Esther's Restaurant

90 N Clark Ave, Republic
(509) 775-2088

Recent Reviews

Michael Rapp

All around delicious! Good service and beautiful dining area

Nick Ramirez

good service and the food is amazing

Troy Fairchild

Small portions. Large Prices. Did not actually taste the food. Ordered nachos and received more chips with the complimentary chips and salsa than I did on my $13 plate of nachos. I sent the nachos back. No one asked me what was wrong with the nachos or even if I wanted something different. All I received was dirty looks.

Keeping Up With The Curley’s

Came in tonight to get something to eat noticed a sign on the door that u guys were open till 7. I understand we could not have food but then I asked if we could get a drink because u had 15 min left. The lady was rude and told us no. It’s 107 out and u won’t let us get a drink really fast! It’s HOT out and that’s why u are closing early u could have offered us something!

David Dabling

Wowza! Yum! Wowza!Okay I am under control again. The Gold Pan burger is the best I have ever tasted. Local Grass fed beef, Local bakery, local kitchen excellence. Good service. YES!BTW charming interior, wife and I both took pictures.

Jon Yerkes

Great food at a good price

Sarah Beth Radical

Great food and server!

Melissa wallace

Love the food and the service

Melanie Shupperd - Davis

I reccomend their burgers! Best burger in town & surrounding area in my opinion. Seasoned & cooked perfectly. Their fries with this meal are just beautiful as well. The staff are down to earth & relatable. Their dining area is bright, beautiful & comfortable. They also have a big cozy looking bar but I didn't go in there. All around awesome experience with this place & I give them high Mark's! WELL DONE!

Sheri Patrick

Always great service, love them.

Levi Parker

The food here is mediocre at best and severely overpriced for what you get. The decor is dark and tired. The service is hit and miss, usually leaning toward the miss side. Drinks are empty for long periods of time and you have to constantly ask for refills or new drinks of you are consuming alcohol.

Markus Urseth

Never did get Pico we ask for,had to ask for the daily special rate . Service was slow and only us and one other customer go figure ?

Sônia Sousa Wachholz

I really liked the restaurant, and the food was good. Just a little adventure far away from the big towns.?

Tom Burns

Really good food, friendly service. Makes you feel like you are in your home town. I highly recommend it.

Derek Jamison

Great food! Highly recommend.

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