Jaguar Mexican Restaurant

306 Williams Ave S, Renton
(425) 255-3043

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tiyo burris

tacos were good but menudo was the worst i've ever had. It had no meat and was filled with tasteless soup

Karen B.

Amazing authentic Mexican food! Since I moved up here from San Diego I've been looking for some good chile verde and restaurants either don't have it on the menu or they serve chunks of pork with some green sauce, but this place has authentic chile verde with pork that has been cooked in the sauce until its tender. Thank you! I ordered on Door Dash and will do so again.

Rolan Valdez

Really great food, had the tacos carnitas and it just hit the spot. Clean place and cery friendly!

Bobbie Buckle

They took forever to give chips and freaking salsa... and the salsa was basically water with a few cilantro bits. And well the seafood fajitas was the grossed I’ve ever eaten. And I found a hair on the side of my plate! Holy F

Zach Black

Decent mexican food.. little over priced

Rick R.

Friendly authentic Mexican, eaten here 5 times already in the past month. Credentials: 100% Mexican

Amol Thorat

Your typical next door Mexican food joint! Chicken Fajita is absolutely my favorite and is delicious. Can't go wrong with Carne Asada too. Ample seating space but parking can be a problem considering it's right next to USPS and other busy places.Reducing a point just because of overly garish and bright LED lights everywhere and super loud music in the evening (or may be I went there at the wrong time?). I would love if they just stuck to traditional Mexican ambience that you see in such family run restaurants.Having said that, the interior is clean and in these insane covid-19 times, it's very important. The waitresses wear mask and gloves and wipe the tables clean ever so often. There's sanitizer on each table if you decide to dine in.Great little place with great food!

Darrell W.

Very nice people a the good was delicious. Nice selection on the menus and the prices are very good.

Gigi K.

the carne asada looked and tasted like it was boiled. one big ass piece with the nasty unchewable shyt still on it. 3 stars cuz the rest wasn't disgusting but i won't be coming back

Antoni S

I ordered the menudo. It wasn’t terrible, but very bland and watery. There were no hominy beans (maíz) if you’re expecting that. It did come hot, included some fresh and hot corn tortillas. They provided cilantro, onions, and lime. A great set-up.It was just disappointing once I got into the menudo. It was as if they were running low and poured hot water in what remained.I love menudo. Maybe today just wasn’t the day. I’ll try again another time.

Heather M.

I love this place! My friend and I come here all the time, well before Covid that is. The marinated carrots are amazing and the workers are so friendly! This is one of my favorite spots with the best memories in Renton!

Tiffany R.

Same delicious carnitas burrito and green salsa as before! Sad when el burrito loco didn't pull up on yelp to call in an order, but we drove by and sure enough- same location, sign is still up, it Jaguar is the new name I guess. Amazing burritos, quick service, and clean!

Miki B

I was parked near the restaurant and working inside the car for a while. Realized that I drained my battery and car won't start. Asked a couple of peoples to help but no one was willing. Finally I decided to try inside the restaurant and asked. The sheff came out to help without any question. This shows what kind of people they are. Ended up ordering food and loved it. Great food and great personality . Love them??

Geoff G.

This place gets 5 stars simply for not sucking at making Mexican food and.... drum roll... offering California burritos on the menu. For the uninformed, this is just a normal burrito, with french fries added inside. Yes, I know you're thinking 'how good can that be, sounds weird and not that special.' Friends, get ready for the specialness of wondrous magnitude. Lots of taco places in SoCal have this as a standard, but hardly any taquerias in Seattle offer this. Just try it, you'll love it.

Geni Fuentes

DELICIOUS food!!! Authentic mexican food with reasonable prices, and the staff make it so easy to order :).

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