson

Super friendly service. The folks here even sing to the music playing. By far the best burger in town

Terri Husby

Food was good the entertainment was great they need another server one wasn’t enough

C Jezek

The burgers themselves were good but everything else about this meal was horrible! Barely any Au Jus, the fries were rock hard and gross, and the price was pretty high. All in all, there are far better places to eat in Ocean Shores.


The food took over 30 minutes, and the place was not busy. I ordered the the shipwreck, which was grilled on the outside, greasy and burned. There was a hamburger in the middle of the bread, and no meat around the edges. The fries were mediocre. My friend ordered a reuben which was grilled on both sides and almost black. We only had water, and the waitress never returned after delivering the food, so no water refill or bill. On the positive side, they serve beer. The decor is interesting and there is a pinball machine in the corner to entertain yourself while waiting for the food. $38 for burger with au jus and a reuben, with fires


I can in looking for a good burger and was not disappointed! I had the buccaneer burger with cheese and cove chips! Cooked perfectly and the chips are to die for! Will definitely be back!

Chad Birkenfeld

Great staff and very friendly.

Cheryl C.

Why do you close so early in July? I would love to have had some of your clams tonight.

Staci L.

Came to Ocean shores for a quick trip from Seattle and went to grab some breakfast at pirates cove. It was close by our hotel and seemed to have some good food options. Unfortunately, this was the worst decision we made while visiting. Upon arrival, our waitress Alexa was rude and stand offish. There was absolutely no hospitality to our table. She basically ignored our table, she never came to refill our coffee. Failed to bring sugar / creamer without us asking. When we got our food the waitress spilled gravy on me from someone else's plate that was going across the table. It didn't seem like it was an accident that she spilt it on me, and there was no apology nor offer for extra napkins to clean up the gravy she spilt on me. The food for the whole table was just simply terrible. No seasoning, no flavor. We even heard the table next to us complaining of their food as well. Overall this place wouldn't have been SO BAD if the waitress Alexa wasn't so horrible. But it was just an extremely bad experience .


I wish I could give this place no stars. We walked in and it was very busy in there. We went during the sawdust festival. It was pretty late and the bartender was helping someone, I wasn't even hungry but just thumbing through the menu while I wait. I noticed that the bartender kept glancing at me while she was helping the gentleman at the counter. She then looked over at me, while the customer was still talking and said, the restaurant is closed, super rudely and then went back to helping the customer. We just walked right back out. Will never even attempt to walk in there ever again.

Thad London

This place has excellent service, they have to step up with their nacho game. So I definitely recommend not to get the nachos unless they up their game!!

Nicole S.

I've come to this place three times now. Thought it was a great restaurant until I brought my family from India there for burgers and drinks. We were treated so differently this time. We were completely ignored and disrespected. As soon as we sat down, we ordered our drinks and we were asked what we wanted to eat although we were not provided with menus. We asked for menus and a few minutes to decide what we wanted. We waited 15 minutes and our server never returned. There were four other tables and only one server...we were patient. After another 5 minutes, we let the server know we were ready to order and she said she would be right back. Another 15 minutes passed and we were never asked for our order. We asked for our bill. When we got our bill, we were charged for 5 shots of Jameson when we only ordered 4. The server insisted that we had actually ordered 5 Jameson shots although we are certain we only ordered 4. There are 5 of us but one driver who only had lemonade. The server said she would remove the fifth drink and we gave her cash to pay our bill. When she returned with our change, she had not removed the drink and provided us with change for the original bill. She again insisted that we had ordered 5 drinks. All of the employees gave us attitude and told us to go somewhere else. We had already decided to leave at this point so it felt extremely rude and to be frank, racist. I will never return to this bar/grill.

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