Farrelli's Pizza, Pt. Ruston

5104 Grand Loop A, Ruston
(253) 212-1152

Recent Reviews

Christopher D.

It's crap and cold and pizza was a Classic Deluxe. More like a delusion! Thin crust sauce taste like ketchup! It's hardly got anything on it ! Apparently they think making a decent pizza is not really important! Worst thing is not cooked and hardly anything on it . No cheese that just what the day on it! Do not order pizza here call dominos! And walk by this place !

Fred Olson

little to no service....no worth the wait.

Fred O.

Service is non existent. I got up and left after waiting for 15 minutes for a server. The sad thing is was that it wasn't even busy. I even pointed out to the manager that no one had come by to take our order. She said she would get someone. No one came so we got up and left. I think that's the first time I've ever done that.

Erin S.

After reading so many negative reviews I was reluctant to try this location and was expecting sub-par service and a long wait, but because we were going to the movies and I love the pizza at the 6th Ave. location, I went with plenty of time and patience. Didn't need it! Our server was prompt, professional and friendly. We were seated in a raised booth with a nice view. Our deep dish pizza (one of the few, and best, in Tacoma) took exactly as long as the server said it would (25 minutes) and was baked perfectly. I'll be back!

Deanna H.

Walked out of this place after a 30 minute wait. Must assume they are understaffed as there were several open tables and we were the only party waiting. Won't go back here again.

Jenna D.

This location is severely understaffed every time we go. We have been there several times over the last eight or nine months. When we go, there are always tons of empty tables but none of them are bussed/cleaned. During one visit, we weren't greeted until 10 minutes after standing inside the door. Eventually there were multiple families waiting to be seated and when someone finally came over to greet us, some of us offered to help bus tables just so we could sit down. We decided to give it a try it one more time today before we gave up forever. There were eight open tables when we walked in but none of them had been cleaned and they quoted a 20 minute wait. We were finally sat and now it has been 30 minutes and they haven't even delivered the kids appetizer...which is carrot sticks. We won't return to this location. I don't know if they are trying to cut costs by not having as many people on staff, or their turnover is high and they can't keep people, or the manager doesn't schedule the staff well. Either way, it is always a disappointing experience for our boys who are waiting over an hour to eat carrots and pizza, while we as parents try to keep them from becoming impatient.

Jill E.

It was ok is all I can say. We had wanted to go to a newer place that was next door but found after we got there that it was closed on Tuesday nights. Ordered grab and artichoke dip to start. It arrived quickly surrounded by dippers which appeared to be pizza dough cut into smaller pieces. Tasty but the dip was awful. Tasted very fishy. When we mentioned it to our server she said it's made fresh every day but who knows how old the crab was. She took off 25%, should have been taken completely off the bill. Hubs had spaghetti and meatballs, said it was ok, not wonderful. I opted for a salad which sounded good and got the lite size. For what they charged me it was way too small and lackluster. It was about the size of a small dinner side salad. The bread that came with it tasted good. So will we go back, probably not, too many other good Italian places around.

Kim Olovsson

Very tasty! I had a cup of the tomato gorgonzola soup to start... best I think I've ever had. Pizza was great. Nice atmosphere and good service. Met to catch up with some old friends. Totally able to talk.

Carrie Montoya

The food is pretty good and I recommend the crab and artichoke appetizer. The service was rough though. They only had 2 servers for the entire restaurant who were both bussing too. The hostess and manager were not getting drinks, clearing tables, or doing much to help out as far as I could see (and we had plenty of time to watch.) We had to ask for a manager to get silverware, drink refills, and a missing ingredient. Our server was doing the best he could, and we were given a discount, but I don't know if we will come back.

John E

Attended an event here in private room upstairs. Service was excellent, above expectation, plenty of choice of food and drink, a very enjoyable evening. Ensure you register your car to get free parking.

M W.

They are always understaffed at this location. They had plenty of tables that had dirty dishes on them and the hostess was trying to help the wait staff pick up and get more people in the dinning area vs in the waiting area. Even when seated I felt bad for the one or two waiter/waitress that were so busy they barley had time to take our order before having to run off to do other tasks. I have been to this location about 5 times and it's always the same. This last time was the Sunday before Presidents' Day, and only having two people waiting on tables obviously isn't enough for a regular weekend let alone a holiday weekend. I hope the management sees this and makes some changes or maybe upper management needs to allocate more hours to this restaurant. After a 35 minute wait at 1pm to get a table, our drinks and food came out pretty quickly. So the product is great but getting you in and comfortable is the issue. The food is delicious, try the Asian style wings!

Jill H.

Best wings ever. Tried 4 of their sauces. The best was the dry rub. Sitting by the fire in the bar. Great evening. Staff was awesome in the bar. Really enjoyed our server Orion was so great. She is fun and knows her stuff.

The S.

This place has beautiful views it's right on the water with great overlook of the bay and the islands across looking into Tacoma. It has a varied menu with a lot of creative options, the atmosphere is typical open family style restaurant with tall ceilings and great lighting. It has two huge garage bay doors that open up onto the bay for good weather occasions. Classy, Hipster, Family Style. Booths and large tables available. Staff was nice, helpful and very professional! Food is great too!! Win win all around!

Sherah Princess of Power

I ordered a custom personal pizza with 3 toppings. I was told the size was 9 inches. I doubt that was accurate. Plus, there were spots that I could see the crust thru where the toppings should be. Not on the edges either. In the middle of the pizza!! I should have toppings in every bite!! It was $12.49 for just sauce & cheese. Toppings after that was $0.59 each. So that's $14.26 BEFORE tax or tip for a tiny barely covered pizza. I can go to MOD for an 11 inch pizza with unlimited toppings, that's massively covered for $11.83 after tax & they make me feel like I want to tip them a million bucks. Spending time with my friends and walking along the waterfront was nice but I don't think I'll be going to this pizza place again. Was NOT impressed

Dan Spurling

Cozy pizza joint which was a welcomed relief from the January cold while visiting the waterfront. Apparently, Sundays are discount pizza days for veterans and their guests. Service was very good and friendly. Orion seated us and she seemed genuinely happy which is always nice to see. Great spot to eat. I'll be back.

June Sullivan

Service was good considering how busy it was at dinner time. Food was flavorful, ample quantity for the price, which was a little spendy but worth it, something on the menu for everyone. Atmosphere is energetic. I enjoyed the booths next to the cooking area.

luis magana

I normally always come here every other weekend with friends, we all normally sit in the bar. The wait time is minimal if your group is 4 people. Any more then you'll have to wait between 30-45min. But that's only if you come around 5-6pm which in that case I'd recommend placing a reservation. I do know in the summer they don't allow reservations to be placed. The restaurant I'd say is more for older people (18+) because other people in the restaurant be having interesting conversations with which other, so don't bring your kids here unless they know not to swear. It does get rather loud when there's a game on, which I recommend getting a Corona and a lemon margarita for drinks. Over all I really enjoy coming here. I've been coming for the past 4 years now and I don't plan to stop. Also remember to validate your parking when you get seated, otherwise you'll get a ticket like I did lol.


Said the wait would be 20 minutes but got a table in 7. Food was excellent the servers and hostesses were super nice. They recommended a dish that was amazing. Definitely go here.

Jen Klein

Great food and friendly staff. The pizza was unique and tasted great. Fun area to explore.

Kristi J.

Farrelli's has great pizza! A couple of my personal favorites are The Northwest Traditional, The Italia and The Americana. The wings are pretty tasty too.

Eddie J.

Located near the Grand Plaza in Point Ruston, this Farrelli's is our "go to" pizza place. Great food, great service, and great craft beers on tap. Recommendations: For appetizers, try the Sweet Chili & Garlic Wings. They are awesome. For Pizza, try the Northwest Traditional, the Italia, or the Americana. The crust from the wood fired oven, and the fresh ingredients, is what sets this place apart. In the summer, you can sit outside at the rooftop patio and get a great view of the Puget Sound. Tip: Go during Happy Hour! Great personal size pizzas & huge selection of appetizers!

Kaylan P.

My boyfriend and I came here for some quick lunch. Service was okay, and so was food. My boyfriend said that his pizza was delicious- he got the northwest pizza. Quick service and was on top of drinks. I got the gluten free crust and it was good. However, the pizza wasn't the best, especially for the price.


Said the wait would be 20 minutes but got a table in 7. Food was excellent the servers and hostesses were super nice. They recommended a dish that was amazing. Definitely go here.

Jt Sanders

Good place good food good service. Drinks are pricey but taste awesome, good value.

miranda alto

Lexi is an amazing and I HIGHLY recommend her !! This location has the best service I’ve ever had !

Rita Bivens-Scherer

Best pizza I've had in a long time. Good service.

Chris Williams

Horrible experience. Called in with a party and they said they could seat is upon arrival. They lied. We walked in 20 minutes later and were told it would be a 20 minute wait... They said they only had one server on a Saturday night. Why they didn't tell us this on the phone is ridiculous. They also handled it very non apologetically. I will not go back to a place with such poor service. We went next door to Magnuson and had a much better experience.

Jason K.

First time trying this place out. We went to WildFin across the street a few weeks back and thought it looked promising. We were seated pretty quickly, which was promising. It took a while to get our order in, and it seemed our server was a little overwhelmed. Regardless, the menu looked promising. 40 min later, we still hadn't received our food, or refills on our drinks. I brought it up to tHe person who appeared to be a manager and was met with a deafening shrug. When our food arrived, it was good, but we were starving, so that definitely impacted our perception of the quality. After paying I filled out the survey describing our experience since "you opinion is important to us" and asked to be contacted. Still have not heard a thing a week later. I definitely don't recommend.

Laura H.

Well, I'm happy to say we actually had a pretty good time on our past visit. The food was much better and our service was outstanding (thank you, Orion). I actually think the great service is what really made the difference. I hope they continue to get better. We were about to throw in the towel and head back over to the original 6th Ave location, even though we live right up the hill from Point Ruston. My only complaint is that there is always something that is forgotten with the kids meal/experience. This time my daughter actually got her pizza dough to play with, her carrots and ranch before dinner, and her cookie treat after, but they didn't have any balloons blown up. These aren't difficult things and this is definitely one of the main reasons we go to Farelli's.

Krissm A.

Located in point Ruston this restaurant has great pizza and great service. It was my mother's birthday and we gathered with great pizza and drinks. Service was friendly, cleanliness was great. I have nothing bad to say about the place. Quality of food was tasteful

Mel L.

The 2 star rating is for service only. We LOVE their food. The Ruston location has some of the worst service I've ever had. Drinks take forever to come out - they just sit on the bar getting warm while the waiter is standing there making small talk, getting a drink refill is nearly impossible, they don't want to give us parmesan, and we have to chase the waiter down just to get the check.

Stefan X.

I attended Farrelli's today with my wife and her parents for lunch. Overall the food was very good but the customer service was extremely slow taking close to a half an hour for our order to be taken after we were seated. Another half hour for the pizza and calzone to arrive, then another 10 minutes for the waiter to come by and ask how our meals were and if we wanted parmesan cheese (we did) but by this time we had already eaten a few pieces. Additionally, we asked numerous times to both our waiter and hostess for refills for our water (we had ordered alcoholic drinks so we were not just drinking water) but never received refills. Our waiter and hostess were polite and if there could be more emphasis on timely customer service and follow up I would easily rate Farelli's 4-5 stars.

Sean Crawford

Normally this place is nothing but the best but last night my wife and I went here. First we were greeted by a waiter that had one couple in is section but was it obvious that he didn't want us to sit in his section. So we go into the bar instead. We sit down and wait for 20 minutes. During these 20 minutes none of the staff came over to us, never even received a menu, no water and when I look behind the bar counter I can see the bartender the kitchen staff and both waiters having a casual conversation. Not once did they check on me and my my wife nor the other 2 couples that walked out before us.

Marvin Patterson

Absolutely a spot worth visiting, the food is great and well prepared, the rates are convenient and it is regularly well organized there. 5 stars.

John Brooks

This place is great! Reasonable prices, big dishes and the employees are regularly nice.

Shanice J.

So this gets a first major star for the fact that they had a cauliflower crust which made my keto life! However, the crust was hard and burnt. I got a cauliflower crust pizza with pepperoni, spinach and caramelized onions but I just wasn't feeling it too much, I did however enjoy the chili wings which went well with the Ranch. We ordered takeout and it didn't take long for the pizza to come out. The customer service was nice but she stuck the grated cheese packets on the side of the pizza box which I was like ummmm why did you just not out the packets in the bag. But you know it was nice.

Meghan F.

Tl;dr, The workers are extremely rude and need better training in customer service. Don't expect them to be nice. Cassie is especially basic. The hostess Cassie was very confused how to do her job. Obviously she was stressed from a very busy restaurant, but she needs to learn not to take her issues out on customers. She didn't know whether or not she had room to seat us, and then twenty minutes later she had a table for us and was salty about it?? I don't know what we did to deserve your ire. Or you slamming our pizza and dishes on the table when we got seated. When we asked for napkins, she gave attitude like we asked for a blood sample. "Anything ELSE for you people?" Yeah. How about someone nicer? Then we had to go track down four different servers before we could get water. And the kid with us didn't get any of the kids menu things that children usually get. Here's the language to use if you don't have room for more paying customers: "I'm sorry but we won't have a table available, the ones we have are reserved." Very easy to learn. Never coming back. The worst experience, you should be ashamed of yourself. I'm sure your mother would be.

Jonny D.

WORST PIZZA IN THE WORLD... Ordered a pepperoni pizza and I got a pizza that had cup like pepperonis filled with oil and I'm not just talking about some oil this pizza was drowning in so much oil you couldn't even eat it. I paid around $25 for this vile excuse for a pizza. Gas station pizza is better than this and I'm not being sarcastic. The server was terrible and would ask me how's the food and before I even got to respond she walked away... are you kidding me? Go somewhere else just DO NOT GO HERE

JoEllen W.

We rented the private room/deck for a party last night. This is such a great place for a party. The deck had plenty of heaters for the cool night and awesome views of the Sound. The food was excellent and service was outstanding. Malcolm took care of our party from setting up to serving to bar tending. He never missed a step and was such a professional in taking care of everyone. This is the place when you have a special event!

Justin H.

This service is awful. I went in at 1230 for lunch with my family of 4 and my friends family of 4. Before the friends came I went in and asked if they would allow us to sit outside with our dog. I was told they would serve us with the puppy as long as he was near the outside railing and they'd just have to run out there and clean the little bit of water off the table. Awesome. I called my friends and they drove 45 mins from Graham. They arrived, we went inside to get our table and we were told by a different hostess that they didn't have time to go wipe the water off the table. *Table is barely wet and it's in the sun...* I asked how long until they could seat us and I was told an hour.... maybe. Maybe not at all. I asked if I could wipe off the water and I was told it's illegal... they can't have me cleaning off water. I asked if they could tip the table on the side (it's plastic) so it would dry faster and the puddle would run off (still not much at all...) and I was told no, they don't have time. At this point we decided we were not worth their time and they were not going to serve us no matter what. My friends wasted an hour 30 round trip drive. We left and went to Hops n Drops. Never again