Garlic Crush

16095 Cleveland St #100, Redmond
(425) 968-2539

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Amy M.

I've eaten here about 5 times over the last 2 years. The food is probably a 6/10 to me. Just feels "ok" in terms of Mediterranean food. My real problem is the staff. Each time I've come into the restaurant to place an order, the staff is cold, uninviting, and literally acts annoyed that you came in! I've tried to give them multiple chances because maybe they were having an off day, but it's consistently unfriendly service and doesn't make me want to come in. I hope they take this to heart.

Emmett R.

Best Mediterranean in Redmond! Everything is so flavorful and the ingredients are top notch. The chicken kebab is very moist and flavorful - excellent as both a sandwich and salad. The falafels are the best my girlfriend's ever had. The salads are refreshing. Food is made to order, so expect a little wait, it's well worth it. Good portions and prices and the restaurant is very clean. A step up from your usual quick Mediterranean.

Shelby Ceis

I had this delivered by door dash so i don’t have any experience with the service but the falafel is amazing!! The best I’ve had in years since i left NY! I can’t tell you enough how awesome it was!

Chuck Wilson

Great rice and perfectly seasoned fries. The beef however, left a bit to be desired. I'll try the lamb next time and see if that is better.

Ajali de Veaux

Bae and I order from this spot at least 3x a week. The care put into our meals is always consistent. I appreciate how kind their employees are! They are always happy to accommodate us!

Smrithi S.

We decided to try this place last night for dinner, they are open for delivery and pick up. We got the chicken shawarma plate, and the chicken kebab plate. It comes with hummus, pita, and a choice of salad or lentil soup. The chicken kebab was really good.

Tom G.

I don't really leave reviews but I just got the most depressing lamb sandwich from here, couldn't let it go without a review. It's literally a tiny stick of a wrap with 90 percent lettuce, about 3 pieces of lamb throughout. When I saw it in the bag I thought it was like an accidental extra pita bread rolled up. Really really disappointed and still very hungry. $15 for this experience if you wanna make the same mistake!

Savanah M.

I love this place. Easy go to is their chicken shawarma plate. DELICIOUS! You can't go wrong with garlic fries. The best part of all is service is always quick and friendly!!!

Shuki H.

Been there about 1/2 dozen times. Food is ok but when we picked up our online order, they didn't know who we were. Finally after much back and forth, they found our order. Took the order home only to find some of the items were outright missing. Wouldn't order from them again.

Melissa Grant

Amazing food! Got takeout for the second time this quarantine and both times loved everything about our meals. If you have a gyro craving or kebab or garlic fries craving this is the place you should order from! Also do NOT pass up their garlic paste and pita with your order. Thank you for having such delicious food, and can’t wait to order again soon!

Lynn L.

I had the chicken shawarma, which was not that great. The accompanying sauces were pretty forgettable and lacked flavor. Just nothing that I would go back for.

Marcus A.

Greek yogurt fries were very good, as well as the pita bread, but the lamb/beef gyro meat could have had more flavor. But definitely one of my favorite quick eats

Kalie J.

This place makes me sad. I've been to a lot of Mediterranean places and I can tell that these people don't really care about how they present their food. I got a meat trio kebob plate and lemme tell you...that lamb was gross. The beef kabob was equally nasty, I was only able to put up with the chicken but even that wasn't that great. Kudos to the rice (though you slopped the veggies on top in a sad way) and the soup they were okay. The garlic sauce looks too gross to eat though, it's all curdled looking. There's no love in the food. Most Mediterranean places will put lots of love in the food and it shows, but it's not in the food that comes from this place. Gyro express in woodinville makes their food with lots of love because I always get a full plate of delicious goodness there and nice warm smile upon entering their establishment. The Mediterranean kitchen in Kirkland does the same. If you can't make proper Mediterranean food then please find another business to get into.

Jean Black

Ok food but huge portion. I wish they offer half portion. Parking is bad.

Vishnu A.

My coworkers and I ordered from here last week for lunch. I got the falafel sandwich (added feta), fried cauliflower, and we all split a Greek fries. The falafel sandwich was good, the falafel was crisp how I like, and there was an adequate amount of tzatziki. The cauliflower was also tasty, however I imagined it to be more crisp considering the menu said it was fried. The quantity is also very little. The Greek fries come as a large order. The garlic sauce and feta make it a flavorful side, however the fries were very soft/soggy. I prefer Mediterranean Grill off of Bel-Red, but I would still come back to eat here again. *Review from a lifelong vegetarian*

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