Dickey's Barbecue Pit

2530 Queensgate Dr, Richland
(509) 396-9835

Recent Reviews

Thomas Carnevale

So happy to have Dickey's back in the Tri Cities! Great BBQ and the 2 for 24 deal gives you so much food!

Deborah Brower

They're doing a great job during Covid-19 food taste great and service is friendly

Jacob Stolworthy

Wasn’t very impressed. We’ve had Dickeys before, but these portions were very small. We ordered a 3 meat with sides, knowing in the past that two of us could share, but this was hardly enough for one. I’m not a fan of ordering dinner and still being hungry afterwards ?

Emily Gage

Food was great and service was good! Pretty good deal for the portions you get.

Amy Benton Porter

Hubby and I stopped by for a quick lunch at the Richland Dickeys. After looking at the menu and app we decided to walk in to order because it would be quicker. On the app, our order came to $24 something. Inside your restaurant, the exact same order came to $33 something. When I asked about the difference, the manager just said it was the apps fault. No offer of a refund or free food. After I said we wouldn’t eat there again, he finally said something about a discount if we came back but if house didn’t ask our names or numbers. Grrr.

Amy P.

Hubby and I stopped by for a quick lunch at the Richland, Wa Dickeys. After looking at the menu and app we decided to walk in to order because it would be quicker. On the app, our order came to $24 something. Inside the restaurant, the exact same order came to $33 something. When I asked about the difference, the manager just said it was the app and corporates fault. No offer of a refund or free food. After I said we wouldn't eat there again, he finally said something about a discount if we came back but he didn't ask our names or numbers. Grrr.

Jason L.

Worst garbage I have ever order and ate in my life. I paid 70 dollars in food for delivery and got small portions so small like I was sampling at Costco. The place was just around the corner of are home it arrived in 5min and the garbage that arrived was cold. My salad and Mac in cheese was in little puny dickie cups , This place is trash and will never spend my hard working earned money with them. I am beyond disgusted and utterly disappointed! The amount they charged for what we was delivered was horrible! Then I went to call the restaurant and their number is not a working number! Imagine that! They charged $17 for 2 bites of salad and literally it was two bites and salad was brown! Portion size on sides was for a toddler! Definitely a damn sample size! We should have ordered Texas Roadhouse! We would've paid less and gotten adult portions! Not to mention our damn food is cold! Had to warm it up! Thanks a lot! I will not give a good rating unless it's known it's a joke! Looks like we will be heading there to show pictures and get some type of reimbursements back! This place deserve no stars , we should of stayed with Texas road house

D W.

Horribly disappointed. Good was cold. Portions small. Spent over 50 fo two people. Beans bland . Ribs were mediocre.

Lyn Paul

I wish I can give this place no stars at all. This is my second time here at this location in RICHLAND WA and the first time I came here they over charged me for my order and had the nerve to say that their menu is not updated. Right now I’m sitting outside and my order was for 1 pm and they still haven’t given me my order. This place has good ribs but besides that they are horrible with customer service. Who ever manages these workers need to be fired. The ribs I ordered today was mostly burned, and I waited for a while to get my order, because they are rude and unprofessional employees. I was literally the only dark skinned person and they served me last. My order was for 1 pm today and they literally made me wait. I tried giving this place a chance but I have never been so offended and disgusted with a restaurant like I am now. I will be posting the pictures of my order on here as well.

Jason M.

I was blown away by the customer service and quality of food that Dickies BBQ served that day. I had a large order for a graduation party and fed quite a lot of folks (obviously we practiced social distancing). I ordered multiple pounds of briquet and pulled pork with all the sides and my guests full and happy. I had left overs and they were almost as good as the first run. This is a great place to go and I know that Megan and her staff will always treat you right. I highly recommend.

Paul S.

Delivery was prompt & food was hot. Everything tasted great! We ordered the two meat plates with pulled pork & brisket.

Bryce Cupp

I understand they closed down for some poor ownership issues but have a new owner now. Customer service was very very good. The two gals that helped me out were very very nice. I'll definitely be back the meat was good the sides were good and it's on the way to several of my stops. I look forward to continuous improvement with this location :-)

Cheyenne Van Tine

The new owner has worked wonders on the place! Amazing service, great food and family friendly environment! We will be back soon for sure! Love their fried okra and brisket ❤️ Best BBQ around

Cheyenne Robison

So happy this place is reopened and better than ever! Great food, great service and clean family friendly atmosphere! One of our fav locally owned places to eat!

Guy Williams

Tasty food...portions are moderate for the price. Lobby was unclean...and I had to ask for more sweet tea, which seems like a staple.

Chane Cisneros

Saw it was back open so my girlfriend and I decided to go. I got the 3 meat plate (1st pic) and my girlfriend got the 2 meat plate (,2nd pic) and I couldnt believe when I got home in prosser and open my box the amount of food in mine compared to hers. Almost $40 worth of food and barely got any. I noticed they got smaller side dishes but charging more. Was very disappointed cause we love dickys more than porters.

Eric Romero

Great food and excellent service.

Christopher Mulkey

Food was acceptable, but the service was sub-par. Multiple items were out - which we were not informed of prior to ordering. Most importantly, the Ice cream was out and no options for remediation were provided. I used to love Dickeys, but I won't be returning.

Tim Sailer

It's good to see Dicky's back. Food is good, service fast, and I see some familiar faces behind the counter.

Flamequeen 889

Although the quality of the food was pretty good. Some of our food was cold. A lot of things were unavailable as well.


Dickeys BBQ was amazing, great and friendly service, and the food was really good. There is a nice variety on the menu and it's reasonably priced. Check out the daily specials or just get some ribs, they are the best.

Ona Archer

So happy that it has a new owner, and reopened. I missed their food. Sorry to hear that the Kennewick location will not be a Dickies any more. I have to travel farther to enjoy a meal. Good customer service!

Eli n Chas Delarosa

This is a place to take your kids free ice cream cone, good food our family likes it.

Jason Baugh

Ok BBQ, but you can fill their cups with icecream. Made my wife happy


Good food, quick, kind of bad place to try out. It's good to change it up now and then.

Eric Corwin

Closed as of June. Turns out you have to pay taxes to keep a business open. Was good, however.

Kristy Caywood

First timer and food was great

Judith L Demko

First time eating here, pulled pork meal was a hugh portion + very tasty had another meal the next day. They have the best cole slaw ever.

J Tan

Wish I could do negative 5 stars but I can’t. Was up half the night with food poisoning after eating here. Stay away!

Mikey Christ

Brisket was dry. For that kind of money, it should be better.

Mary Smith

My husband ordered the Jalapeno Sausage and pulled brisket tonight as his main dish, along with fries, and Onion tangles. His meats were COLD, and I mean literally cold! Now if this was the first time it had happened we might let it pass and have them reheat it. But this was the 6-7th time we've been unhappy with the meat being barely warm to the incident tonight where the food was definitely cold. I talked to the manager over a year ago and he said he would make sure that it would taken care of, I've also mentioned several times to the workers. I couldn't believe the response my husband received, they offered nothing! I finally walked up and told them I wanted my money back! The food tastes good when it's hot.

John Brooks

I had the special French dip so good

Jenna Bilbrey Pope

I ordered pork but was given chicken. When I told the employee that my sandwich was chicken and not pork they looked at it and said it was pork. It was definitely not pork.


I got the 3 meat platter and my friend got the 1 meat platter. I must say, I did like the sides, but all the meats(brisket, jalp sausage, ribs, pulled pork) were served barely warm. The brisket was a consistent grey color, not conducive with a good red smoke ring and pink meat. The sausage had little bits of processed cheese it in and they were not even melting. They give you a complimentary roll which was dense, dry and tasteless. I was surprised by the low prices, but understood when I saw the portions. Needless to say, I won't be back.

Debra K.

The brisket that I received in my order was fat very little meat my dog loved it! Dash door delivered it they were excellent. Along with this I also ordered the Polish sausage it tasted as if they had just boiled it. It was awful . Won't be ordering at this place again

Paul Snow

Always wanted to try Dickey's. Poor food. Tasted terrible. It was expensive and we couldn't eat Never go again.

Matt Posten

My family and I love going here. I especially enjoy the fried ocra.

Glenna Grow

Customer service was great tonight! Very friendly and helpful!

Polly P.

We usually like Dickey's but on the visit half of my pulled pork one meat plate was fat. My daughter got a bone in hers. Big disappointmentsnd havevyi think about if I'll come back...picture below us the big pile of fat.

Mike Kukes

Menu so so. No BBQ chicken? Food so so. Atmosphere not what we were lead to believe. Staff fantastic!