Red Genie Pizza

766 Ocean Shores Blvd NW, Ocean Shores
(360) 289-8144

Recent Reviews

Sara Cloyd

Deliciously Cheesy! Best pizza in Ocean shores hands down!Food: 5/5

Rachal McGroarty

This place is a MUST STOP every time I'm in the area. I live about an hour and a half away and I still haven't found a pizza place as good as this. I don't know if it's the ingredients they use or what but they knock it outta the park every time! I was so worried they might disappear during the covid lock downs, and I am so happy they made it through. Cannot recommend them enough. Staff is always so sweet and friendly too. Just the best little place.Editing to add; these 1 star reviews must either have a personal vendetta or no damn idea what good food tastes like.


Sadly Red Genie did not fulfill our wish of having a great first dinner in ocean shores. Although the service was great, the food was mediocre at best. And for the high cost, I would expect excellent quality. We were the last pizza of the night, so many would argue that shouldn’t matter, but there is something to it. Service was pleasant and employees were attentive. Regardless, pizza was greasy, crust tasted like cardboard, as did the cheesy bread. I bought the 1 pound of wings and only ate 1 as they were so bad. Basically chicken nuggets that were squishy and extra battered. We came here off of the strong 4.3 review, but we were mislead.

Destiny Thompson

We ordered a large pepperoni pizza and the cheesy bread. Very delicious. Pizza was large enough to feed my family of 5 with a slice left over. Live when I can feed the family take out for under 30 dollars.

willie kinfam

Today is my first time in Ocean Shores and this is the first place we ate at. They are closed for dine in. Getting to go was no problem as we were staying at the Shiloh Inn.We ordered a Cheese pizza, Hawaiian pizza, and boneless wings. The pizza was awesome but the wings were the star. Too good!


Great pizza, pick up only, you can call ahead and pick it up. . $33 for family size tsumani pizza, which is their 'everything' pizza.

lebA Essog

Having lived in nyc and the south of France, I’m kinda picky about pizza but Red Genie is spot on…dough is perfect mozzarella cheese just right! Best pizza in a 100 miles radius ! Staff is super friendly too!!!

Michelle M.

Excellent pizza!! Great tasting. My husband said it was the perfect amount of everything on the pizza!

Liquid FP

Very welcoming atmosphere and the pizza was just way we like it. Very hearty and the cheese was perfect.

Alex Griffith

Loved their pizza! Me and my family picked some up on our vacation after a long day at the beach. Was given to us nice and hot and filled us up just right! Also- very friendly service at the counter, will certainly be coming again.The pizza also tastes wonderful!

Robert E.

Pizza was delicious. Just a simple pepperoni pizza and some garlic cheese bread. Didn't care for the cheesy bread, wish they would use a pizza crust for it instead of regular French bread. All in all very good and will be back. Service was fast and friendly.


THE ABSOLUTE BEST PIZZA I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!! I was recently in Chicago and. I thing I had there compares to this pizza! Salad and cheesy bread were perfection! Never had cheesy bread as good as this. My family of four also got two large pizzas one cheese and one half pepperoni and crispy bacon and the other half bbq sauce, chicken, crispy bacon and pineapple. The meat and that bacon! My lord! I have never had bacon like that in my life! I cannot say enough good things about this place. The ladies working are incredible! I will say, bring cash to tip these lovely ladies because the card machine doesn’t give you the option to leave a tip. Seriously, best food ever! I never write reviews but my whole family was amazed and just drooling over this food. ?

Alluvial Joe

The pizza was bad. The chicken was freezer burnt and rotten tasting. The owner doesn't treat employees well. All other places are open for dine-in in town. This owner is making all his money on takeout but the employees don't get tips. Owner won't open restaurant so employees can't earn money. Credit card machine doesn't even allow tips. Even so the staff was nice. Food was bad and seems the owner is too

D J.

Was visiting a friend in the OS and we wanted a pizza. We'd ordered from the competition on prior visits. Do yourself a favor and order here. The pizza has an excellently cooked crust, like a thin crust and a pan crust had a baby. The cheese on top of the toppings kept everything nice and snug from plate to face. Incredible flavor. Wonderfully helpful staff. Thumbs up!

Leanna A.

What a fun place! We got a meat lover's pizza, and...the Leanna pizza! My namesake! it was a chicken, bacon, ranch, hot sauce pizza and was really fun. Always good to find a solid pizza spot.

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