WildFin American Grill

727 N 10th St, Renton
(425) 970-3757

Recent Reviews

Larkin Lamont

Great place for dinner. This large and welcoming restaurant has an extensive menu featuring seafood, steaks, chicken and amazing salads . We started with the warm Brie and clam chowder then on to a great vegetarian salad and the huge Seafood Tower. House wine is excellent!

Angela R.

Just had the Fried Chicken dinner at the Renton location, It was awful. The chicken quality was so poor it didn't cut with a knife, it didn't tear by hand, the feel of the bite was something I had never experienced. There were 3 pieces, one was completely inedible, one was half edible, one was ok. The mashed potatoes appear to be instant. No sign of potato whatsoever. Just a puree blob on the plate. I ordered the same meal at the Tacoma location the night before, simply delicious. Renton, What a disappointment. The Renton location has severely lowered the curve.Still shacking my head.

Laarni F.

I've been here for brunch pre covid and the experience was great so I decided that I'll celebrate my birthday this year. My friend made the reservations over the phone for 10 people, she was told that they can only seat 6 per table and that we all have to be there at 11:45 to be seated at the same time and same area. I don't know why the time was so strict when you've made reservations. What's the whole point in that ? Anyway, our server was awesome and food was just meh. But what really irked me is that i went to sit at the other table to briefly say goodbye to my friend and get my bday gift from her and out of nowhere, I'm assuming she's the manager, goes to me, "weren't you at the other table?" I said yes and I'm just stopping by. Mind you the table was 2 feet away. She then proceeds to say that they will get fined $10k. I said sorry multiple times, she didn't have to be a jerk about it. What did she want? To get on my knees and beg for forgiveness?!? Wtf?!? I didn't know Covid 19 turns you to a dick! Hopefully the other wildfin locations aren't this bad. There are other places to dine on a Sunday afternoon for sure.

Crystal Amo

Was absolutely impressed for my first real dinner out since COVID. Everything was very clean. Absolutely not crowded at all. The food was delicious.. and Drew- our server was hands down amazing!! He was able to answer all of our questions with ease and confidence!

Steven Shumaker

Great pizza, great pasta, great spot. Service was friendly and efficient. Room was warm and comfortable. Definitely be back.

Ryan Atkin

Such a great menu! Unique dishes and drinks. The flavors are absolutely amazing

P. J. K.

Great service AND food, especially considering Covid! Had the appetizer tower during happy hour....was spot on amazing! Perfectly made martinis.... pure deliciousesness.


Thank you for the wonderful review Kirk! Just a reminder that you can get our same amazing food togo or from one of our delivery partners 7 days a week from 12:00pm-8:00pm during these troublesome times!

Lee Johnson

Sometimes you have a real disconnect between great food, and great service...WildFin was a concert of both! Clean bold flavors from appetizer to entree and beautiful plating that I would expect at a much higher spend. This was a great experience from nose to toes and one that I intend to repeat often!


Great casual spot for delicious seafood. I have beem coming here for almost 5 years now and I have enjoyed every dish so far. I have never had a long wait and the atmosphere makes for a great date night spot. I have had the ahi crossing, mac and cheese, parmesan crusted sole, grilled salmon, grille halibit, crab stuffed rockfish and peppercorn crusted steak. They have this AMAZING banana fosters bread pudding with a secret in sauce but sadly they don't seem to serve it at the Renton, Wa location anymore. If you are at another location that has it, DO NOT PASS IT UP!4 stars for the climate...it is ALWAYS ridiculously cold inside!

R Mathis

Nice scene for american food. I was so full. I look forward to a return trip. Prices are decent for the quality.

Justin Z.

I'm doing them a favor by not rating my experience at one start because they were great for a long time. The Ruston location was packed and we didn't have reservations so we drove to Renton craving their calamari. Shockingly the pace was empty on a Saturday night and after our experience I can see why. Would not be so bad if we were not really looking forward to eating here after so long with COVID and all. The service was okay but the food was not even close to being the same. Not just one plate, but everyone's was horrible. All four of us took our first bite and looked up at each other in disappointment. Enough so that we will not return to this location after years of eating here. I highly recommend to the management that they bring their family in for a random meal. See for yourself how bad it's got. Just out of curiosity we will go back and try Ruston again. If it's the same this place is off our list of favorite spots. Real shame when you are looking forward to a meal for a meal and spend well over $100 and drive for an hour each way to get there.

David Yusuf

With everything that is going on in the world. One has to be careful and find a place that is safe and has great food. I recommend this restaurant for friends and family. They have an open space inside and an area to eat outside as well. They definitely pay attention to social distancing

Mark Jackman

Really great food! Fresh and delicious sea food, great atmosphere and very friendly service.

Kristen A.

I've been to Wildfin dozens of times, both this location and the one in Ruston. I love it for the fresh, handmade menu options, the best calamari in the region and the service is always great. I've taken customers there and gone on dates there and it's a perfect setting for both. That all being said....Recently my finance and I went to dinner with two of his friends (my suggestion) and I was so beyond disappointed it's actually taken me a few days to write this review. I understand with covid happening all around us the restaurants have had to make concessions however we've been out enough to know what's reasonable to expect. First off, the service was not up to their standard. When we entered the host was on the phone and didn't even try to make eye contact. Luckily we saw our dinner mates and found our own way to the table. Secondly, it was no where nearly as clean as I've come to expect. Especially the bathroom. But third and most important was the food. We ordered the appetizer tower. It came with maybe 6 pieces of calamari (less than usual) the shrimp were over cooked and the sauce broken and the little toast things (their new, I don't remember what they were called) were just not good. We decided to break out of what we would normally order so he got the fried chicken and I had the shrimp and grits. His chicken was dry and served over very basic masked potatoes. No veggies. Nothing special. My grits weren't even really grits nor were they good. They tasted like cornmeal partly mixed up. The shrimp varied between over and under done and the chunks of sausage were like small rocks they were so hard. The sauce over the top was broke and it just looked a mess. I hope this is just the place struggling with meeting the covid demands and that they get turned around soon!

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